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Political Quagmire - Freedom is not Free!

Russian Leverage Over the U.S.

February 17th 2013 15:26
The United States and Russia have a long history that dates back right after the fall of Nazi Germany. The Cold War pitted the two mighty superpowers against each other leading to a giant nuclear arms buildup. At one point during the Cuban Missile Crisis we were at the brink of nuclear catastrophe. Those times are a distant memory concluded with the fall of the Berlin Wall in the late 1980s. As the Soviet Union dismantled creating new sovereign states, Russia’s road to democracy was in clear view.

“Russia is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.” ~ Winston ChurchillYour text goes here

Push forward to the present and Russia still remains a vocal leader on the world stage. Whether its Iran, Syria, Afghanistan or even North Korea how the U.S. handles these troubled nations may depend on Russia’s response. The current Russian President, Vladimir Putin going into his third term in office has been cheered for not bowing down to Western Powers that threaten Russian interests abroad. Recently the U.S. made a law condemning Russia’s human rights record while Russia immediately fired back with a law banning American adoptions of Russian kids.Your text goes here Apparently, old habits die-hard as Russian and U.S. relations still involve high tension and bitter dialogue. Recently Russia’s refusal to renew an arms agreement that was put in place in 1991 to dismantle nuclear and chemical weapons has caused quite an uproar in the U.S. and international community.
One thing is clear Russia will most likely not shake its support for President Assad and the current Syrian regime. Russia has been arming Syria with ballistic missiles and heavy machine guns for quite some time with no signs of slowing down. Russia also holds a veto in the U.N. Security Council to block U.S. intervention in many different fronts. Basically, Russia has not agreed with U.S. foreign policy over the past several months especially the intervention in Libya. What Russia must understand is that every nation on Earth acts for the benefit of itself. President Obama need to find bilateral diplomacy with Russia perhaps inviting him to the White House although Putin has declined the offer in the past.
Putin has expelled any U.S. officials in Russia that he views could hurt his office personally and made it clear he won’t bow down to U.S. demands. The U.S. needs to find common ground with Russia as global standoffs/conflicts continue to heat up. Russian/U.S. trade relations need to expand so if Russia’s economy begins to grow they could compromise on more sensitive issues. The future of U.S. and Russian relations could boil down to what happens in Syria in the coming months.

“The ability to compromise is not a diplomatic politeness toward a partner but rather taking into account and respecting your partner’s legitimate interests.” ~ Vladimir Putin Your text goes here
Moscow Kremlin Tower

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