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The Weather Report - by Hilton Kaderli

Who's the best Meteorologist in Connecticut?

December 8th 2006 16:45
This is a tough call, especially for people who don't appreciate the nuances between the three different weather teams in CT.

Channel 3, WFSB, Hartford: Bruce DePrest, Scot Haney, and Mark Dixon. 4 points

DePrest was the heir apparent to the greatest local meteorologist ever to walk the face of the earth, Hilton Kaderli. How has he fared? Quite well actually. I like Bruce's forecasts. He's no nonsense, somewhat technical, and from my experiences correct about 93% of the time, excellent numbers for a particularly difficult area of the country to predict weather. 3 points

Scot Haney is zany. He's a perfect fit for a morning show if you are the type of person who needs a hyperactive person telling you your weather every 10 minutes. He also can get very testy with the traffic girl - at one point I thought they were going to come to blows right on the set. 0 points

Best weather studio in the tri-state area and probably New England. 2 points

Total: 4 points

News Channel 8, WTNH, New Haven: Dr. Mel Goldstein, Geoff Fox. 1 point

Although bloggers all over the state are saying that Dr. Mel has now assumed the title as the best meteorologist in Connecticut since the retirement of Hilton Kaderli, I disagree. Goldstein knows his stuff. While some people don't enjoy or trust News Channel 8, Mel's weather forecast is usually spot on and I'll give him an accuracy rate of 91.7% as of the last time I crunched the numbers. 2 points

Geoff Fox is a little eccentric for me. Michael Strahan-esque gap in the teeth is a plus, though. Disregard for accurate forecasting a minus. -1 point

Total: 1 point

Channel 30, WVIT, West Hartford: Brad Field, Bob Maxon, Garrett Argianas, Ryan Hanrahan. 3 points

Brad Field and Bob Maxon are pretty good. They have trouble in the summer staying on top of spot storms that tend to pop up around 5 to 7 in the evening. They also have some difficulty accurately forecasting winter storms, particularly for the shoreline, something DePrest has mastered over the years. Accuracy in predicting temperatures, especially in the summer, within 3 degrees, best I have ever seen; but, accuracy in summer storm tracking and predicting snowfall/rainfall accumulations, good at best. 2 points

Garrett Argianas always looks like he should be in bed getting ready for high school social studies class rather than doing the 11 o'clock weather. That notwithstanding, he is good. He's a Shelton native with a good sense of the localized weather trends. If he has staying power, that is, if he can get a following at WVIT and stay for a long time, he could be the one to take over for the best meteorologist in Connecticut, who this year I say is:

Bruce DePrest

Best Meteorolgoist Team: Channel 3 News

Tune in and get your forecast from them, and don't let me say I told you so when you're standing on the corner without an umbrella in the rain.


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Comment by Anonymous

February 18th 2007 01:08
Garrett is HOT and I've always found his and the 30 weather team to be quite accurate.


West Haven

Comment by Anonymous

May 29th 2007 14:10
HAHA...I think Garett is hot too! LOL

Comment by Anonymous

September 27th 2007 12:33
is garrett gay i heard he is...

Comment by Anonymous

November 7th 2007 03:52
Garrett Argianas is definitely gay

Comment by Anonymous

November 7th 2007 03:53
Garrett Argianas is definitely gay. He is sooo hot

Comment by Anonymous

December 10th 2007 09:20
Garett is GORGEOUS! OMG! I miss him on nbc30!

Comment by Anonymous

December 16th 2007 16:18
OMG, i'd love to have my way with Garrett!!!! He's soooo hot!!!

-KG from WEHA

Comment by Anonymous

January 24th 2008 23:04
garrett is a flamer, i saw him blowing haney in an alley behind the brickyard

Comment by Anonymous

February 26th 2009 22:38
I'm a Ryan Hanrahan I'd do him in a second.

Comment by Anonymous

January 12th 2010 17:48
I think Garrett is HOT. I have even started wathing FOX61 after he left channel 30. He can park his shoes under my bed any time...

Comment by Anonymous

January 12th 2010 17:48
I think Garrett is HOT. I have even started wathing FOX61 after he left channel 30. He can park his shoes under my bed any time...

Comment by Anonymous

January 27th 2010 14:12
Why do you guys on the East Coast hype what are generally wimpy winters. ? I saw this and all I can think of is how Brad and Bob hype winter in the Tri-State area...

