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Californication Season 1, Episode 8

September 27th 2011 20:50
California Son

The blank page is the biggest fear for an uninspired writer. Not enough credit is given to our breed for the devious ways, blaming ourselves being our own worst enemies when we can't write. Putting a little life into ourselves is needed from time to time and just enriches the process giving us unyielding power to draw from and knock it out of the park, when ready.

Is paying cash for sexual delights the farthest thing from a problem or shall we go on paying through the nose for anything resembling a good time with the opposite sex?

Taking the little things from those that are around you and mean well is what you should start doing if you haven't already. We are not trying to keep score, just try to set a place in your heart.


Californication Season 1, Episode 7

September 17th 2011 22:22
Girls, Interrupted

When you remember the small little nuances, foibles and favorites of a partner…does that mean you have found love?
I am yet to find that, I’ve found that in small doses at the beginning of relationships, but it has never lasted and I cut the rope when I know it’s not meant to be.

If you ever find yourself in life leading a cliché ridden existence or a turn towards bad decisions, why would you try to be normal? This normal existence shouldn’t ever be attained and only in severe circumstances is this behavior tolerable to ones psyche.

When is it time to move on and cut a family member out of your life? Would it be justified to do so when they promised to change and quickly spin back to old habits that are just unacceptable, impacting your well-being and quality of life?


Californication Season 1, Episode 6

September 14th 2011 18:42
Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder

Late night grocery shopping is the way to go. No interruptions by housewives in a hurry no lines and you can stroll for what's needed and take it all in. Rather than rushing to get everything on your list and not to mention those corner sale items.

Is it possible to be happy and work at a grocery store?

What if your day to day life doesn't resemble what you always hoped it should be. Do you accept those that you cannot trust, back into your life for some excitement, chaos and troublesome activities?

Guilty by association; if you lie for no one, are happy with your sedentary life and moments of translucency, can you get to a place of normalcy for your psyche and not be bored to tears with everyday rigors?


Californication - Season 1 - Episode 5

September 12th 2011 23:51

In a dream state, why is it so easy to manifest the worst possible outcome to any particular situation

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Californication Season 1, Episode 4

September 2nd 2011 18:36
Fear and Loathing at the Fundraiser

Sexual conquests are great ego boosters as long as the confidence is well put into your stoic demeanor when brought up in casual conversation

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A Whore of a Woman

A night with no expectations, just a few drinks and some self-serving inward diagnosis-thinking. Can cure what ails you or help you meet someone you would have never had the chance of knowing. As Hank says "...a morning of awkwardness is far better than a night of loneliness

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When I was younger and people found out that I was a writer, their response was sometimes "oh, do you have a blog or something?" I used to take offense to it, but realize now that every worthwhile newspaper and brand name now maintains one. It wasn't just a fad like twitter and facebook seemed to be a few years back. It doesn't mean that there aren't hundreds of thousands of vacantly templated blogospheres, with last postings reading Nov '06 or Feb. 2000

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Have you ever wanted to be so alone, that you went to the one place that nobody is and someone's always there

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Welcome to TV Show primers!!!

August 23rd 2011 04:33
I had an idea as to continue to be productive with the written word whilst not feeling terribly for sitting in front of the tube. I thought what if I can add my remarks I already make on a blog or web page, I had written for Orble previously and enjoyed success in creating niches and small communities and feedback around my sites.
So I had remembered a certain webpage that would go well with my idea...I will not disclose right now as I hope to ascertain the unnamed domain posthaste.

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