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September 9th 2011 03:16
In 2012, SPOKE will be bigger and better!

Running for five days, from March 13-17, it will be housed in Shimmering West, located at the front of AC Arts, Light Square.

SPOKE 2012 is thrilled to welcome the involvement of industry partner, the SA Writer's Centre, and will once again showcase emerging and fringe writers, together with Professional Writing graduates from AC Arts Professional Writing program and students!

Check out the 2011 program below:

Writers' Festival 2011

AC ARTS' Professional Writing Program announces the inaugural SPOKE

Just a stone's throw from Adelaide's cultural precinct in the comfort of AC ARTS' X-Space Theatre, SPOKE slams it with poetry workshops, gives it up with open mic readings, and makes sense of the virtual platforms waiting to be filled with new writing.


SPOKE is Adelaide's new mini-festival celebrating the art and craft of writing. The festival boasts a slew of award winners, scene celebrities and multi-taskers, all from South Australia's local, inner-city, urban and indigenous pool of writers.

SPOKE is part of the 2011 Adelaide Fringe and will be opened by Robyn Archer at AC ARTS in Light Square on 22 February 2011.

SPOKE will then offer showcases, forums and workshops until 25 February 2011.


Date Event Stream Time Location
22 Feb 2011 Opening address 6.30 - 7.00 pm X-Space
22 Feb 2011 SPOKE goes Virtual 7.00 - 8.30 pm X-Space
23 Feb 2011 *makes improetry! 4.30 - 6.00 pm X-Space
23 Feb 2011 SPOKE gives it up 6.00 - 7.00 pm X-Space
23 Feb 2011 SPOKE slams it 7.00 - 8.30 pm X-Space
24 Feb 2011 springs eternal 4.00 - 6.00 pm Marquee
24 Feb 2011 SPOKE-N First 7.00 - 8.30 pm X-Space
24 Feb 2011 First Loud-N-local 8.30 - 10.00 pm X-Space
25 Feb 2011 SPOKE breaks a leg 4.30 - 6.30 pm Marquee
25 Feb 2011 SPOKE puts out 6.00 - 7.00 pm X-Space
25 Feb 2011 Closing address 7.00 - 8.30 pm X-Space

During Adelaide's month-long cavalcade of alternative & fringe dwelling celebration of the arts the Professional Writing Department of AC ARTS is producing SPOKE for the first time from 22 February, 2011

Bringing a broad range of wordsmiths together of all ages, genders and cultural backgrounds to present a series of workshops, discussions and performance presentations, SPOKE Writers' Festival provides a festival for all writers to extend their networks and share their work. Not the usual ring-in novelists from interstate, but local practitioners from South Australia.

Spokesperson for the Festival David Jobling says, "We named our festival SPOKE for the dual meanings of the word. Festivals generally provide everyone with an opportunity to interact and reflect on what's been said, but we also acknowledge that apart from the obvious past tense of 'speak', writers are like the radial members of a wheel 'joining the hub to the rim'. Their ideas link people via the page, stage, virtual platform, whatever... Their works feed our cravings for communication, reflection and inspiration. Once it's broken down, you find the out-put of writers is a vital spoke supporting the wheel of every creative process. Be it static storytelling, prosaic poetry, or kinetic entertainment, writers writing words has something to do with it and, we find the imagery of a wheel very assuring as it represents one of the most significant inventions in the history of our species, along with words, language and writing.

So, to celebrate this age old activity, SPOKE offers a short series of interactive workshops, showcases and forums, bound to invigorate, entertain, challenge and inspire anyone interested in writing and reading."

The SPOKE festival deliberately showcases genres that don't necessarily find a voice in other writer's festivals. Jobling says, "Poetry, spoken word, play scripts ... not just prose; it's more energetic and involving than just prose. The AC ARTS facility provides a brilliantly dynamic purpose built setting for our labyrinth of activities. Instead of swatting flies or worrying about sunburn you can relax and focus on the moment at hand. It's got air conditioning, access for people with disabilities, internal refreshment areas and toilets. In every event the building provides an opportunity to visit some very energetic creative people in a comfortable environment."

Jobling insists, "It's a mini-festival, the whole thing is a highlight! The SPOKE Breaks a leg showcase/forum, Improv Poetry Workshop; every poet should take a walk on the wild side with the spontaneous poetry jammers at the Improv Poetry Slam. Daredevil poets work their passionate raw roars and rhythms without nets! Best described as entertaining and inspiring, these improvised lexicon leaping events are very big in the UK and the US. Now for the first time in South Australia, Spoke makes IMPROETRY with our Improv Poetry Workshop followed by a live Improv Poetry Slam with cash prizes. No one should miss this," he enthuses.

