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Films and life

January 22nd 2014 02:58
Sometimes life brings you things that you have not anticipated and you are coupled with joy and happiness but as soon as this joy is felt, it can be so easily taken away.

Writing about films have such a joy and I wish to continue however sometimes life can bring things that you never wish you experienced and it put some perspectives in your life. But when things don't work out you have to go back to the way you were living it, writing, reflecting and search. Because life moves on and as should you.

Accept the love that is given to you, for it is a blessing from God.

Peace and love,

The Art of Getting By, 2011

November 19th 2013 13:51
The Art of Getting By stars the delightful Emma Roberts and very innocent looking Freddie Highmore. Two teenagers lost in a world of adult things. One who has no experience with it and another pretending to be part of it. The Art (as I will call it for convenience purposes) is unique in it's attempt to understand teenagers and as resultof this unique approach I certainly appreciated it. What is hiding as a drama piece is really a story of growing up and the typical story of coming of age. Although my personal view on the concept is highly incongruent with Hollywood's definition of developing character but that is simply not the discussion for this blog.

Highmore plays the timid and shy George, a loner one might call him or simply an extreme introvert roams through high school with little to no intention of putting effort to complete his high school diploma. Although it is not really explained in the movie how someone that lacks so much motivation has managed to complete most his high school education and ended up in his last year of high school. George is not without excuse, always providing some reason or another for why he has not completed some required assessment task. The ever forgiving teachers and principle give him multiple chances in hopes that he will finally get his shit together. Maybe they see the potential of what he could be. He is not delinquent, a little misunderstood or possibly a bleeding hear but definitely not a troublemaker and thus the teachers inevitable feeding to his indifference. Inevitably George meets a girl, sorry, a young lady, Sally (Roberts). Sally is seemingly much more worldly then young George and although it starts off innocently enough but low and behold George falls for Sally. Needless to say Sally doesn't quite feel the same.

The Art has it's promises mostly because I wasn't trying to guess where exactly this movie is going. In retrospect it is a very simple film with likable and simple characters. However the characters are not as well developed as they definitely could be. As result the film suffered. The slow movement of the film will bore and annoy many but added to refreshing approach to a oft told story.

Final Verdict: The Art of Getting By has it's promises but is ultimately a teen drama about coming of age (whatever you call it). And simplicity in it's character and plot is both is strength and weakness. 6/10


I'm alive!!

October 3rd 2013 02:05
I'm alive and well update soon.

Next movie I want to review is...

The Art of Getting By


The Way, Way Back, 2013

August 15th 2013 15:14
Summer for me is filled with uncomfortable heat that only leads me to lie days on end sitting under the air conditioning and Box Day sales. My summer shockingly is nothing like the summer of that is shown in The Way, Way Back. 15 year old Duncan (Liam James) is holidaying with his mother Pam (Toni Collette) and her boyfriend Trent (Steve Carell) and his daughter Steph (Zoe Levin). Duncan is awkward and shy and taunted continuously by the possible future stepfather Trent. In an unlikely turn of events Duncan finds the Water Wizz theme park and forms a friendship with manger Owen (Sam Rockwell) and the other staff members including Caitlin (Maya Rudolph). While his family is falling apart Duncan finds the inclusive family at the park and spends most of the summer at the park and even getting a summer job there. The Way, Way back is a well told story about the dysfunction of family and finding yourself. It encapsulates all the awkwardness and the innocence of the being a teenager.

The film is fun and thus ultimately light, of course there are some serious issues that need to be resolved but true resolution is never reached. Like summer, the movie does leave a short term impression but is forgettable as it is like many before it. And that is probably its biggest let down

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Only God Forgives, 2013

June 20th 2013 15:18

Hi everyone, this is a film review on the new Ryan Gosling movie that premiered for the Sydney Film Festival last week. I have been busy and therefore I didn't get a chance to see many films but I got a chance for this one

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A Good Day to Die Hard, 2013

April 24th 2013 15:26
I have to admit that I am not a die-hard Die Hard fan but I did enjoy the first movie, it had this battler charm that was carried to the other films. Well at least this charm was carried to first few. The charm of the exciting and cleverly constructed action film that we saw in Die Hard was definitely not present in 5th installment to the franchise. It's a dying and frail old man, and I wish someone would finally put it to rest. It needs not to be awaken again. But I'm sure my heartfelt plea will fall on deaf ears and before you know it Die Hard 6 would be screening in a theatre near you.