The absurdity of winter weather hype along the
Metropolitan East Coast of the United States

Winter in the Western, Midwestern, and northern New England regions of the United States needs no headline to announce its arrival. Folks who live in these regions know how to prepare for the long and severe winters that come with living in a northerly or high altitude location. Each winter they meet the cold season with little fanfare or hype. If you live in the Midwest in a place like Williston, North Dakota or Green Bay, Wisconsin…you don’t need the TV weatherman to tell you a cold front is coming when your walking down the street and the wind chill is - 55 F below zero. Folks living in the Intermountain West, Great Lakes, or New England … don’t need to be told what to do when it snows, you learn quick in places like Duluth, Minnesota or Bangor, ME where 90 –inches of the white stuff piles up in most winters.

The meaning and reality of the word “winter”, is far different along the metropolitan East Coast of the United States. We shout from the rooftops when it’s 30 F in Central Park or two whole inches of snow falls in DC. From the Tri-State area (NYC/NJ/CT) southward….the Eastern Seaboard does not have a winter in the Midwestern or northern sense of the word - only a season of cool weather with sporadic snow that lasts a few months on average. Although there is the occasional respectable snowstorm and bouts of subfreezing weather…winters along the East Coast are short and mild compared to much of the interior and West. Of course, once you get as far south as southern North Carolina on the East Coast…real winter generally just fades away amid the greening palms and warm Atlantic.

However, each fall, around late October… the comical pump-up to winter begins in the I-95 states. Time and time again, East Coast weathercasters warn, “snow is not far off“ (really? it’s 60 F outside now) …or “snow has now been reported at Mount Washington, NH” (yea, that tends to happen at 7000 feet). By December the machine is in full swing - each broadcast the viewer is bombarded with “its sunny, but boy is it cold” (44 F cold? they would laugh at that in Duluth)…or the evening weathercaster announces “there is the threat of snow in the 8-day forecast” (as if we need to plan stock-up with supplies for a few inches of snow that will melt in two days),….or an oldie but a goodie is that file video of a snowstorm we had 7 years ago (or 17 years ago).

By December, the terse, non-stop rhetoric, reaches an almost comical pitch: If there is no threat of snow in the big cities along the East Coast (which happens most often)….we are then even warned about the cold - as if that the next cold front coming down from Canada into the upper Midwest will end all life as we know it on the East Coast. Somehow though, … that 20 below zero temperature they show us up in Minnesota … becomes 15 F in Indiana….25 F in Ohio,… and finally 35 F in Maryland or Connecticut. All we really needed was an extra scarf or a heavier coat. In a few days, it’s 45 F again.

Predictably, by mid winter, most folks in the I-95 states from Virginia to Connecticut …have long since stopped paying any attention to the evening weathercast beyond 48 hours. As each hyped bout of pathetic wintry weather comes and disappointingly departs…even the folks who love an occasional good snowstorm have lost interest. It can be a bit embarrassing when your local TV station in Baltimore or Long Island tells you in a frantic voice to get prepared for 2-inches of snow …when you see folks in Denver or Cleveland digging out from 2-feet of snow. The final chapter of this absurd East Coast tale comes to an end in mid March: local weathercasters (especially the ones who live for the 90-days of winter on the East Coast) grumble with comments like “we got off easy this year, wait till next year”. Year in, year out, it’s the same story.

For the millions who live in the Atlantic States… the TV weatherman has been reduced to a silly personality with a warped sense of climatological averages. Winter weather is a point of comical conversation for East Coast residents - a joke, a myth, something playful in a serious world. Sure, there is the occasional valid warning that it may snow once in a while…but winter is fleeting along the Atlantic Coast of the United States south of Boston.

It takes awhile for a relocated Midwesterner to understand that winter along the East Coast is really a state of mind…not a real season. A true winter landscape… with huge snow drifts…ice hanging from the eaves…bitter cold, and people bundled up in parkas and mittens, is really what we romance winter to be. In the end, despite the best attempts by the gods of media, marketing, and meteorology…. residents along the East Coast never really pay much attention to winter…only images of winter. The hype of winter on the East Coast is really about marketing and media.

But oh… how they love to hype that fleeting winter from DC to the Connecticut suburbs of NYC….

Writer Tim Hines grew up in Milwaukee, WI and relocated to New Haven, CT.

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