The SPOKE-N First and Loud-N-local events present aboriginal extensions of hip hop and rap. Both events showcase wordsmiths from all over South Australia, here for a rare gathering of indigenous writers to hold their own series of workshops and meetings concurrently with SPOKE as well as making presentations of their work in these sessions.

"SPOKE is created by writers, so we know that while every writer does love a challenge, they don't all want to be in a spotlight, so we've got something for those scribes as well," explains Jobling. "Come get a glimpse of the new frontier at the Virtual Sense forum. Hear how writers interact with new technologies and push the electronic envelope. SPOKE Puts out is another unmissable event. Startlingly short original plays presented live, hosted by Rob de Kok.

"Rob has been busy recruiting material via SA Writers' Theatre and other networks, so this promises to be a very entertaining event".

The SPOKE team is made up of professional writing students, graduates and teaching staff of the AC ARTS Professional Writing Advanced Diploma Course, Adelaide TAFE.

SPOKE Writers Festival
at AC ARTS, Light Square
22 - 25 February 2011.
Part of the 2011 Adelaide Fringe


SPOKE Virtual Sense
22 Feb 2011 7.00 - 8.30 pm X-Space

SPOKE Virtual Sense host, internet legend*, writer, broadcaster and performer David Jobling says, "Since the mid-1990's writers have been debating the future of publishing, electronic books, blogs and the effects of new technology on the way we create and present our work. How do we make the internet work for us? Is it possible to use it as a tool? Who is doing what and is any of it working? SPOKE offers an opportunity to ask some questions, discuss the answers and get up to speed."

"In the 1990's I was writing material for a cable channel movie website (SBS Movie Channel) and started an email subscribers-list called Queerstage with support from at Sydney University. By the time I was studying at the NIDA Playwrights' Studio (1999) I had been on-line for a few years and was well aware of the massive resource available on-line, but I was one of the few at the time. Now, a decade later many writers have taken up publishing their work on the net, blogging and using the net to earn some money," says Jobling. "SPOKE Virtual Sense will be an opportunity to hear from some of these writers and to talk about it all."

*Stephen Dunne
'Queer City: Cyberactivism in Sydney' 2001, Pluto Press

Guests include: Greg Barilla, Peter Goers, Kristian Leadbeater, Dan Monceaux & Emma Sterling - Supermarket, Ad*m Martin, Muscular Teeth.

Spoke makes IMPROETRY
Improv Poetry Workshop
23 Feb 2011 X-Space 4.30 - 6.00 pm

So you think you can write/rap/perform/act/speak/s lam?

Spoke throws down the gauntlet for ALL-comers. Step up and step OUT of your safety zone in this ninety minute workshop on poetry improvisation.

You'll be taken on a twisted journey through strange time zones where one minute can seem like an eternity and words such as 'cauliflower' can morph into anything your imagination fancies.

Terri Louise Kelly
Guided by two incredible forces of nature: Teri Louise Kelly, a five book author and survivor (and guest artist), of several UK Poetry Improvisation Slams; and Daniel Watson, Paroxysm Press publisher and MC of the SA Poetry Slams, you'll be taught how to think on your feet and slam out magnificent musings on random offerings from your peers, or at least to ramble on incoherently for forty seconds while your mind does backflips as the audience cries!

THIS is a journey
you can't afford to miss!

SPOKE gives it up
23 Feb 2011 6.00 - 7.00 pm X-Space

Tessa Leon, renowned poetry performer and Mistress of Ceremonies will kick off the session with three minutes of her rapid-fire repertoire. Jenny Toune will present some of her 'out there' material, along with works from David Jobling, Rob de Kok and Kelly Mildenhall.

Writers of all styles are welcome to walk up to the mic for their three minutes in the spotlight.

Register with our SPOKEperson Jeanne between 5pm and 6pm in the XSpace on Feb 23 and make yourself heard.

Improv Poetry Slam
23 Feb 2011 7.00 - 8.30 pm X-Space

Entertaining and inspiring best describes these self-sustainable lexicon-leaping events! Big in the UK and the US, now for the first time in South Australia, Spoke makes IMPROETRY at the Improv Poetry Workshop followed by a live Improv Poetry Slam.

What would you do if you had to fill between forty to one hundred and twenty seconds talking about cauliflowers? No paper, no time for practice, just you bare boards your brain and your passion - this one is for the fast-shooters of the poetry / rap / performing / acting / slam scenes.

Will you be there to heckle, jeer or applaud Adelaide's daredevil wordsmiths? Do you dare join in yourself and ride free without training wheels? Come along to the Improv Poetry Slam and put yourself to the test.

Step up and step OUT of your safety zone. Live life on the edge of words and performance.

A natural follow on from the poetry improv workshop, the slam will allow you to test out those newly acquired skills; alternatively you could just hang out at the bar then get up there and do it!

This free event is open to the public and available for school group bookings. Panels and forums about writing for children, the stage, narrative, poetry and more. Be a part of the spoke that connects the wheel to the cog and makes it all go around.

