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The RMOG BLOG, “Super Bowl 2013 Breakdown and Prediction”

February 2nd 2013 20:04
Why does the NFL season always fly by so quickly? Baseball and basketball last forever, but it really doesn't seem so long ago when the conversation in every office in America went something like -- "Dude, who do I take: Aaron Rodgers or Arian Foster?" But alas, fantasy champions have been crowned and the actual on-field stuff has come down to two teams. Before I get to them, I want to first discuss the enormous jackass that is...

Chris Culliver
In case you've been living under a rock, Mr. Culliver is the genius 49ers CB who recently said, "We don't got no gay people on the team... They've got to get up outta here if they do... Can't be with that sweet stuff."

These comments are nothing but ignorant, regardless of who they come from, but it almost pissed me off more, being that Culliver is African American; a race that not so long ago faced unimaginable oppression in this country. I'd like to sit this dipshit down and make him watch Django and the upcoming Jackie Robinson movie on loop about a thousand times. Then I'd like to ask him the following, "What do you think about the white man's opinion of blacks in Django? How do you feel about the hatred and vitriol Jackie Robinson put up with so your stupid ass could play professional sports? Because it's pretty much the same way you feel about homosexuals you little shit. Bigotry and prejudice are bigotry and prejudice, it's not always about skin color."

Honestly, I don't even know why I'm so worked up about this. The truth is, this kid Culliver is an absolute moron, who was likely raised by people even stupider than he is, and the best retribution I can hope for is that he gets lambasted on the field by a "sweet" player.

Now let's deal with the real matter at hand: THE SUPER BOWL

It's kind of funny. It almost feels like people are TRYING to find reasons to pick the Ravens. I think it's because in everyone's heart of hearts, they know Frisco is the better team, but the better team has been burned in recent years. In the past 5 Super Bowls, we've seen the Giants beat the Patriots twice, the Steelers make a miracle run as a Wild Card, and Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees take down Big Ben and Peyton Manning. So maybe people see the Ravens as this year's "hot team." But I've never really understood that. Because to get to the Super Bowl you have to win at least two in a row, and very often three. So anyone playing in that game is pretty hot.

Anyway, let's just take a look at both teams and see what we see. And where better to start than with the QB's?

Benching Alex Smith in favor of Colin Kaepernick is probably the ballsiest decision I can ever remember a coach making in the history of sports. This isn't Belichick handing it over to Brady when Bledsoe was 0-3. This a coach naming a second year player his starter in WEEK 11, when his team was 8-2-1 and his starting QB had the highest passer rating in the league. This would be like D'Antoni having benched Melo last year when he came back from injury and stepped right into the thick of Linsanity. Unbelievably gutsy, but clearly the right call.

Captain Quick (as my wife calls him) has destroyed every challenge he's faced so far, so I'm not quite sure why people think he'll choke in the Super Bowl. Green Bay tried to mitigate his passing, and he ran them to death. Atlanta did the opposite and that didn't work out either. I'm sure with an entire offseason to plan, defenses will get better at defending the pistol. But I'm not sure Baltimore has time to do that for this game.

I'm sick of hearing all these stats about how great Flacco is. He's six years into the league. We know what he is -- an above average NFL QB, with an amount of playoff wins that are not indicative of his actual ability. I don't see him as "elite" if you like that term. Here's all you have to ask yourself about Joe Flacco -- Would you take him ahead of ANY of these guys to start a team with NEXT YEAR? Not to start a franchise with, but just for next year?

P. Manning
E. Manning

Maybe you like him better than the young guys at this point. Maybe the runners scare you because of injury risk. But you'd be hard pressed to say Flacco's any better than the 10th or 11th best QB in the league. Personally, I have him just above Cutler, Schaub, Dalton, Freeman, Bradford territory.

As much as teams are going to work this offseason on matching up against the pistol offense, they're also going to scheme against letting Joe Flacco beat them deep when they face the Ravens. You take away the three or four bombs he hits to Torrey Smith every game, I'm not sure he can be nearly as effective.

Now that we've talked QB's, let's look at what each team has done lately...

- Trounced New England in Foxborough Week 15
- Got an extra week of rest with the 1st rd. bye
- Stomped Green Bay when EVERYONE was picking the Packers
- Went into Atlanta and beat the #1 seed in their house after falling behind 17-0 (did anyone think SF was actually going to lose, even being down that big? I certainly didn't.)

- Took care of business at home against an overachieving Colts team
- Beat Denver by virtue of an absolute MIRACLE
- Got incredibly lucky to beat New England. I know the score wasn't all that close, but there were four
HUGE (and relatively lucky) plays that went Baltimore's way...
1. Welker dropped a wide open pass at the 20 or so that would have given New England a first down and probably a go ahead TD. When does Welker EVER drop a wide open pass?
2. Brady and Belichick mismanaged the clock at the end of the first half, and gave up 3 points. When do Brady and Belichick EVER mismanage the clock, especially at home?
3. Shane Vereen got knocked unconscious and fumbled the ball back to BAL right when NE was starting to roll
4. Brady's pass went off someone's back, popped up in the air, and landed right in the Ravens' hands.

(Playoff football is so close, that four plays like that can completely determine the outcome of a game)

As for the matchup itself...

Obviously I think Frisco is the better team. But I thought Denver and New England were better than Baltimore as well (I still do) and things clearly didn't work out in their favor.

As for who will win, I can't say. I've made promises not to jinx my SF friends by picking the Niners. So I will leave it at this -- SF is the superior team, but Baltimore seems to find ways to win that defy football logic.

Who would I rather see win?

I must say, I don't at all understand the notion that Ray Lewis winning a Super Bowl in his last hurrah would somehow be this great story. He's already won one. How about some guy on the other side of the ball named Randy Moss who's only one of the five greatest receivers to ever play the game, and came within minutes of winning one with the 18-1 Patriots. I know he doesn't hoot and holler like a preacher and do funny pigeon dances, but wouldn't him finally getting a ring be the better story?

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