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tammy's words - by Tammy Conrado

Why do So Many want to become Socialists

June 6th 2008 16:41
I am constanly wondering why so many Americans want us to become a socialists government. Do they not understand that is what Obama and Hilary are all about. Its not the governments job to take care of us its our own. At some point we have to take responsibility for our own lives mistakes and all. Should I expect the government to just give me money to pay off my credit card debts..No I don't think so. No where in the US constitution does is say anything like that. Government Health Care is not a right its a privelage. Just like driving. So if we have to take a drivers test to get a license do we have to take a test to get health care. At what point are people going to wake up and realize what is going on. I wonder how many under educated people vote for Obama, I bet a lot becasue they don't know any better. Those are the people who think the government should take care of everything. If thats the case than maybe I should just quit my job and let the government take care of me and my kids. So many people are doing that now that is one of the main reasons we are in so much trouble financily. Look at Germany and see how many problems they are having because the government takes care of too many people. Its more cost effective for the head of the household to just quit and take money from the government than it is to work for it. Our founding fathers would be disgraced by the way the dems are ruining things. Look back in history thats not what our country was founded on.


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Comment by Jim Stillman

June 6th 2008 18:02
I think we would be far better served by avoiding charged, emotional terms like “socialism”. While I cannot presume to speak for all liberals (and am not even sure of exactly what makes me a “liberal” except I know that people who disagree with some of my beliefs consider it Satanism), I agree completely with your statements,

It’s not the government’s job to take care of us it’s our own. At some point we have to take responsibility for our own lives mistakes and all. Should I expect the government to just give me money to pay off my credit card debts...No I don't think so.

Of course your credit card bills are not society’s concern or obligation. Who said it was? Not I, not Senators McCain, Obama or Clinton. However, it is the responsibility of government to provide for the basic needs of the infant, the aged, the infirm – if the alternative is to allow those who cannot fend for themselves to perish.

If a massive hurricane or tornado destroys a substantial area, the government should organize and mobilize help. That’s not a purely Democrat ideal, it is shared by nearly all. The Conservatives suggest that the Darwin rule of survival should apply; if an individual acts irresponsibly, so sad, too bad. If a Wall Street brokerage acts irresponsibly or worse, the government must step in and provide corporate welfare.

You add

I wonder how many under educated people vote for Obama, I bet a lot because they don't know any better.

What arrogance, what superiority.

What silliness, what crap.

Comment by RubySoho

June 7th 2008 04:07
I wonder how many uneducated people don't use proper punctuation? I bet a lot.

Comment by Anonymous

June 7th 2008 04:14
Is this a satirical blog or are you un-ironically criticising under-educated people while displaying the English language skills of a dried worm?

PS: English is the language you speak, also known as American.

Comment by Morgan Bell

June 7th 2008 12:44
Access to adequate health care actually is a human right, and if health care in not affordable in the USA the government is actually violating basic human rights.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted by the United Nations in 1948, proclaimed that “everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of oneself and one’s family, including food, clothing, housing, and medical care.”

In 1943, President Franklin D. Roosevelt proposed a ‘Second Bill of Rights’ for Americans, declaring ‘freedom from want’ to be one of four essential liberties necessary for human security. Roosevelt’s definition of freedom included “the right to adequate medical care and the opportunity to achieve and enjoy good health.” The right to health was subsequently enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, drafted with American guidance, and has since been recognized in numerous international and regional human rights treaties.

Comment by Tammy Conrado

June 7th 2008 12:48
To all of those who question my punctuation..sorry its a blog not a term paper...

universal health care boarders on socialism..
every thing that comes out of Obama'a mouth is leading to socailsim. and its was the dems who have decided to help those who got in over the heads with bad mortgages and other debts not mine.

if you all want the government in your business fine but i don't
i want what our founding fathers wanted

Comment by RubySoho

June 7th 2008 13:46
I think you should read more about your Founding Fathers Tammy.

Also, people would probably not be so inclined to point out your poor punctuation if you had not decided to use your blog as a means of attacking the supposed poor education of other people.

Obama is anything but a socialist. In any other first world country he would be considered a centrist.

Comment by Ahmed

June 7th 2008 15:21
if you all want the government in your business fine but i don't

United Arab Emirates government does not tax you a single cent, they do not fund any public services and do not at all regulate their economy.

Why not just move there?

Comment by Anonymous

January 12th 2009 10:59
Tammy-Does reading the other people's posts show you now that Americans are indeed stupid and dont understand?

Stock up on canned goods and lots of ammunition.

Comment by Anonymous

January 12th 2009 11:03
Tammy is indeed smarter than any of you puncuation whores.You missed her very important point while showing your ignorance and stupidity.
I cant wait to see your faces when Obama taxes the living fuck out of you with his socialist agenda.

