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Taken :- Movie Review

June 9th 2009 11:24
The movie opens with loving family shots of a smiling daughter, blowing out candles on a birthday cake, happy in all the innocence that childhood allows. The mother manages to weasel her way in one of the shots, to provide the assumed "perfect family" image.


Back to reality and there is Qui Gon JInn (aka Liam Neeson) asleep on the lounge with a photo album containing pictures of what once was.

This movie starts off slow, as we see a gradual introduction of the characters involved in this otherwise low key film. We find out that Neeson and his wife have since divorced, and the wife is now married to a wealthy business man, who can give her everything Liam could not.

As we have already developed a fondness for Liam's character, it's hard not to want to take a key to the new husband's Benz...... twice.

It is the daughterís birthday, and Liam arrives with a karaoke machine, that he assumes his daughter will love as she secretly wants to become a singer, and a disposable camera, the best a retirees money can buy.

Of course, the new father pulls Phar Lap out of the stables, and his bum, which leaves the karaoke for dead. Keys Benz = Thrice...

At this point I have the impression that the daughter loves everyone who does something for her, or gives her something. In other words, if she had a car and I some keys, there would be a scratching frenzy the likes of which has only been seen in an alley cat fight.

Liam leaves the party depressed, haves a BBQ with some friends later that night, and lands a job guarding a pop-singer. Oh yeah, did I mention that he is an ex-military man that specializes in making painful things happen to others???

Well he is.

Anyway, after managing to save the pop-star, by strategically disconnecting the offender's arm from its socket, she offers to help Liam's daughter become a singer, of which all costs will be carried by her after he saved her life.

Liam gets a call from his daughter saying that she wishes to meet up with him tomorrow, just the two of them.

(Insert lie here)

The daughter shows up with mother in tow. Then all is revealed to be a cunning rouse in which to get Liam to sign a document which will allow his daughter to leave the country, so that she can go overseas with a friend.

He says he will think about it, the daughter runs out crying, thinking that he has said no, and ex-wife hates him even more, if possible.

He arrives the next day back at the house with the documents signed. Daughter loves him again. Liam proceeds to lay down a few rules, which are the conditions that he sets in order for her to go.

Dropping her off at the airport, he discovers a map that has many locations circled, only one of which he knows about. Angry, he confronts the wife who turns out to know all about it.

Within the space of 8 hours, their world is ripped apart. It turns out that Liam was right in being reluctant to let his daughter travel to Paris, as he gets to hear first hand over the phone his daughter being abducted, carried kicking and screaming from the room as he listens quietly, and unable to do anything about it.


Liamís character changes from a loving, overprotecting father, who has given up his life of cloak and daggers to reestablish his relationship with his daughter, to a father out for revenge, who has the skills and know how to get what he wants.

I will not reveal anymore, however, let me just say that if the last film you saw Liam Neeson in was Star Wars, then this will be something different for you.

If you are like me and do not mind the occasional wire fighting scene, but would prefer a more realistic ass kicking to unfurl, then you will love the fights scenes in this. They are realistic in the fact that they take the age of the character into consideration, and although you won't see Liam flying from building to building, you will see his fists fly from face to face.

The gun fights are awesome and so are the car chase scenes.

This is not a warm hearted flick where you see the hero as a hard man with a soft heart. This is the everyday man who would kill to make his children safe, and to get them back.

For all the father's out there living on fear of what will happen to their daughters once they are out of your site, then this s movie is for you. Because when it all comes down to it, we would do the same.

See this movie??? YES!
Rent his movie??? YES!
Buy this movie??? HELL YES!!!!!!

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