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Terminator4 : Salvation

June 18th 2009 13:11
The year is 2003, and prisoner Marcus Wright is on death row, awaiting the needle that will end his life. Hours before being strapped down for execution, A Dr Serena Kogan (who shows visible traits of cancer) is trying to persuade Marcus to donate his soon to be lifeless body to a project aiming at helping humanity find cures for terminal conditions.

Marcus, so close to death with nothing to lose, agrees to sign the document, on the condition that the Dr gives him a kiss. She leans in and tenderly kisses Marcus on the lips, only to be reminded of her condition when he says "So that's what death tastes like."

We cut to Marcus signing the document, and note that the name of the company the good Dr works for is "Cyberdyne Systems". Nice!!

Fast forward 15 years to 20018, and John Connor is firmly entrenched in the resistance, and is in the middle of a mission to raid a Skynet bunker situated amongst a mass of satellite dishes.

To cut a long story short, the bunker mission turns out to be an ambush, and everyone (except Connor) gets smited. However, whilst in the bunker, they find plans for combining human tissue with cybernetics to create a new Terminator. This is actually powered by a human heart, and not the standard nuclear power cells. Like the one shown in T3,

After John is air lifted from the failed raid, we see a figure emerge from the still smoking hole of the bunker, all covered in mud. But we know who it is, as you see his body when John looks at the plans.

Whilst heading back to the base, John has the chopper rerouted to the main HQ, which is an old nuclear sub, out to sea.

After managing a 'frogman' like dive in to the sea, he ends up on the sub and is debriefed by the inner circle leadership of the human resistance. He learns that the resistance has come into possession of a radio frequency that has the potential to end the war, and effectively destroy the machines. They decide to test and implement a strategy to use the new weapon in 4 days, as they have intercepted a kill order from Skynet, that has named all the leaders of the resistance, and John finds himself in the number two position on the list, directly after Kyle Reese, John's dad.

The movie goes through pretty much what you would expect from this type of movie, and honestly, there is only one real surprise in the whole movie, which I won't be revealing.

If you have grown up with the originals like I have, then you know you are going to see it, just to see how the story continues.

The special effects are nothing short of amazing, as has always been the case with this franchise.

But the story leaves a lot left to be desired. There is no warmth towards the characters, and the story has absolutely no depth, or meaning to it. You are left wondering at the end "how are they going to show us when Kyle Reese gets sent back in time".

Unlike the first two movies, you are not left wondering if there is any more to the story, because you know there is. You are not left wondering if they have stopped the future from happening, because T3 put paid to that theory happening.

I am not sure how I really feel after watching that movie, but it did feel like it only scratched the surface of the rest of the story.

However, I would definitely see it again.

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