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Welcome to my random blog. This is where I can post whatever the hell I want without restraints on it being a film or food or whatever blog. It is also a place for me to store all the email forwards I receive that I think you would all like. Thanks heaps for stopping in and be sure to check out my other blogs: and Have a great day!


February 4th 2013 23:37
Hello my Orbling friends. Some of you may have noticed you no longer receive comments - you may have also noticed general readership on Orble has rapidly declined.

orble, allow comments, change settings, jason king

I can't fix the latter - that is mostly because Orble has been left to it's own devices, with a moderator or member of actual Orble (On Topic Media) popping into visit once in a blue moon or when there is fire lapping through the servers.

But the first one I can help you with.

In one of the recent upgrades Orble changed your settings in the MY ORBLE section. Probably not on purpose, but a pain none the less, as afterwards no-one received comments, people who posted comments would never have seen their comments and never got a response so why bother coming back?

It is an easy fix - another Orbler told me a while back and I can get comments and I have told a few people but I should have just posted an article on it.

To Get Comments Working Again:

1) Go to MY ORBLE
2) Go to MODIFY
4) Change to ALLOW ANONYMOUS - or which ever one you prefer - I would suggest ALLOW ANONYMOUS but then I will show you how to moderate comments below
5) Scroll to bottom and press MODIFY BLOG

RESOLVED - you can now get comments. If you have set it to ALLOW ANONYMOUS this may open you up to total assholes otherwise known as TROLLs - trust me I got a few of them after Salty Popcorn got commented on in the papers - people can say some really nasty things for no reason at all besides just to rock you. It is best if you see this yourself and do not allow it to be posted to the public - this way trolls get NOTHING out of it and basically bugger off.

orble, allow comments, change settings, jason king

To Moderate Comments:

1) Go to MY ORBLE
2) Go to MODIFY
5) Scroll to bottom and press MODIFY BLOG

This will now send you an email link to view comments before the rest of the big bad interwebby thing does and you can either select VERIFY or DELETE. Easy as.

Anyways - I hope we all survive the holocaust-like slow dwindling demise of the once mighty Orble. Keep on blogging on peeps.
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10 Comments. [ Add A Comment ]

Comment by jkund17

February 6th 2013 17:30

Comment by Jason King

February 6th 2013 19:32
Thanks jkund - hope it helps a few people

Comment by Michael 2

February 7th 2013 11:34
cool. it's clear that not everyone knows this because I still can't comment on some blogs.

Comment by James Rickard

February 7th 2013 16:49
Any answers on how to get the left and right links to appear on "My Orble" with Firefox? I have to switch to IE to check Adsense!

Comment by Jason King

February 7th 2013 18:34
Well hopefully people can read this post Michael - don't know how else to inform everyone - clearly Orble admin are not too organised to inform anyone as Orble news hasn't been used for about 3yrs and no one reads the writer's forum - share the knowledge and maybe this can be a community again

Comment by Jason King

February 7th 2013 18:36
There has to be some way James - I used Firefox on my laptop and my page looks the same - are these on all your sites or on all sites?

Comment by James Rickard

February 8th 2013 15:58

Comment by Jason King

February 8th 2013 21:23
Will pop open the lappy this arvo and screen shot my settings for you

Comment by Jason King

February 8th 2013 22:11
I can find nothing in the settings directly for Firefox - tried increasing font size to some thing large - it still all fits I tried zooming the page out to see if it would drop off - a conundrum.

In My Orble - settings are only for your own particular sites I think but check the following in Modify:
Format for your Blog - try changing this around to see if makes any difference - I use Double Collumns Wide - Ads in Text

I doubt that will make much difference but it's worth a try.
If you use different browsers and they all work except Firefox - it leads me to believe it is Firefox that is having the issue - time to update Firefox! It's quick and simple or if you want something new - on the lappy I swear by Google Chrome. I use multi browsers for work on the laptop.

Sorry I could not be more help - are you on the FB Orble writer's page? Good place to ask - we kind of can help each other on there

Comment by Jason King

February 9th 2013 00:18
Also just found out you can no longer put links in comments - the button is useless - GREAT!
You can put them in but it will say REALLY LONG LINK as opposed to an editable text

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