SPOKE springs eternal
Thurs 24 Feb 2011 @ 4 - 6.00pm (2.0 hrs)
Target audiences: 15 years old and over - school students/writing students/public.
Adelaide Fringe Festival Children's Writing Panel
Face the Future!
Marquee, Level 2, AC Arts, Light Square, Thursday, 24 Feb, 2011 4-6.00pm

SPOKE Word Festival is opening its arms to a magnificent 7 of children's writers and commentators. Face the Future will explore the shifting boundaries of what it is to be an author for the 0-25 year olds, in the age of cross-platforms, reluctant readers and never-ending movie sequels. Up for discussion will be hot topics such as- how important is it for an author to stay up to date with current trends? What makes a good writer? How do author's gain publicity?

Sean Williams is a Number 1 New York Times bestselling author and has published over 75 short stories and 35 novels, including six books in the Star Wars franchise. His latest foray into children's writing is the series The Fixers, and Troubletwisters, co-written with Garth Nix.

Robert Moore - his first children's book Raspberry Rat was published in 2003 and Map followed in 2004. He has just completed two more junior novels. His first picture book About Face was released in November 2010 with IPad and IPhone apps. Adelaide animators Monkeystack are the illustrators and they plan to transfer the story into an animated feature at a later date.

Shane Bevin is a multimedia designer and animator with a talent for character and story design. He currently is involved with Monkeystack and is working with Robert Moore on About Face.

Rosanne Hawke is the author of over 15 books as well as being a teacher, writing workshop facilitator and a storyteller for children. Roseanne has always been interested in writing, and is a true advocate for carrying around pen and paper to jot down ideas. Spurred on by her children during a 10 year stint in Pakistan, Rosanne honed her writing skills. Her most recent accolade was being awarded the Carclew Fellowship at Writers' Week, 2008.

Marianne Musgrove is an award-winning children's author, former social worker and a descendant of King Henry VIII's librarian, so you could say books are in her blood. Her titles include The Worry Tree, Don't Breathe a Word and the Lucy series, all of which have been translated into different languages.

Vikki Wakefield is a second year professional Writing student at AC Arts who has recently secured a two book deal with text for her YA novels. The first will be launched in February.

Julie Wells is the newly appointed National President of the Children's Book Council of Australia and has many years experience as a teacher-librarian.

Sue Fleming (Chair) is a published writer in a variety of genres and also finds time to jointly coordinate the Professional Writing program at the Adelaide College of the Arts.

Sean Williams
Wet Ink Magazine

Guests: Sean Williams, Robert Moore, Rosanne Hawke, Marianne Musgrove, Julie Wells, Vikki Wakefield.
Sssh! Unicorn by David Paul Jobling (1986)
Rosalba Clemente in 'Sssh! Unicorn'

X-Space 24 Feb 2011 7.00 - 8.30 pm

A panel of Aboriginal writers talk about contemporary issues their communities face. The theme is Talking Back. Aboriginal writers talking back to the dominant understandings of Aboriginal peoples and communities.

The panellists are Ali Cobby Eckermann, Lionel Fogarty, Jared Thomas and Fabienne Bayet Charlton. Mandy Brown is chairperson.

SPOKE Loud-N-local
24 Feb 2011 8.30 - 10.00 pm X-Space

Jimblah and Karnage & Darknis give voice to the struggles of Indigenous people through their spoken word performances.

Darknis says I bring facts/truth to tha table... but don't get me wrong I'm not here to hate but to educate... and reconciliate... feel me?

SPOKE-N First Loud-N-local event coordinator Liz Packer says, "This event should not be missed. Young, exciting, energetic aboriginal artists presenting their own extensions of hip hop and rap. Musical, insightful and in your face; they'll capture your attention if not your heart for the duration."

The SPOKE-N First & SPOKE-N First Loud-N-local events both bring isolated artistes from all over South Australia, here for a rare gathering of indigenous writers to hold their own series of workshops and meetings concurrently with SPOKE as well as making presentations of their work in the SPOKE-N First & SPOKE-N First Loud-N-local sessions.

Guests include: Jimblah

It's a mini-festival, the whole thing is a highlight!
- David Jobling Spokesperson

SPOKE Breaks a leg

FRI. 25 FEB. 2011 @ 4.30 - 6.30 pm

You rarely hear from people who write for the stage at 'writers festivals' or 'events'. Usually you hear from playwrights at theatre subscriber-only events or indirectly from the Director at a post-show matinee Q&A.

SPOKE pokes a big hole in that velvet veil and showcases those who work with the page for the stage!

We invite you to hurdle the velvet rope with MC Rob De Kok and sneak a peek at the stage craft of Rosalba Clemente, Chris Tugwell and Edwin Kemp-Attrill.