Comment by RubySoho

January 12th 2009 11:17
I'll be sure to post you a photo anon. I'd forgotten all about this thread. But thanks for dredging it up again. Just another opportunity to declare how unbelievably happy I was (and still am) when Obama won.

Thanks Anon! Thanks Tammy! You guys have a good day, y'hear?

Comment by Anonymous

March 11th 2009 21:37
To you all: Ever heard of the "Cloward-Priven Strategy"? I didn't think so. If you want to know what Obama, Hillary and hubby, Bill, when he was in office, and all of the liberals in Washington are up to, Google it and you'll find out - then get back to this blog and start over, because it's capialism that is the primary target of these anti-American radicals. Someone has finally gotten in to office that is willing and capable of plans coming to fruition that began in the 60's and possibly many,many years before - Obama, their man. I think that the majority of people that voted for Obama fall into one of these categories (predominately, that is, there are always exceptions):
A. are naive and easily duped
B. actively pursuing ending capitalism in this country
C. bleeding heart idiots thinking he (Obama) is out to do good for the "less fortunate" of this country
D. purely followers and can't think for themselves
E. Just wanted to make history and have a black man for president regardless of who/what he is
If anyone has actively pursued investigating what he is all about and his past, the only one's who would've voted for him are B and D.

Comment by Anonymous

March 11th 2009 21:49
My apologies, I meant to say:

"...the only one's who would've voted for him are B and E. =|

Comment by Laurits

June 11th 2009 12:39
Obama is not the great president you think he is, and socialism is not the best answer for your country.

By creating a stimulus package for the American people, more money has to be printed thus lowering the value of the American dollar. And now He wants to add another 300 billion to the economy which bring the dollar down further. If Obama continues this course of socialism, the US dollar will be worth as much as the Mexican Paso.

In Canada, socialism doesn’t work because you have the government giving out social programs to help the poor, but when you find that many immigrants and most from the middle east and Asia, use the programs not to work and not become part of the society.

Canada provides immigrants with language training and access to Canada's national health care and social welfare programs. Studies also show that despite the focus on admitting educated professionals, many recent immigrants do not find jobs that match the level of their qualifications. It is estimated that underemployment affects approximately 340,000 immigrants annually, costing them some $4 billion in lost earnings.

Imagine the new government is now socialist, and they take care of immigrant and the poor. This is good but also bad considering that many do not find ways to help them selves or stay in the programs longer.

My favorite government goof up is happening in Ontario, and I wanted you to know that polygamy is prohibited under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. However, polygamy is accepted in Canada, provided it was celebrated in a country that recognizes the union as valid. Most Muslim countries accept polygamous relationships with up to 4 marriages.

The Ontario's Minister of Community and Social Services said she is "perturbed" to hear claims that men with multiple wives are taking advantage of welfare and social benefits in Ontario. There is no justification for any social assistance payments in an economy that is begging for low-skilled workers.

As per reports, thousands of Muslim immigrants in polygamous marriages are receiving benefits for their multiple wives.

This is one of many example of socialism in Canada at work, and to see our neighbor the south fall into the same trap will be tragic. You learn from history not to repeat it and learn from the mistakes of others.

Comment by Anonymous

July 7th 2009 15:58
Tammy, I think you are right on with your comments. Socialism creates a mediocre society where no ones wants to work hard and there is no incentive or drive to build a better life for youself. Many of those who voted for Obama want a share of what they didn't work for and benefit from others businesses and creativeness. Many of these people are immigrants who didn't come here to become Americans, but to benfit from it financially and send the profits back to their home country where their alligance still lies. Immigrants like my grand parents came here to become Americans. They never considered themselves Dutch-Americans just Americans. Why have we lost site of the American culture. I do agree that we need to make Health care more accessible and provide for our aged and infirmed, but lets not just give it away. It should be based on Capitilism not Socialism which keeps the incentive for people to work and create and keeps big government out.

Comment by Anonymous

May 14th 2011 02:55
I guess I didnt realize that FDR was a founding father. I mean, a second bill of rights, how courageous and forward thinking. I guess he had the best interest of the country in mind when he tried to stack the supreme court with more justices to pass his unconstitutional agenda. After all, American gonvernment wasnt based on a system of laws and limited government, it was based on sympathy and bleeding heart emotions for "less fortunates" by idealist youths under the age of thirty who think of the world the way their professors tell them.

Did anyone out there ever consider that uneducated working/labor class americans tend to vote republican? Aside from ethnic minorities, this class that liberals claim to advocate for generally rejects their philosophies. Thats because they work hard jobs, where they dont just sit behind a desk with their 3 degrees, and dont like to see their money go to people who dont want to work or feel they are owed that money and just suckle at the government tit and then whine when the budget has to be cut because we cant afford them.

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