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The Russian LED light source

January 17th 2013 08:57
Shortly before E Nami Group Company show a the its "&#1054;&#1087;&#1090;&#1086; &#1075;&#1072;&#1085;" produced by LED lights , the LED lights up to 60W incandescent lighting effects, but energy consumption is only incandescent 1/6, the service life up to 50,000 hours. This <a Really Long Link bulbs manufacturer</a> plan to store in Moscow and St. Petersburg in September sales price of nearly 1,000 rubles, if optimistic about the sales, the manufacturers promised price cuts to 300-350 rubles.

Lighting products prices in many countries has long been sold in accordance with the laws of the market, but are often linked and ecological protection. " energy conservation, and improve the efficiency of energy use in accordance with the Russian law stipulates that from 2011, Russia will stop production of the power of incandescent 100-watt and above , stopped 75-watt incandescent and above power production in 2012, 2014 Stop 25 watts incandescent production (Russia basically no less than 25 watts of incandescent lamps for indoor lighting).

In 2007, the first such legislation in some states, the main goal is to fight against global warming. 2009 European ban on 100-watt incandescent sales last year banned 60 watts 40 watts, this year prohibition prohibit a 25-watt incandescent, will begin next year, 2016, promulgated by the Special Act limit the sale of all incandescent lights. China is also beginning in October 2012, to prohibit the sale of 100 watts and above lighting with incandescent. October 2014, the ban on the sale of 60 watts and above lighting with incandescent. October 2016, banned the sale and import of 15 watts and above lighting incandescent.

The official name of the energy-saving lamps compact fluorescent rare earth trichromatic, was born in the Netherlands, Philips in the 1970s . Traditional fluorescent lamp contains two filaments. Filament coated with an electron-emitting material the ternary carbonate (barium carbonate, strontium carbonate and calcium carbonate), commonly known as electronic powder. Under the AC voltage, the filament alternately as cathode and anode. The tube wall is coated with phosphor, 400Pa-500Pa pressure of argon gas and a small amount of mercury in the tube filling. Energized, the evaporation of liquid mercury into the mercury vapor pressure of 0.8 Pa. Under the electric field, the mercury atoms are excited continuously from the original state to the excited state, and then spontaneous transition to the ground state, and radiation wavelength 253.7nm and 185nm UV to release excess energy. Phosphors absorb ultraviolet radiant energy to emit visible light. Since the majority of the power consumed by the fluorescent lamp for generating ultraviolet rays, therefore, the fluorescent the hair light efficiency rate than incandescent lamps, is one of the current energy of electric light.

Emitting principle of the <a Really Long Link led</a> light source emitting principle of incandescent and energy-saving lamps are very high energy conversion efficiency of the LED light source, in theory, can be achieved only with incandescent 10% of energy consumption compared to fluorescent lamps can achieve 50% energy saving effect, which does not contain toxic or hazardous substances, under normal circumstances, the life of 100,000 hours. These advantages of the <a Really Long Link led tube</a> source from environmentally friendly and reduce energy consumption, undoubtedly has a very important significance, these features destined LED light source will eventually replace the traditional incandescent and energy-saving lamps, ideal lighting source.


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