The playbill:
Youth theatre devised performance
Edwin Kemp-Attrill on the couch with Rob
X-Ray by Chris Tugwell - excerpt performance
Chris Tugwell on the couch with Rob
Archipelago by Michele Saint-Yves* - excerpt performance
Rosalba Clemente on the couch with Rob
Panel discussion and audience Q&A

M.C. Rob De Kok is a SPOKE Committee member and noted director and writer for screen and stage.


Edwin Kemp-Attrill is Artistic Director of ActNow Theatre for Social Change and works with Urban Youth and Vitalstatistix theatre companies.

Chris Tugwell is a Prof Writ. Program lecturer. His play X-Ray about David Hicks in Guantanemo was the "sensation" of Fringe 2004 and its ABC radio adaptation was awarded the Bronze Medal for Best Drama Special at the New York Festivals' 2006 International Radio Awards.

Rosalba Clemente mentors a current Prof Writ. Student*, Michele Saint-Yves.
Having established her career as an actor and theatre director, Rosalba is an emerging playwright with a play currently being developed through Playwriting Australia. Her first play 'Helly's Magic Cup' won the Rodney Seaborn Award in 2007.

SPOKE Puts out
In an age when most entertainment is delivered via pixels on a screen we present live words in 3D! Living drama using ancient people based technology. "Short plays and mini-performances will reveal whole lives in a minute and worlds in two. Live and in colour," says documentary film-maker, tutor and writer Rob de Kok, "We may even resort to giving out 3D glasses to those who are accustomed to viewing entertainment in 2D," he jokes.

Although Alex Broun's juggernaut Short and Sweet has made it as far afield as India, so far it hasn't reached Adelaide, but the growing popularity of short plays has not gone unnoticed in the City of Churches, so the festival will be presenting renditions of short works when SPOKE puts out.

Adelaide Festival Fringe Mini-drama performance opportunity
X-Space, AC Arts, Light Square
Friday 25 Feb, 2011
7 - 8.30 pm

SPOKE is rustling up any takers for an 'instant playlet' evening during the 2011 Fringe.

Now in 3D! Words that walk and talk! Join us as we thin-slice debatably the oldest entertainment of all time - live theatre - using today's people-based technology. Mini-performances will reveal whole lives in a minute and worlds in two. Bring your micro-dramas to share on an open stage. Use audience volunteers, or your own actors to animate your words or maybe just sit back and watch as brief vignettes from the lives, dreams and pens of others come to life.

Note that it's not improv that we are seeking here. We are showcasing small scripts that work in a very limited time. Pieces should have been written, revised, and possibly even trialled or rehearsed beforehand.

It will be a night of very short, plays- or possibly 'telling slices of longer plays of such quality as to be worthy of a little glimpse through the curtain'.

In allowing meaningful extracts from larger works we ask that this event be respected for what it is, and not used as a showcase or promotion medium for Fringe or other stage events.

Some details: Cast size is unlimited, hand props are allowed, but no scenery. Basic 'set and forget' stage lighting will be provided on the X-Space stage, a blackout used as start and finish brackets for each piece.

There is no adjudication or feedback provided- simply two minutes between playlets for casts to change, and another minute or so for a brief intro to the next performance.

We emphasize brief intro- a minimum of words on the cast/company/author before each play commences- please no explanatory orations 'to set the scene'.

In this experimental forum the art of the performed text will speak for itself, sink or swim, naked and unafraid, to engender perhaps quite individual interpretations in the audience without program notes or spoken pamphlet.

To bring a modicum of control into the picture, and in an effort to keep a grip on both quality and quantity there will be a curatorial process before the event. Anyone interested in performing please contact me on the email below. The first/best 20 one or two minute plays will be scheduled.

If there's time after that on the night we may take work 'from the floor', in a similar manner that poetry readings allow open mic time. We're happy to see people come to the party with a few copies of their script in their hands and to cast it then and there using audience volunteers.

I would you appreciate you putting the call out to your students/members to gauge their interest in this event. Please don't hesitate to call me on the numbers below if there is any confusion above. I appreciate that we're walking a fine line here between structure and non, but we feel that it's in that vague, small zone where the elusive alchemy of creativity and entertainment lurks.

Rob de Kok

SPOKE writers' festival 2011

Get short, timely messages from Spoke Writers Festival on Twitter a rich source of instantly updated information. It's easy to stay updated on an incredibly wide variety of topics. Join today and follow @SPOKE_Festival.

Adelaide College of the Arts
39 Light Square

PO Box 1872

Email: enquire online

Phone: 61 8 8463 5000
Fax: 61 8 8463 5001

Thanks to our
Festival Patron: Michele Saint-Yves

and sponsors
Wet Ink
SA Writer's centre
Adelaide News
tafe SA
Wirra Wirra
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