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Political Quagmire - Freedom is not Free!

What Happened in Benghazi?

January 26th 2013 17:18
Itís still unclear exactly what transpired on that September day in Libya as extremely hostile protestors attacked the U.S. embassy. Was this just a random act of violence fueled by religious fervor and the creation of an insulting film? Perhaps it was just cover for a well thought out terrorist attack that used the demonstrations as cover. Either way Republican congressman has scrutinized Secretary of State Hillary Clinton heavily during the latest hearing held in Washington D.C. Many in the GOP feel there was incompetence and lack of communication that cost U.S. citizens their lives during the assault. Itís hard to say if we will ever know exactly what happened in Libya but rest assured America will make better security measures and protocols to help avoid this from ever happening again.
Many U.S. posts today are in areas of the world where their presence is not welcome and Iím extremely curious if the host nations would come to our aid if our facilities were under attack. In my view if a terror organization really wanted to hit a U.S. post in the Middle East or North Africa I donít see a whole lot standing in their way. They would know the region and probably would have contacts on the inside. I donít believe you can fully protect U.S. embassies abroad but we still need to do our best regardless. Winning the hearts and minds of a society that consider us to be infidels or non-believers is nearly impossible and yet we need to remain diligent and understand that significant diplomatic progress has been made these last four years.
During the hearings Sen. John McCain read a report that Clinton did not read a cable from former Ambassador Stevens that the mission would not handle a direct assault. Ambassador Stevens later died during the Benghazi attack and many felt Clinton would be worthy of termination for her handling of the event. Perhaps she is to blame for the Benghazi attack but we should also realize who the real threat is and thatís the people who attacked us that day!
Today the situation in Mali has become very hostile as militants their have been gaining arms from Libya and could pose a huge threat to U.S. interests down the road. I donít want Mali to become the next Afghanistan so we need to stop these rebels from gaining momentum and put our foot down! I feel there is a time for dialogue and diplomacy as well as a time to show strength. Perhaps this could be a good time to show strength and let our enemies know we mean business. No I donít want another war in the Middle East that is ludicrous and Americans are tired of it. I feel sometimes that small engagements with elite Special Forces units could work better depending on the circumstance. We did a pretty good job taking out bin Laden that way who was our main target post 9/11. We need to become smarter and pick our battles more carefully in the future.

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