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Starship Troopers 3: Marauder

June 9th 2009 12:51
Johnny Rico is back, and his hair is better looking than ever.

Set approximately 8 years after the capture of the "Brain Bug" * (Starship Troopers), Casper Van Dien reprises the role that made him semi famous, and launched/re-launched more successful careers for the likes of Neil Patrick Harris, Jake Busey and Denise Richards.

Fellow Sci-Fi fans will long remember the character, and his immoveable hairdo, Johnny (Juan) Rico.

8 years on, and the war with the bugs is still raging. However, the call for peace, much as with the real war on terrorism, is strong. Outlining planets do not welcome the presence of the Federation. Rico has been made a commander, and the Roughnecks’ no longer appear to be together.

Unlike Starship Troopers 2, Starship Troopers 3: Marauder, picks up where the first film left off, and is more in keeping with the original than the second one was.

If you have seen the 2nd movie, do your best to pretend that you haven't it was a useless piece of offal anyway.

There are Arachnids, Scorpions, Bombardier Bugs (thrown like grenades and pack a whollop), and the bug to end all bugs "Bemaquiodal" (spelling may be incorrect).

"Bemaquiodal" appears to be the hive mind of the bugs, and not the Brain Bug as first thought. Prepare yourself for the cheesiness that made the first movie a cult movie.

This time, the Sky Marshall is a pop-singer; with a number one hit called "It's a good day to die". There are hangings a plenty, and the discussion of religion in a modern society seems to have a big part in this movie, as religion appears to be outlawed, if not kept in the dark, and only talked about in whispers.

Also, the ending is the cheesiest I have ever seen in a movie, and made me love it even more.

After being a victim of the sequel to Starship Troopers, I am glad to see that it has been returned to its intended format.

See the movie??? YES!!!!!
Rent the movie??? YES!!!!
Buy the movie??? HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!

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