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Public Transport - by Ploy

Why do men sit with their legs WIDE OPENED?

November 13th 2006 03:35
Have you ever been on public transport and you just wanna move seats because of something? But there is a person sitting next to you? What do you do?

Strangley enough, I do get slightly offended when Im sitting next to someone, when for some reason they move to have a seat on their own. Is it because they want to have their own seat? Is it because I smell? If its something to do with me I want to know. Or maybe I wouldn't want to? I mean, don't these people know that they are hurting other's feelings by moving away to another seat? I get annoyed all the way home thinking "Why did that person move away from me?"

I only move seats on extreme circumstances. i.e the person nxt to me looks and smells like a hobo or they are so large they are taking up most of the seat. Even then, I might even go to another level or to another carriage so the person will think that its my stop and they really arent offending me.

I've sat through extreme B.O and I've sat opposite a guy who exposed himself to myself and my mother. To be honest I have no idea if it was on purpose or not. He was wearing short shorts and no underwear, he was sitting, as a man does with his legs wide opened and something came out of one of his shorts legs. My mother told me to look away. I didnt even notice until she told me anyway!

Why do men sit with their legs wide open like they have the biggest package on earth anyways? For e.g if I was sitting in a two seater and I joined a guy on the seat, he wouldnt close his legs to give me a little room. Noooo, he just leaves em opened while his leg touches mine, while Im cramped up next to the end of the seat, trying to move my leg away from his. I don't want my leg to be touching some random guys leg regardless of how good looking he is! On the other hand, if a guy was to come and sit next to me on a two seater, I would move so he has more room. You know what? I have learnt my lesson, and I refuse to move for any guy now. Cause once I give him some room, out goes his legs. Screw that for a joke. I'm gonna sit with my legs wide opened for a change!

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Comment by ChrisB

November 14th 2006 00:52
Some blokes take it way too far. It is more comfortable to sit with your legs apart - but some guys part their legs like the Red Sea, and not for comfort, not for neccessity - but for some desperately vain grasp of masculinity.

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