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While your'e about it - by spain01

The Famous Paedophile Register

September 3rd 2006 23:25
Sex Fiend?

While we are about setting up the Paedophile Register, let's have a famous one. This will really test your ideas about paedophiles and whether goodness and genius have anything to do with each other.

We'll start with Leonardo. The "Da Vinci" code, with all it's mysterious supposition about Jesus Christ, says nothing about the secret life of Leonardo Da Vinci the immortal artist and largely failed scientist of the sixteenth century. Leonardo was a committed gay but also a dedicated paedophile whose sexual indiscretions early on looked as though they would end either his life or his career when he was charged with homosexual offences in Florence. He escaped censure, however, and went on to great success, dying in the arms of the King of France. Let us skip over the nexus between being homosexual and paedophile, at least for this posting, controversial connection in itself, and focus on his behaviour with young boys including one aged nine he called by a euphemism for penis. But then in the sixteenth century children did not count for much.

This one likes girls

Then there is Poe, aptly named perhaps, drunken degenerate who is credited for beginning the genre of horror and detective stories, "The Murders of the Rue Morgue" among them. He was the finest author and poet of early nineteenth century America. The "Raven" has not so far been equalled. He took to his bed and later married a twelve year old girl. Children had little better status by then and there were no protests. He outlived her when she died of TB at aged twenty five and like so many paedophiles went on to succumb to drink.

More young girls?

Polanski has not been able to return to the US since facing charges of having sex with a 13 year old girl. That gives him a year at least on Poe. The movie and film industry is rife with men whose tastes extend downwards in age and there is scarcely room to fit all of them in including our own beloved Errol Flynn

Insatiable Appetites

But a taste for veal is not restricted to the arts. It extends to the sciences and some of our Nobel Prize winning scientists have found themselves jailhouse guests in modern times when the amount of tolerance for paedophilia has diminished. Even famous icons cannot escape the accusation. Was Elvis a paedophile? Debate would be useful.

The famous paedophile registry exposes, if nothing else, the hypocrisy and undoubted ineffectiveness of a general paedophile register which has been debated here and almost everywhere is opposed by sensible police forces.

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Comment by Sisi

October 6th 2006 11:42
Apparently Lewis Carroll used to take photos of little girls either nude or scarcely clothed. The inspiration for Alice in Wonderland actually came from one of the girls he photographed who he was supposedly in love with.

Comment by The Voices in my Head

October 12th 2006 17:01
Just for this an argument pro-pedophile (American spelling, you know), or info-pedophile. I saw nothing to indicate it was anti-pedophile. I, on the otherhand have left no doubts about my pedophile post on my self-named blog. I would be interested in your feedback...I will say that I am not sure pedophilia was the same in 16th century as opposed to now. We are educated about the matter...would you agree or not?

Comment by The Voices in my Head

October 12th 2006 17:02
P.S. oh! and thank you for stopping by Muzikal this morning...I appreciated it!

Comment by Ash

October 21st 2006 08:47
Forget the register, they should be locked away and the key destroyed! I`m amazed at the names on here though but as you say Voices, back in the day when people didn`t know any different this would have been accepted as one of those things. Thank goodness we have woken up to the problem!


Comment by spain01

October 21st 2006 17:34
There is no way of knowing whether it was more or less common but we do know that it did not really concern anyone. You could do pretty much what you liked to children and get away with it. Children had few rights and in any case, mostly died by the age of five in the 16th Century. If you watch the movie Lolita you will see that Humbert travels around America sleeping with his young daughter hardly attracting attention. As for being pro-paedophile I find that not even paedophiles are really pro-paedophile and that is why they are always making up excuses for their unacceptable behaviour. Nabokov does a beautiful portrait of the paedophile in his book Lolita. Only a fool could
read that book and imagine that Nabokov was supporting paedophilia.

Comment by Brenton

October 30th 2006 23:55
Oh come on. So apparently back in the day we knew nothing and now we're educated to the utmost? I doubt it.

In Japan, The age of consent in some areas, as for as i know, is thirteen (the girl i was discussing it with had limited English, I had limited Japanese, but I'm pretty certain this is the case). As long as Pedophile is a term purely based on legal technicalities, we're going to have trouble with it. Let's put it this way perhaps - If you don't have consent, or you are taking advantage of someone who doesn't have the actual capacity to decide for themself, it's wrong. But the idea that a person alive for five thousand eight hunded and thirty nine days is ubable to have the smarts to decide if they can have sex, but a person alive for five thousand eight hunded and forty days can, is laughable.

