Paid Blogging
There are two ways to make money blogging on Orble. Through editorial stars, and a share of advertising revenue.

Editorial Stars
Posts of a professional quality which cover current events are awarded a number of editorial stars from 1 to 10.

At the end of each month a percentage of advertising revenue from the entire Orble network is then divided amongst all the bloggers who have been allocated stars in the preceding month (in proportion to the number of stars allocated). Once a blogger's account reaches more than $200 they are paid via PayPal.

Factors taken into account when considering a post for an editorial star include the quality of the writing, originality (has it been covered on Orble previously), length of the article, and the amount of effort put into research. Stars are more often allocated to posts which cover topics of broad appeal that will attract daily readers to Orble such as breaking news, features on current events, and entertainment news.

Read Orble News to find out what one star was worth over the previous month, we aim to keep it in the range of $3 to $5 USD.

To nominate a post for an editorial star click on the "Stars" link at the end of each post which will appear when you are logged in.

Editorial stars should be considered a bonus form of revenue on top of the advertising share outlined below. Advertising revenue is the main way of earning money on Orble but tends to favour posts on static topics such as "How to Grow Tomatoes" or "Extending your WiFi Range".

Advertising Revenue
Orble bloggers are allocated a 50% share of advertising revenue generated by their posts. In practice this is done by showing ads from each blogger's AdSense account half of the time. If you do not have an AdSense account you can apply for one here.

In the first six months most bloggers don't make enough from advertising revenue to justify the time spent on their blogs purely in terms of an hourly wage. This is why most blogs fail. It usually takes at least six months to build up a large enough readership to generate any appreciable advertising revenue, and in the first few months you will be lucky to make more than a couple dollars. Successful blogging requires patience, persistence, and a long term perspective.

To see how many readers you can expect form an Orble blog over time click here.

It is also important to keep in mind that some topics generate more advertising revenue than others. Sport, Business, and Gadgets are typical examples of high earning subjects. French Literature and Philosophy are examples of a low earning subjects. As a rule of thumb have a think about how many businesses would want to advertise next to your material online. If there is a good advertising market for your topic then returns will usually be high.

It also helps if you take over an established site which already has a large readership (see our Inactive Blogs List) or the ability to attract large amounts of Search Engine traffic, something which is hard to do on newly registered domains.

Apart from the regularly updated blog format, online guides or books on certain topics can also be quite successful. In addition they have the added benefit of not needing to be updated. Once the initial work is done they can simply be left to generate residual revenue. If you are interested in writing a book or guide please contact us.

How much can you expect to make? Orble bloggers make anything from a few cents to $100 or more per week from advertising depending on how long they have been blogging, what they have been blogging about, and how good their writing is. To have a successful blog you need to spend at the very least two hours on it every week, ideally around five. If you build up a successful Orble blog you can also sell it, as long as it remains on the Orble network.

Unless we have made other arrangements authors need to register for a free Google AdSense account if they wish to be paid. You can quote as the website you are going to publish adverts on. If you have any problems with your application see the Orble FAQ.

Once you have have an AdSense account you will need to register with Orble (if you have not done so already) and tell us what your AdSense Client ID is. You can do so here or by going to and clicking on My AdSense ID.

Adverts attributed to your AdSense account will then be shown 50% of the time on any posts you publish on any Orble site and also on the homepage and category pages of any sites you moderate. Most bloggers should get more than twice the traffic on an Orble blog than they would on a stand-alone blog.