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New Airline Perk - Nest

April 1st 2014 16:29
Don't you hate being at the mercy of whoever is in control of the thermostat? Now, on Virgin America, you control the temperate of your own personal space.
You can read more about it at: climate-control-at-35-000-feet

Unfortunately this isn't actually available...........yet.

Happy April Fool's Day!

Facebook's newest idiotic idea

February 3rd 2014 23:47
Facebook is always looking for the next angle they can play to make more money. This time it's having videos play automatically, whether or not you want to watch them. Thanks to this newest stupid idea, I got watch live animals being ripped apart.
So, I bid adieu to Facebook.
Good luck on running your site into the ground with your unrestrained greed.


January 29th 2014 04:03
Looking for a veggie event to go to? A vegan trip? A conference helping animals?
Check out the events on One Vegan World!

Seaworld and Blackfish

December 10th 2013 03:14
By now you have probably heard about Blackfish, the documentary showing the exploitation of killer whales by Seaworld and other marine parks. If you haven't, it is an award nominated exposť, recently shown on CNN, on the horrific conditions the killer whales are kept in, and the resulting psychosis leading to dangerous conditions for those in contact with them, up to and including death. It's a definite must see.

Instead of addressing the concerns brought up in the movie, Seaworld continues to ignore them and throws in a red herring about the good things they do. What Seaworld fails to understand is that doing good things does not cancel out doing evil things. And in their case it's even worse; they choose some animals to kidnap from the wild and abuse, while others are rescued and returned to the wild after being rehabbed

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For those looking to replace eggs....

November 18th 2013 00:07
If you're looking to replace eggs, whether it's for health or ethical reasons, here are some easy and tasty substitutes...

Substitute for scrambled eggs

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It's all in the spin

September 22nd 2013 16:25
It's all in the way you spin it. If you have the right words, you can make animal abuse sound like you're doing them a favor.

comic by Eric Shansby

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New Vegan Directory

July 26th 2013 04:51
Looking for a place to get a vegan tattoo? Vegan cupcakes? Maybe an animal sanctuary to volunteer at?
A great place to find them is at It's a directory to vegan businesses in North America. Presently the restaurant listings are a work in progress, but listings are being added as quickly as possible.
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Avoiding GMO foods in the U.S.

June 13th 2013 04:21

Food documentaries you must see

April 14th 2013 21:06
These are some great documentaries you shouldn't miss dealing with the food you eat.


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Forks over Knives

February 16th 2013 04:31
If you have heart disease or diabetes, this movie could save your life.
I know people who are eating healthy as shown in the movie and it has made all the difference in the world.
I'm working on eating this good, not there yet, but pretty close. [ Click here to read more ]


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Comment by Ruth Moratz
on The rodeo hits a new low

March 31st 2011 23:23
That sounds like a very well thought out reply with the very few brain cells you have at your disposal.

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I didn't mention Islam because I wasn't talking about Islam. This also wasn't a post about all the religions against homosexuality. I was simply pointing out how strange it was that they thought it was wrong for two same sex people to marry, while it was fine to marry an entity and going so far as to have an actual wedding ceremony.

I agree that a wedding ritual is a religious event and the government has no place in it, yet there it is, right in the middle of it all and the religious community seems to have no problem benefiting from that relationship. If they want to be able to dictate who can and can't get married then they need to sever that relationship and the government should only recognize civil unions.
Then everyone would have the right to have a government recognized civil union and that would be the only type eligible for government benefits (taxes, insurance, etc). Those that are religious could have a wedding ceremony through their church, but would be required to also have the civil union if they wanted government benefits.

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Comment by Ruth Moratz
on Michael Vick: Hatred and Hypocrisy

December 24th 2010 02:47
I don't dislike Vick more than other animal abusers, I hate them all equally. The reason he is in the spotlight when so many others have done the same thing is because of who he is. Sadly he is considered a role model by (probably) thousands of kids and teenagers. They want to be just like him and if he's torturing dogs, then it must be okay to do.

Big deal, he spent a little time in jail and now he thinks he should be allowed to get another dog. Of course people are pissed off. Everyone seems to be rallying around the abuser and as usual the victims are forgotten. Those dogs that managed to live through his abuse still live everyday in fear and shake when people come near them. But thats ok, because Vick spent time in jail so they no longer matter. He wants the fame and money that comes with being in the spotlight, that comes with a responsibility not to act like a douche bag.

People who use animals to make money (horse racing, dog racing, breeding, etc) are equaling as disgusting. Get off your lazy asses and get a real job instead of using animals to make it for you.

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Comment by Ruth Moratz
on Ugliest Animals On The Planet

October 14th 2010 00:12
That Aye-Aye is fricken adorable.

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Comment by Ruth Moratz
on The Latest Japanese Fashion Craze is Eeewwwwww

April 28th 2010 03:02
Hahahahaha.....ummm Yuck.

It makes you wonder what kind of rational is going on in someones brain that would make them think it's a good choice to wear that.

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Comment by Ruth Moratz
on Bullfighter gored

April 27th 2010 07:33
I tried looking at the pictures, but had to stop when it looked like he was stabbing the bull.

I agree it needs to stop and I have no sympathy for the person who was gored. If he hadn't been there tormenting the bull, he never would have gotten hurt.

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Comment by Ruth Moratz
on Best Tear Jerker Songs of All Time

January 23rd 2010 05:28
The Cats in the Cradle - Harry Chapin
I'll Stand by You - The Pretenders

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Comment by Ruth Moratz
on Test Your Color IQ

October 7th 2008 21:28
It helps to move back from the monitor now and then.

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Comment by Ruth Moratz
on Test Your Color IQ

October 7th 2008 04:28
I was surprised to see that most of the ones I missed were in the same color palette.

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Comment by Ruth Moratz
on Forest Falls Creek

October 7th 2008 01:24
It was just a Nikon P&S which should explain why I wasn't able to do much about the overexposure.

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