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Comet Siding Spring will pass close to Mars in October this year. Comet Siding Spring was discovered by RH McNaught at the Siding Spring Observatory in Australia. Currently Comet Siding Spring can be seen with binoculars,...
It's good to be safe at night and Lord knows a well lit city looks kind of pretty at night. But light at night is not good for astronomy and so there have been attempts to fight the light by redesigning light fixtures and such.
A quick look at the Southern Cross Constellation. It is perhaps the most recognisable night sky constellation in the Southern hemisphere apart from the Orion constellation. The Southern Cross Constellation is best seen in the Southern...
It's been 10 long years since the spacecraft left Earth. The tiny space probe called Rosetta is about to meet its nemesis. The space probe and comet 67PChuryumov-Gerasimenko are now travelling in tandem. The comet together with the space...
Fortunately we are not nearly done with all the ways in which nature can aid us in the ongoing war against our ancient enemy disease. Almost any bio-active substance holds some promise in the war on cancer--for instance. Some folks...
Where are almost 34 of the way through our winter season for us in the southern hemisphere. Winter makes an ideal time for stargazing and astronomy in general. Generally conditions are quite stable, if you don't mind the cooler...
I am sure there is a good science there somewhere. I just think it looks cool. Photos courtesy of NASA
Last night we had the good fortune to have a regional blackout. A rather rare power outage in which the whole suburb was without any street lights. All the houses were also dark and for the first time in a long while we could see all...
Mars is a particularly difficult planet to an image at times. The conditions must be favourable in order to get a reasonable image. Often turbulence in the upper atmosphere distorts the image when photographed from planet Earth. It is...
Asteroidshome is a research project that uses Internet-connected computers to do research in Asteroidshome. You can participate by downloading and running a free program on your computer.