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Political Quagmire - Freedom is not Free!

Religion in U.S. Politics

January 21st 2013 19:11
The First Amendment makes it clear that Congress will not make any law respecting the establishment of religion or prohibiting the exercise. Pilgrims and different ethnic groups have come to this country long before there was an established government in search of religious freedom. When they left the Old World they knew full well the catastrophe that can occur when religion and politics collide. Corruption and abuse of power from tyrannical theocracies made the common man’s voice silent. President Obama took the oath of office and at his request ended it with “So help me God.” This phrase is not required during the oath but many Presidents have used this supposedly started by Abraham Lincoln in 1861.
American law and Government documents have been heavily influenced by the Christian and Jewish faith this is reality. I found nothing wrong with President Obama stating God in his oath because the U.S. is a very religious nation and he shouldn’t be denied his upbringing or traditions. The politician’s in Washington have better things to do then analyze whether the phrase “So help me God,” was appropriate. The government will never publicly endorse religion and that is not what our President did. He merely respected that the word of God did have influence with George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and the rest of the founding fathers.
Its funny I’m defending the President’s right to speak of God as I lean to the right but I feel more comfortable with the President having some sort of religious background regardless of party affiliation. It doesn’t have to be my personal faith just a religion that preaches respect, honesty and peace will suffice. No I don’t want the President to start saying that he’s speaking to God from the oval office and he is making policy from his suggestions. Rulers and Heads of State hearing voices have tried that through history and it didn’t pan out well. He should formulate policy with members of his administration. We seek out God in times of turmoil and grief because life is hard and problems will occur through one’s lifetime and we’re just looking for answers. There will always be separation of Church and State but religion will still exist in the American landscape as well. God Bless America and the rest of the World!

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