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Hi guys, I came across this website today. They allow you to open an online account with them and then you can use their app to create online video and musics. After that they would help you market your product, so you can make money from...
Is it possible to capture High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDRI or HDR) with a video camera HDR techniques have been used by photographers to reproduce an image with a greater range of luminosity than can be achieved by standard digital photographic...
This is a really confusing situation. for some reason the Chinese Communist Party sacked the current mayor of Beijing after he had a meeting with the US.
In China's Guang Shi province, the deputy police chief and over 30 police officer attack number of military officer (reason unknown), later took the officers back to the police station and continue bashing for 2 more hours Later that night the...
A regional army base of China, send out 70 cavalry vehicle to surround Sandong province's police head quarter, after two soldiers were arrested for injuring people while drunk driving on duty. The two soldier was caught by police hitting...