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Political Quagmire - Freedom is not Free!

What is America About?

February 2nd 2013 18:32
The U.S. like most states in the world take action when it best suits their needs. Rarely does a country act just to help stop genocide, ethnic cleansing or the exploitation of a minority group. In reality a nation is looking for leverage or perhaps economic gains. When we entered the War in Iraq we did so knowing we would stop a homicidal dictator but we were also completely aware of the countryís oil reserves. The 1993 Somalia incident where marines were sent in to stop genocide America did for humanitarian reasons. Unfortunately, righteous action doesnít occur in this world that often because they only thing you might get in return are kindness and gratitude and that doesnít pay the bills.
I do believe that America attempts to do the right option but who decides the correct morality? We have so many different viewpoints in this country that after awhile it just sounds like random static on the radio. I donít claim to have the all the answers but what I do know is that citizens and people of all faiths must learn to coexist and have more civility with each other. If youíre an Atheist then try to live a good life for yourself and your family. Most people are just searching for themselves trying to find the correct interpretation of what is right.

King Baldwin IV: A King may move a man, a father may claim a son, but remember that even when those who move you be Kings, or men of power, your soul is in your keeping alone. When you stand before God, you cannot say, "But I was told by others to do thus." Or that, "Virtue was not convenient at the time." This will not suffice. Remember that.
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For me the U.S. is about Freedom and God-Given rights and although we do have problems we sill try to make a positive change. The U.S. is the most powerful military force the globe has ever seen and if say Communist Russia or Fascist Germany held this power the world would probably be in ruins. Our Agriculture is so great that we give food away for free to nations who are starving. You can find American merchandise and products from the jungles of Vietnam to the deserts of Egypt. You could definitely make an argument that the United Statesí influence is more profound than the Romanís of Ancient Greece.
The New York Yankees probably has the richest history in all of Major League Baseball with many titles and for that reason many fans resent and hate them. Citizens around the world dislike the U.S. for their prosperity and modernization much like hating a rival sports club you canít defeat. At the end of the day your glad the U.S. exists because itís a better world with its ideals/concepts. No matter how many achievements America makes we will still be imperfect but thatís O.K. because isnít that how everyone is?

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