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The Date

October 5th 2012 02:40
I wanted to call Adam my new home when I was growing used to my first marriage. He was the guy who I wanted to roll over to, he was the one I wanted to kiss. However he was never a real lover - he pushed me away time and again, and in the end I decided he was not the one for me. So one day I packed up all of my belongings and told him I wanted to leave. He gasped, but he did not follow. After I had left I decided I needed a real man, and I began to date - however I was too scared to let it go.

I wondered if I ever would? However then I met Rew. He was a nice guy who worked as a on site worker. He looked to me and found his smile, I looked to him and found a steady boat. We dated for around two months - however then one night as he was about to propose I fell for someone else; his friend Greg.

Greg was some business man who often linked himself to hookers. I didn't know much about him at the time, other then the fact that he was real nice. He had a nice look, and I told him so. He told me the Greg was going to propose, if I tossed the proposal away he'd take me out on a date.

“No thanks;” I then told Rew before I walked out of the house.

Outside I walked up the street. I had no idea what Rew thought - I had told him no, and he had backed away. I smiled as I walked. I knew all I had to do was wait - wait for the inevitable. Soon Greg pulled up in a car. He smiled over a cigarette and told me to jump inside of the car. I jumped inside with eagerness.

“So where are we going?” I asked.

“A nice refine kind of place;” told Greg as he grinned. “You smile all the way I'll give you a reward;” he then muttered before he winked.

I took for granted that reward meant sex. I was ready. I had even had packed condoms if he were picky! I clapped my hands as I was given a thrill!

However there was no nice fancy place. I was shown to an alley with low lighting, and then I was taken to the end of it. There I met three guys. I was pushed forward as I was introduced, and the guys smiled! I was handed over and a bag of cash was handed to Greg. I looked to him, however I couldn't see him. He had walked off to light a cigarette. Later I could smell it as I laid on the the cement ground with sex smell all over my body. I had been taken for a ride all right - a ride that led me to being stuffed by all three erections. The guys had stuffed my face with their loins, and then they had stuffed my loins up with them. I had groaned as they had pumped real hard, and then I had moaned as they had shot sex cream over my face and then stuffed as much as they could in my mouth.

Later Greg picked me up and then stuffed me in the trunk of the car. My head bumped on the hood and the carpeted floor. I groaned as I felt one bump after another. Greg drove fast as he beat time. After fifteen minutes he pulled me out and moved me to the beach where he threw me under the outdoor shower until I was clean enough for him to let me into the back of the car.


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