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Political Quagmire - Freedom is not Free!

Should Marijuana be Legalized?

February 9th 2013 17:01
The illegal substance/drug known as marijuana has been examined recently especially during the last election. A few states in the union actually voted to legalize marijuana for sale and consumption of the drug. Could we actually see the federal government legalizing marijuana in the near future? What I do know is that many adolescents take health classes in high school every year dissecting the dangers of illegal substances but many simply don’t listen. Most of the classes I took stated how marijuana was a “Gateway Drug,” that would lead to more dangerous drugs such as cocaine, heroin, LSD etc… This statement is possible however most young people I knew considered marijuana a social drug for parties and large gatherings and had no real desire to try harder substances. If marijuana can be used for medicinal purposes then why not smoke it casually? When you really examine the situation a see how alcohol is legal in the U.S. then why not pot?

“Some of my finest hours have been spent on my back veranda, smoking hemp and observing as far as my eye can see.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

When you drink too much alcohol you motor functions turn clumsy and erratic putting others at risk when you’re behind the wheel of a car or any other vehicle for that matter. Basically, one night of excessive binge drinking could lead to alcohol poisoning and possibly death. With marijuana you could smoke continuously until you see enormous pink bunnies roaming around your basement but will never die of an overdose. Think of it as a really heavy cigarette with hallucinogenic properties. Honestly if marijuana is illegal then why isn’t alcohol when you think of all the DUI-related fatalities.
How many people are locked in prison for marijuana use/distribution? We would probably save states millions of dollars in revenue when it comes to corrections facilities and caring for people convicted of selling the drug. Since marijuana supporters hit their mark at the state level with Colorado and Washington last election, bills are being introduced to roll back pot restrictions in Hawaii, Oklahoma and Rhode Island.Your text goes here It seems more and more people are getting on the pot bandwagon realizing their are bigger concerns with the U.S. then marijuana.
Will marijuana be legalized in the federal level anytime soon its hard to tell but knowing that politicians are talking about in D.C. means something could happen in the next few years. When people developed bills for marijuana legalization a few years ago people gawked and laughed at the very question of it. It seems times are changing now and perhaps we could see blunts being sold at the nearest drug store we will have to wait and see.

"Herb is the healing of a nation, alcohol is the destruction." ~ Bob Marley
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Marijuana Could be Legal in the Near Future

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Comment by katyzzz

February 10th 2013 00:43
No, No, No, smoking has already done enough damage and so has pot, legalize it and there'll be more, with more, especially the young, most at risk and least likely to be told, taking it up who would normally not have done so.

Comment by Marcus Hill

February 14th 2013 01:17
Quotes from old powerful figures doesn't do much to help the case. The legalization of marijuana is a bad idea. I live in a state where it is (just about) legal. Smoking OCCASIONALLY isn't horrible...not good but not horrible. Legalizing gives people more of a reason to be idiots and take advantage. People will throw hundreds of stats and quotes at us telling us how great it is but no one thinks of the little stuff. Some people do start to heavily rely on weed to get through their day which is just as bad as relying on any other drug. Plenty of people have been shot, robbed and even killed dealing weed. Not like that will change if it's in a dispensary.

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