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Walk Home

October 4th 2012 10:56
Carla looked to her watch. It was getting late; it was starting to grow dim, and soon it would be dark. Carla nibbled on her lip as she felt the chill in the air. She knew that she would have to walk home.

“This is nuts;” she muttered before she picked up her school bag and began to walk.

Carla walked down the street with a daydream in her mind. She tried to forget about the cold, however after a while she felt it again. Carla began to grow a little chilled as she continued to walk. She felt a nip that pimpled her skin, and after a while it began to turn blue. Carla narrowed her eyes as she continued to walk. The footpath rose, and soon she trekked up a long main road that seemed to reach for the stars.

“It's so much easier in a car!” Carla proclaimed as she felt her brows knit.

Carla continued to walk. Cars moved past every now and again as she sauntered on wobbling legs. It had been a while since she had done so much exercise - she felt her brow sweat, and it made her feel grotty! Carla grew uncomfortable on the sensation, and for a moment she stopped by a tree in order to dry off as she showed her face to the wind.

“I am so hot!” Carla sighed as she wiped off her brow and saw a car as it passed with high beams on. “Walking home is barbaric!” she muttered as she gave herself a little bit of a breather.

Carla heard a snap, and she turned around in order to see a face that was eerie. It was so pale it was ghostly, and the eyes were light blue with bloodshot red behind them. Carla knew better then to stay standing, and she began to walk. However near a shrub she was cornered off by another figure who looked much the same, and she began to tremble. Another car passed, and Carla stood in-between the two males unsure what she wanted to do! An instinct told her to race for the road and push up a hand - however there was no traffic, and she would have looked like a fool if she had tried.

“I'm just passing;” Carla muttered as her heart-rate began to pulse.

“I'm just standing;” said the figure ahead before he reached into his pocket and took out a cigarette and a lighter.

Carla sighed as she watched the fellow light up. She suddenly realised that he had probably just gone out for a walk in order to take in some afternoon air; or he had gone to a friends house and was on his way home. Carla suddenly felt relieved enough to move.

Carla stepped forward - however a snap alarmed her and she spun her head. The other fellow was behind her and at a near distance. Carla gasped and stepped back, and she bumped into the fellow who had been smoking. Both tackled her with hands reaching fast in order to get her bound, then struggling they pushed her into the nearby shrubbery.

Carla gave a bit of a fight. However the two males were strong! They pulled her down to the lawn, and kept her down. One of them had a cigarette in-between his teeth, and as he laid her down as smoke fell on her face. Carla grimaced as the scent of cigarette ash moved up her nostrils until she sneezed.

The two men both slapped Carla once on the cheek. She tried her best to stifle her sneeze as fingerprints stained her milky pale skin. However she did it again,, and she had a T-shirt thrown over her face so that she couldn't spray. Carla wondered where it had come from? However not for long! She had hands grope her and she began to scream out a muffled sound into the shirt that had been stuffed over her face. She began to try to tackle, but after a punch in the ribs she laid in uncomfortable subdue. It didn't take long for the underwear to be taken off, and then it didn't take long for their trousers to be pulled down. Choking on her own breath Carla began to struggle as she felt a seedy erection enter her loins. It was stuffed into of her sex hole, and it made her shudder as a sharp throb began to become felt. Carla felt the hot erection slip deep inside the hole, and she cried out as she had a hard pelvis bang into her. It was a sore movement which left her feeling weak. She suffered it for a few moments only, before she was let go.

“Can you walk home?” asked one of the males as they glared at Carla with hate inside of their eyes.

“Sure;” told Carla as she began to sense that one of the males had some sort of weapon hidden inside of their clothes - maybe even a knife!

“Then go;” told the male as he backed away.

Carla was helped to stand by the other male, and she was even given her underwear.

“Go;” the male repeated as he glared into her eyes with iris's coal black and vacant.

“Okay;” muttered Carla in a hoarse tone as she moved to walk.


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