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The Chinese claim to have a super sonic submarine that will create a warp bubble around itself and travel at thousands of miles per hour. While the science of the thing is probably unlikely, it's a cool idea! Imagine a Chinese nuclear...
Google, a company so addicted in online advertising. Theres no end to the search giants ambitions of web domination or the publics appetite for it stock.
The New York Times reports that companies are turning to gamification to hook customers and drive sales. The next step in the app-building revolution aims for efficiency, much like Ford's assembly line-- but for apps.
Universal serial bus or USB in short, is defined since the cables, connectors and communications protocols used in communication, connection and energy provide inside of computer systems and gadgets. This cable was created and established during the...
Europe is facing a tough battle, the threat of energy shortfall. Theres a growing gap between demand for electricity and capacity of power stations to supply it. Technological innovation holds a great promise and solutions, and its already...
It's not that hard to find people from mainland China who would not only admit that they did not pay full price for the Microsoft software they used back in China but who will go on to say that they feel fully justified because of the cost of...
An Irish firm has become lucky ample to attain a milestone record this week from the discipline of LEDs. InfiniLED, primarily based in County Cork, Ireland, has designed a record-breaking light output density of greater than 300Wcm2 to get a...
Flame retarded -4 ,commonly known as FR-4,is probably the crucial materials that may be being used for making Printed circuit material .The board substrate is designed and described through the FR-4 in lieu of acquiring no copper.
Don't forget geekyblog, it still has a lot of useful information there At least its clicks pay, so they tell me!
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Aloft Hotels are going to employ robot butlers to serve guests. Their hi-tech service will start from 20th August which will allow guests to have their various needs delivered efficiently through the Botlr. The Botlr will carry out its task...
HOW TO LINK A SINGLE CELL Use this first option if you only need to link a single cell Step 1 Determine the cells that youd like to link in each worksheet. In this example were linking the data in Sheet A, cell A2 with...
Lord knows that the NSA does not have enough methods to spy on prime ministers, princes, presidents and pimps, so thank God, there is another. Apparently, just by analyzing a video of a bag of potato chips, scientists can reconstruct...
Human Capital Management consultants are highly relevant and one of the most demanded in the consulting industry. It offers a lucrative career with a wide range of consulting jobs and career enhancements.
NASA'S N 3 Supersonic jet is designed to decrease sonic boom. The $1.96 million project is led by the Lockheed Martin Corporation and such a quiet sustainable aircraft is expected commence commercial flights between 2030 and 2035. The...
Linda, the robot, is employed at the Natural History Museum in London to greet visitors. The bot is designed by by the University of Lincoln and it can easily adapt its surroundings. Linda bot is a part of STRANDS project, which develops...
Toshiba Satellite L50 15.6amp8243 Core i7 Laptop w12GB RAM, 1TB HDD Todays top deal of the day is a big discount on a powerful 15.6amp8243 Toshiba Satellite laptop. The L50-AST3NX3 features a quad-core Core i7-4700MQ processor...
University of Southern California is designing a special water based battery that is cost-effective and eco-friendly. The green battery technology is known as redux flow battery and it can last for more than five thousand recharge cycles which is...

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