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Welcome to my random blog. This is where I can post whatever the hell I want without restraints on it being a film or food or whatever blog. It is also a place for me to store all the email forwards I receive that I think you would all like. Thanks heaps for stopping in and be sure to check out my other blogs: and Have a great day!

Showing Your Undies and Tight Jeans: Awesome or Disgusting?

August 21st 2009 01:10
Fashion is making some bold moves of late and everyone would have seen kids everywhere basically showing their ass hanging out of a pair of baggy or skinny jeans. It is the new craze where teens wear their jeans belted under the bum and show off their boxers or underpants - in summer in my suburb of Manly some take it so far to not even bother with the underpants and have their asses hanging out to show to the world.

tight lowrider pants

Everyone's (but mine) currently most hated radio show hosts Kyle and Jackie O brought up the subject the other day and discussed "Showing your underpants: Sexy or Skanky?" - I am basically doing the same. They raised some interesting points with the majority of callers voting to a 70% skanky vote.

I want to know what you think of the craze - personally, as a gay man, I find it sexy. As one "gay" caller said the other day "why wouldn't I like it - it's like a free movie preview" - this had me chuckling.

skinny lowrider jeans, skateboarders

I think some people should not wear the skinny jeans, I wear a pair occasionally but think I need to become uber skinny to get away with it better. I just love them as they are stretchy and the most comfortable jeans I have. I would have them in every color if I was that skinny but have my black pair for occasional use.

The sagging of jeans, where your underpants show actually originated in prison in the US as inmates are not allowed belts for obvious reasons and they had no choice but to have their pants sagging low - it was mentioned that it was gay prison inmates who did it to show they were available - this in fact is incorrect, having your pocket on one side turned out, in jail, is actually the way to show inmates you are keen "to be someone's bitch".

skinny lowrider jeans, skateboarders, gay
Seriously, why bother guys just take your jeans off and play in your boxers!

The tight jeans have always been worn by rockstars as "their" acceptable attire - most of them can get away with it as they eat a diet high in alcohol and narcotics - a sure fire way to remain skinny. These jeans entered the maintstream in LA thanks to a group of Latino teenage skaters filmed for a Larry Clarke (Kids, Bully, Ken Park) film known as "Wassup Rockers". Clcik on the title to read my review and watch the trailer. In this film they had no choice but to wear these clothes. They were poor and the clothing style was originally known as "young" - as they were wearing the clothes they had up to 5yrs prior. One of the kids, Jonathan Velasquez, was so attractive that the camera loved him so much, that fashion magazines wanted him for photoshoots of him in his "young" clothes and the craze commenced.

Showing your boxers

Calvin Klein, marketing genius, adjusted the size of the band of their boxers and underpants to make them bigger so the CK logo would be visible to all wearing the tight and/ or saggin jeans. It has since gone gangbusters and all pairs of male undergear pretty much now have a larger band. High School Musical GOD Zac Efron is a massive fan of the skinny or low hanging pants and is regularly photographed with his butt cheeks visible to the world. So why wouldn't every teen male want to emulate this - every single teen girl wants Zac that of course it would be a smart move to show off your butt. You may get lucky.

Zac Efron showing his boxers, Zac Efron's Bum
Zac Efron's pants down

Miami Beach has banned the wearing of beltless underwear showing pants and Louisianna is not far off. Most of the areas trying are older retiree places who do not want to see it and are jealous their butts now drag along the ground unless wearing big tight underpants. I completely agree that in respecatable places like clubs, churches or places of respect these pants whould not be worn but this is up to individuals and if teens have no respect for certain things then regardless of pants they will still be disrespectful dickheads.

skinny lowrider jeans, skateboarders, attutude
This is actually a website for saggers and skaters to show off their pants

A lot of arguments I hear from people are saying "how can they think any of us are attracted to this", "it's disgusting", "they should be ashamed of themselves" - for all the talk the rest of us are banging on about these are mostly teenagers and they really don't give a shit what the rest of us think as long as they fit into their own community, of which wearing these clothes allows. And thanks to this article and the world over discussing it - the idea of wearing your pants low and skinny or baggy jeans accompanying it is now absorbing into people's minds and a lot of those people will like it and now we have extended the trends stay - nice work .

Like most new and bold fashion trends out there older people will never get it and in 20yrs time those low riding boxer showing kids will be all grown up and bitching about the next fashion trend. For me Zac Efron and hot looking people can wear their jeans as low as you want, for hideous ugly people maybe not, but seriously, wear what suits you and what you like and to hell with people deciding for you.
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29 Comments. [ Add A Comment ]

Comment by Natalina

August 21st 2009 01:34
I'm going to vote "Awesome" on this, and I'm going to add that I'm bringing this look in for the ladies! I'm going to start wearing a thong and let my skinny jeans hang low. HOT! LOL

Actually, I'm not a fan of this look. I do, however, think it's incredibly sexy when a man is wearing slightly baggy jeans...and he lifts up his arms to do...I don't know..something...and you can see just the very top of his undies and the lovely skin just above his....region. Yummm.

I think I'm hormonal tonight

Comment by Jason King

August 21st 2009 02:01
Hahaha - well put Natalina!!

You like a tease but not all on show - which is something I like too.

The G string look makes me squirm.

Enjoy your hormones

Comment by Journeywoman

August 21st 2009 02:50
This is just a revival of the early to mid 90s teenage boys' fashions - back then guys wore brightly coloured silk boxers showing over their jeans. Didn't like it then, don't like it now, not because it disgusts me but because it's so impractical. I don't like bling on men either... it's a matter of taste.

As for skinny jeans on guys - fine, as long as they themselves are skinny! I've actually never seen a fat guy wearing skinny jeans... hopefully I'll never have to.