At this point I would usually summarise the plot of the film but it feel like such a waste of words to do so. Nevertheless it would be unfair to, you, the reader. It is difficult to try to explain the chaos that I saw into somewhat coherent summary but I will do my best. For those you have seen the trailer, you have pretty much seen most of the movie. Our hero once again finds himself in trouble but this time in Moscow, Russia. Oh, how exotic of Hollywood to venture to Eastern Europe. This time, Mr John McClane (Bruce Willis) is to save his son Jack (Jai Courtney) from a life of crime. Director, John Moore tapping into "feeling guilty for not being there for my delinquent child" story. But I'm not convinced and I didn't watch the film to witness the acting brilliance that is Bruce Willis. Nevertheless an attempt of being somewhat convincing would have been a nice change. In reality McClane Jr. is in fact US federal agent in Russia. What is an American agent doing in Russia meddling in Russian domestic politics? I don't know but I believe it might have been discussed in the film but it most likely gotten lost between car chases and jumping off buildings. The film has a very thin plot that is placed around the action, it does not complement it nor does it provide any relevance to the film. It is simply watching one and half hours of explosions and impossibilities

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Young Dito
A guide to recognizing your saints is a little known independent piece from the writer and director Dito Montiel. A guide to recognizing your saints is the film adaption to the Montiel's autobiography of the same name. The film follows Dito as an adult played by Robert Downey Jr. however the film is mostly in a long flashback to Dito's younger days in New York. The film explores the harsh realities of a young Ditto (Shia LaBeouf) living in working class Queens.

A guide to recognizing your saints is not a perfect film however it was still amazing and incredibly real. Films about the ghettos of the 80's have been around before but this one does have heart. There might be a few questions about the stereotypes that were used by Montiel in the film and possibly in the book however it still felt real. I have to say credit has to go the amazing cast that was in this film. The young actors in the film held their own in a film that is difficult and emotionally driven. Although their performances are not perfect however it was impressive for young actors at the time. I was particularly impressed by Channing Tatum who plays the abused delinquent and best friend of Dito, young Antonio

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Oh hey!

February 14th 2013 04:56
Oh Hey

There you are.... long time no see. Don't worry I am coming back and it's going to be exciting because I am reviewing a really awesome movie next time I post

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I love you, man 2009

December 20th 2012 13:29
Itís telling of the times when romantic comedies are now based on purely platonic relationship between two men. Just like JD and Turk from the hit TV show Scrubs has repeatedly attempted to convince others, ďits guy love between two guys. And there is nothing gay about it.Ē The bromance; the shared bond between two guys may be the strongest bond two people can have is the central theme for I love you, man.

I personally love this idea of male bonding relished and celebrated. And although male bonding have been central to many movies but exploring a relationship between two guys that is deep and profound that goes beyond just hanging out, playing poker and drinking is often rare, if itís ever been attempted before that is

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New post

November 30th 2012 03:48
I promise there will be a new post soonish,

Love you all

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Comment by Samira
on The Dark Knight Rises, 2012

July 23rd 2012 10:23
Thanks for the comment. It was really good, you should definitely watch it!

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Comment by Samira
on Embedding Youtube videos

January 31st 2012 12:33
Ohk I have done everything to embed a youtube vids

I have used the html properly with brackets and everything

tried different embed codes such as the old one and the new one and nothing is working


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Comment by Samira
on 2011: A Film Odyssey

January 18th 2012 14:05
Thanks for reading =D

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Comment by Samira
on A FEW BEST MEN: A Review

January 18th 2012 14:03
For some reason I thought this movie had Wil Anderson in it. But now that I know he's not in it and the bad review you gave it I'm less inclined to watch it.

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Comment by Samira
on Contagion, 2011

November 15th 2011 10:27
Why thanks Ekn7a! I would have thought you would be more interested in the jap fest post but all comments are welcomed

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Comment by Samira
on Zombieland, 2009

November 4th 2011 10:44

Much love,
Samira =D

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Comment by Samira
on Infernal Affairs

September 8th 2011 15:34
This is the movie The Departed ripped off/copied right? I didn't really like the Departed (I'm probably the only one) but heard that this was a really well made movie.

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Comment by Samira
on Emma Watson's Boy Crush

July 6th 2011 03:29
lol at Peter Yang's comment.

I totally had a crush on Draco Malfoy too. I so wanted to see him when he was here with Supanova but didnt get a chance.

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Comment by Samira
on X-Men: First Class, 2011

July 6th 2011 03:14
Thanks for reading and commenting. I mean seriously the Cold War ended like 20 years ago. I guess in this X-men is based in the 60's but having the US-Russian bullshit in movies based in modern times is annoying.

I read your review I really liked it. It was different to what I thought about the movie. You should really see the other X-men movies they are pretty good too well at least I thought so. I think I'm just a fan of the whole franchise. Although for some reason I don't consider the Wolfverine movie part of the X-men series. I think its cause it doesn't really include the other mutants (I think)

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Comment by Samira
on Sydney Film Festival, 2011

May 31st 2011 05:09
Thanks for the comment, and for the suggestions I will take note and see if I can actually make to a screening and if I do I will definitely make a post on it. If you have more suggestions please comment more. There so much going on in the Festival so it going to be impossible to watch everything.

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