Comment by spain01

October 31st 2006 06:26
Good points all but here is the problem. Some claim to be able to consent when they are fourteen and insist on the right to have sex and in some countries this is permissible but in many states of the USA you cannot consent until you are over eighteen. Intellectually handicapped people with very low intelligence demand to have the right to marry older people of normal intelligence but are often denied and their lovers prosecuted. Some consent one day and change their minds the next. The application of hard and fast rules always leads to problems. Woody Allen bedded his eighteen year old lover in the face of demands that he be prosecuted. Gay boys less than 15 insist that they be allowed to take older lovers. I’m glad I don’t make the rules.

Comment by Lilla

November 4th 2006 23:08
Hi Spain01,

This is a great post and I agree with any argument that is against molestation of young children and any liberty which removes the right of consent from the one being violated. Sadly, it is so true too that views (and laws) shift during the rule of each dynasty, government, emporer or theological paradigm. I read somewhere once that the lowest rate of (modern western)child molestation actually occurred during the "free love' period during the 60's and 70's, and continues in places like Belieze on the Kibootses (spelling ?)... Around fringe dwellers in ferral camps, strangely not amongst tribal curltures - except North American Indians... (?) I'm not quoting fact here, just my understanding from what I've read here and there....I welcome information and correction....

Your list above is an eye-opener for me...


Comment by spain01

November 6th 2006 11:45
Dear Lilla,

Thank you again for your excellent comments. Validated statistics are very hard to come by and there is disagreement about what constitutes molestation. There is also some disagreement about issues of memory and reporting. It may surprise you to know that books published early last century cited figures of molestation as low as one in a million. No society is safe from it. As a general rule however, social disintegration, as in some indigenous cultures appears to lead to a higher incidence. This may be for the simple reason that younger children in more disintegrated cultures have less supervision.

Comment by Lilla

November 13th 2006 06:42
Hi Spain01,

Firstly, let me apologise for not getting back to answer you sooner... I got lost.. couldn't find this post.. so I have checked each and every single one and found it again...

I just wanted to add that this conversation came up with a friend of mine who is a psychiatric doctor, who deals a lot with sexually abused indigenous children, she agrees, that supervision (as well as alcohol) plays a big part in rising incidences of this crime, esp. within the indigenous cultures here in Australia… possibly world wide ..not only disintegrated cultures, but supposedly integrated ones too…all these men in your list are from integrated western civilisations….(?)

I don’t know about Elvis… if he was, it was kept very hush, hush…as you say validated information is hard to come by – esp. if it’s true!


Comment by spain01

November 13th 2006 08:01
Check out Priscilla Presley's age when she moved in with Elvis.

Comment by Anonymous

July 1st 2008 16:11
Anyone seriously believe this list:
You give:
No source-based evidence for these wild accusations.
No accounts whatsoever for any of them.
You use nothing to back any of these claims but expect us to just believe them.

You have absolutely no proof to back any of this. People should be more careful before they throw wild accusations at some of the greatest men ever to live. Leonardo did more for the world than we will ever know.

And Elvis a paedophile? Are you insane? He had, like, a hundred girlfriends and he married. He is the epitome of male sexiness. I really don't think you've got your facts right.

Comment by Anonymous

September 15th 2008 04:43
look things are not black and white, whilst i was at school friends of mine my age (13/14) talked regularly about sex and looked over movie stars, football stars etc, and they would have fucked men oold enough to their dads, sometimes it is the younger girls fault, tho non consent in any circumstance is wrong

Comment by Anonymous

April 24th 2009 17:40
What is more damaging to a paedophile victim? , the act itself or them growing up in a culture that tells them its wrong and they should be scarred for life?, now anyone forcing someone to have sex with them is rape despite age and paedophiles shouldnt be though of as rapists , even though it happens . Im not condoning it btw but how we view paedophile's is based on the trends and belief's of the age. Thats why it wasnt shunned in some earlier times. You cant control whats in a persons mind and it should be that way , but its when people cross the line that makes it wrong in this age. Im not a kiddie fiddler by the way haha , it dosent do it for me but i do like to see things from a logical point of view and not blur reality because of societal hysteria , like terrorism or bikie gangs .

Comment by Anonymous

January 8th 2010 14:38
Of course Elvis was a pedophile.... It's been well documented that his guards were instructed to only let 11-12 year old girls backstage... Oh and the kicker.... They needed to wear white panties because Elvis thought by wearing white panties the girls were sure to be virgins...

What a scumbag!!!!

Comment by Anonymous

April 15th 2011 23:36
Gary Glitter is a paedophile!

Comment by Anonymous

May 19th 2011 20:37
Don Johnson is a paedo

Comment by Anonymous

June 7th 2012 21:57
Olie Reed married schoolgirl. Often waited for her outside school with a packet of Wethers Original.

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