Comment by Jason King

August 21st 2009 03:50
I remember those silk boxers - it was hideous - heaps of cartoon characters - did not wera them myself. It's not very practical at all when you see the guys having to hold their pants up with one hand while doing the norm with the other.

I am yet to see a fat guy wearing them also - although I could be skinnier

Comment by Morgan Bell

August 21st 2009 11:03
i dont really care what other people wear, i just want to know when the boys in skirts trend is going to take off in the masses

i also think corduroy and velvet jackets should be more widely worn

Comment by Jason King

August 21st 2009 11:16
I have a velvet shirt if this is any help Morgan - and I WOULD LOVE A CORDUROY ONE!!!

Not too keen on the skirts - but thanks to you I now have a Zac Efron - Marilyn Monroe air vent fantasy - stop messing with my mind!!!!!

Comment by James Rickard

August 22nd 2009 00:42
I've often thought of this look as a progression of "plumbers' butt".

Comment by Jason King

August 22nd 2009 02:26
James - hahahaha - all I will say is thankgod the plumbers have gotten better looking

Comment by Wilson Pon

August 24th 2009 10:33
Jason, some boys and men just want to "Show off" their undies or share it with everybody else! Honestly, I would like to join the lead, but I afraid I couldn't due to some particular reasons (You know what I meant)...

Comment by Jason King

October 10th 2009 00:03
Hahaha Wilson - I do know what you mean

Comment by Anonymous

January 12th 2010 14:39
Omg who is this guy shirtless and listenin to music??can you tell me ? xD

Comment by Jason King

January 12th 2010 18:49
I am so sorry Anon - I have absolutelty no idea. But am pretty sure he is a random shot of someone at the beach in either Australia or the US. If I knew him I wouldn't share hahahaha
Thanks for the comment

Comment by Anonymous

January 13th 2010 16:38
Hahaha okaay but hes hot xD and this thing you wrote is pretty cool i like it

Comment by Jason King

January 13th 2010 19:19
Thanks Anon Good luck in meeting someone who looks just like him.

Comment by sumaya rahman

February 6th 2010 15:12
interesting article...
hmm so most superstars do nude scenes & drink too much or commit suicide or is always taking sleeping pills: so we should start all this as a trend?........have human dignity fallen to such a lower level?

Comment by Jason King

February 6th 2010 21:10
I am not exactly sure what you are trying to say Sumaya but if you are saying that people follow the trends of younger people and a movie star who sag skinny jeans and are comparing this that they will now follow by taking heaps of drugs and suiciding I think you may have gone a bit overboard with your comparisons. From jeans to suicide? Not really what my article is about.
But to answer your last questions - YES - in some areas of the world human dignity has fallen that low. In regards to jeans - it is all how you look at it. I find it sexy and attractive and others will not.
I hope this answers some of what you are saying.
Thanks for visiting!!

Comment by violent peach

May 1st 2010 07:47
Mmmm, nothing I love more than a peek at your undies. But seriously, pull that shit up.

I guess we should be thankful that this has not progressed to sagging the jeans while going to commando. That is one trend that would render me house-bound forever.

Comment by Anonymous

May 28th 2010 20:28
i love that look it is totaly skater awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Comment by Anonymous

June 2nd 2010 19:13
its frigging Sick ! to show yyour ass ! sucks !

Comment by Jason King

June 2nd 2010 19:24
Each to their own my two anonymous commenters

Comment by Anonymous

September 25th 2010 01:52
love this post thoose guys are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooo
hot wish i had one of them to do it with =)

Comment by Jason King

September 25th 2010 21:21
Nice one Anonymous - so glad you like the article and the pics, or more so, the guys - I should do another post - have heaps more pics u would like

Thanks for visiting

Comment by Thunderbird

December 15th 2010 04:29
It's certainly not a look I care for, but then again I tend to dislike the ultra-casual attire which is now so prevalent in western countries (and Australia, New Zealand, etc. the countries with "western" culture). However, to each his own and if a guy has the body and bravado to pull it off who am I to criticize? As for me, I wish we all still dressed as they did in the 1940's and 50's. Ever look at photos from that time? Everyone looks so neat, well groomed and classy. Alas, I was born too late!

Comment by Jason King

December 15th 2010 04:31
Agreed Thunder - each to their own. I like it if they look good

Have you been watching Madmen - you would like that show and how they dress, although the amount of smoking is just like a character in itself.

Thanks for commenting.

Comment by claritnetjunkie

October 1st 2011 04:29
If youre pants are that low, why have any on???? Why not just take youre pants of and go naked. Besides all the ladies will like that way better!!!!!!

Comment by Jason King

October 1st 2011 21:29
Leaving it with the sagging Claritnet Junkie allows some teasing and imagination to come into it I like it better than naked - leave naked for personal and imagination for public hahahaha. Thanks for the comment!

Comment by Anonymous

May 18th 2012 15:36
I doubt these kids know the origin of sagging: It started in the prison system and was used to signal prisoners who would take it up the butt. It became a fad when a number of rappers went to prison and - I'll give them the benefit of the doubt - just SAW other prisoners dressed like this. When the rappers got out, they started dressing like that for videos and performances and their young black fans (and young WIGGERS) started wearing their pants the same way.

Just don't walk too near a prison, guys.

Comment by Jason King

May 19th 2012 21:53
Thanks for the comment anonymous but I disagree - the article explains the origins - the pocket out in prison showed who took it up the butt or who was fine being a bitch but the sagging started because prisoners were not allowed belts - it developed from there.
Thanks for visiting and have a great day

Comment by Anonymous

March 27th 2013 04:47
They are just a confused generation, hopefully grow out of it one day.

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