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Sweat Shines As Passion Spills

February 21st 2012 05:00
Phillipa took her shoes for a walk. She had been stuck inside of the house for days, and she considered it a welcoming day for a stroll. She enjoyed getting out of the house. The air was crisp and dewy, and it made her feel good to breathe it inside. She stepped on, and she had a good time pushing her foot forward one after the other. She smiled as she did so. She stepped forward until she found a pond. She then looked into the water and saw fish. She glared at the fish as they swam. They looked good ad healthy. They looked rather large. They had swollen since she had last seen them, and that meant that they were having a good time. Phillipa smiled, and then she walked on. She came to a garden with rose bushes, and she walked to them and began to pick a sample. She then walked towards some herb beds, and she began to pick a few herbs that made her feel well. She was going to decorate her room with the substance!

Phillipa walked away from the gardens, and towards the tennis court. Her son Matthew and her step-brother Adam were playing a rough and ready competition. They had steam on their faces, and it made Phillipa want to watch. She stood for a moment, and then she smiled as Matthew won a point. She cheered, and Matthew grew distanced from the game. Matthew smiled and waved before an ace flew right past his sight!

“I wasn't ready!” he barked.

“You're on court, you should always be ready!” told Adam.

“You wait! I am beating you three points!” declared Matthew before he collected the ball.

Phillipa smiled, and then she walked on. She booed Adam as she passed, and then she entered the house. Phillipa smiled as she walked inside. The house felt cool, and she wandered through the house with ease. The rooms were empty - there were no guests, and the housekeeper had left that morning. The world felt at ease. Phillipa smiled, and then she moved upstairs in order to place her belongings in a vase. She enjoyed looking at the collection of herbs and flowers, and as she leaned in close she smelled the sweet scent.

A creak broke her attention and Phillipa saw her husband Roger as he glared.

“Collecting witchcraft again?” he muttered before he stepped inside and threw a book on a table.

“They lighten up the scent! Otherwise it is awfully drab and musky!” told Phillipa as she looked to Roger with a smile on her face.

“What is that smile all about?” asked Roger as he glared.

“Nothing;” told Phillipa. “It just comes out;” she muttered.

“That's very good;” told Roger as he closed the door.

Roger looked to Phillipa, and then he moved to her. She daydreamed as she watched him, however then he began to tear open his shirt, and she discovered he had the intent to lay her!

“I have a headache!” told Phillipa as she placed a hand to her brow.

“So?” muttered Roger as he showed his bare torso which was bronze and muscular.

Phillipa looked at the torso and knew he had been sun-baking on the roof! She scowled at the colour which was inadequate, and immediately she wanted to call to Matthew to rush him inside.

“What are you scowling at?” seethed Roger as he glared at Phillipa whose eyes had been set fixed on his chest.

“You are very brown;” told Phillipa. “Please stop sun-baking;” she muttered.

“Like hell woman!” told Roger before he grabbed her and spun her around. “I need you out of your dress!” he muttered as he hurriedly undid the ties, and then unravelled them so the front fell loose.

Phillipa placed her hands on her chest. She didn't want to undress, it was too early. However her husband was steaming inside of his mind, she could feel his heat spew from his pores. Phillipa grimaced as she had her sleeves pulled down her arms, and then she grimaced again as she had to clutch her bodice to keep it up. Roger ran a hand over her neck, and then he told her to undress.

“I'd rather not! I just came in from a walk and am rather exhausted!” Phillipa protested.

“Five minutes in the garden is a walk to you?” asked Roger as he glared at her naked flesh.

He rather liked the fine curve of her shoulders, and her neckline. It was lovely and dainty, and it made him feel rather aroused.

“Yes;” told Phillipa. “Because it took half and hour;” she said.

“Fair enough;” told Roger before he stripped naked. “I am ready;” he muttered as he glared. “Take down your dress;” he ordered.

Phillipa placed a hand to her brow. However one look in the mirror told her that Roger was in a feisty mood. She sulked, and then she slowly took her clothes down. Roger smiled as he grew a sweat on his brow as he surfed his eyes over her delicious curves. It was a lovely sight. They had been together for eighteen years, and her looks had not faded once. He smiled as he ran his hands over her skin, and then he grovelled as he surfed his palms over her delicious breasts which were soft and pulpy and like butter to touch.

“You make me feel like eating cream for breakfast!” he growled before he laughed.

Phillipa laughed with him. She often liked his laughter - it was low and almost animal! It made her feel like a kitten, and she wanted to turn around and kiss him whenever she heard it. However Roger didn't want her petty kisses today. He wanted more. He turned her around in order to place his mouth over her breast. He wanted to suckled on it like a piglet suckled on their mother's nipple for feed. He wished she had milk in them, he would have suckled for an afternoon. She had nothing but delicate flesh, and he liked to taste them and tease them until her skin felt shivers!

Phillipa gasped as her chest became a treat, and she slowly rubbed her hand through Roger's hair. He noticed it and grew distracted, and then he pulled away.

“I love your generous breasts!” he declared before he crushed her body to him so she could feel his manhood. Phillipa quivered as she felt the large organ. It had not yet risen, and was able to brush most provocatively. It made her feel warm, and she wanted him to adventure her right away! However he waited as he rubbed her hips, and continued to mesh his loins against hers. He wanted to wait, and for a moment Phillipa wondered why? However then she felt his lips crash upon her neck, and she knew that he was not through tasting her!

Matthew puffed as he glared from the doorway. He watched through the keyhole as he felt his sweat shine over his face. His uncle had thrown a tantrum and ordered him away so that he could practise alone. Matthew had agreed. He had moved inside the house, and thought it odd that all rooms should be empty. So he moved to stalk for life, and he found genuine arousal as he glared at two naked figures as they began to advance on lover's instincts! They looked like passionate lovers, however it was when Roger turned Phillipa around and flung her over an ornamental stool that he began really interested! He could see her full bust swinging before her as her face peached under a smear of genuine heat that flooded her cheeks. She moaned as she was given some fastidious humping, and that was when Matthew grew an erection of his own which he began to nurse as he continued to watch.


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