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Ok, this is a special post regarding a very important topic, aging workforce trends. This post is special.

Dallas – Cash Nickerson, a recognized expert on aging workplace trends, has an interesting insight on this sector of the workplace. In contrast to bias against the aging workplace, Nickerson identifies the importance of the aged, experienced worker crucial to any company for their experience, education and the ability to mentor younger workers. This, he asserts is essential to today’s workplace in order to ensure workforce productivity and revenues. Without communication and building relationships between different employees, Nickerson believes that today’s corporation could lose competition.

Nickerson definitely has the education and experience to identify key workforce trends. Over his 25 years as an attorney, writer and CEO, he has gained a unique insight into what makes a company successful in terms of employee relationships that result in success.

In his second book, BOOMERangs, Nickersons starts off by addressing the two most import challenges facing today’s worldwide work force: global warming and global aging. He believes that the American workplace has never been more stratified as it currently is. Why? Nickerson asserts that changes have to be made regarding the legal, social and cultural attitudes as well as the required actions that need to be implemented to create a healthy balance between young and older employees. This will result in valuable commercial success.

However, BOOMERangs does more than just identify current and looming problems. In chapter 10 of this small book (135 pages), he includes a simple list of 10 tips for employers to consider.Those include: when to increase or downsize a work force, and how to include accommodations for older workers, who may want more flexibility in their schedule and who can train emerging leaders through mentoring and job-sharing.

Nickerson, in describing "BOOMERangs, said that: “It (the book) is revolutionary in that it addresses a necessary overhaul of our attitudes, our biases, our laws, and our workplace rules in order to realign those things with the actual human lives that are taking place today."

Nickerson’s research was included in an article, “6 Ways Your Company Can Adapt To An Aging Workforce” by Patrick Ball, associate editor of Ball discusses six factors for success in today’s workplace. He writes about the significance of key data from
Nickerson, such as age neutrality to mentoring programs. Some key points from his article are:

1. Employers must create a respectful environment for workers of all ages. This is essential to a productive work cycle that is committed to success in terms of employee satisfaction and revenue growth.

2. Taking advantage of older employees experience and expertise is a must. Viewing older employees as a burden is extremely detrimental to the work environment. Companies should implement mentoring programs in which younger employees learn to appreciate what older employees have to offer. Again, this tactic is essential in creating a strong, productive work environment.

“Today’s current workforce really needs to adapt to new challenges affecting businesses in all industries,” Nickerson said. “My position on the relationship between young workers and older employees must be used for revenue growth and in creating a team environment. Without this, companies simply won’t be as competitive.

In his first book, Nickerson chronicled the devastating changes to the US employment sector in the wake of the Great Recession. Add greater human longevity to the mix and you have an economy that can't or won't accept the new employees, while it continues to honor earlier retirement promises.

About Cash Nickerson

As discussed above, Cash Nickerson has more than 25 years of experience as a CEO, attorney and writer. Currently, he is the president and CEO of Dallas-based PDS Tech, the fourth largest engineering and information technology staffing firm in the United States with revenues of $440 million. Additionally, he has worked in various capacities for Union Pacific Railroad. Nickerson holds a JD and MBA from Washington University in Saint Louis, Missouri. During his days in law school, he received a U.S. Steel scholarship. For additional info on Nickerson and his writings, visit:


San Jose, Calif. — It’s exciting, respected, a bit controversial yet fun. That’s right, it’s Drummies time! Comprised of more than 40 categories, Enter Music Publishing’s annual awards/poll officially opens March 10 in the artist and gear categories. Drummers and drumming fans can cast their votes at

Great Expectations: Diverse Drum Categories

Like last year, Enter Music Publishing expects very strong voting returns. In 2011 approximately 7,300 drummers participated in the Drummies, which comprise 42 categories, from “Best Drummer” to “Most Popular Cymbal.” “This year’s Drummies are probably going to be the biggest yet,” noted Andy Doerschuk, editorial director and co-founder of Enter Music Publishing. “As with last year, we have such diverse drumming categories like jazz, hip-hop, blues, rock, pop, and others for drum set and hand percussion."

“The Drummies is the coolest event each year because it honors outstanding artists,” said Phil Hood, publisher and co-founder of Enter Music Publishing. “Last year’s voting was a big success and this year promises to be even bigger.”

Key Percussive Points
To clarify for Drummies newcomers, there are certain rules that relate to voting. Enter Music Publishing likes to make the voting process fun and be thorough about all issues related to the voting process such as:
1. You can only vote once.
2. Voting is open to any drummer — you don’t have to be a subscriber to the magazine or work in the industry.
3. You don’t have to vote in all categories.
4. Drummers who have won five or more times in a single category aren’t eligible to win in that category again. But they can win another category.

The drummers who have won five or more times and been inducted into the Drummies Hall Of Fame include: Travis Barker (punk), Neil Peart (drummer of the year), ?uestlove (hip-hop), Chad Smith (funk), Josh Freese (studio), Luis Conte (studio percussion), Airto (Jazz percussion), Giovanni Hidalgo (Latin percussion), Joey Jordison (metal), Dave Weckl (jazz/fusion), and Carter Beauford (jam band).

Drummer Of The Year: Mike Portnoy Pounds To Victory In 2011
Obviously, the Drummer Of The Year category is one of the most intense. However, Mike Portnoy took top drummer in a landslide victory. “Portnoy proved his significance with authority at the polls,” said Phil Hood, publisher and co-founder of Enter Music Publishing. “It will be very interesting to see what happens and if he can be a repeat winner in this prestigious category.”

Who will be “Best Drummer” in 2012? Get down with the Drummies and go vote. Of course, Enter Music Publishing appreciates your participation.

Will Stanton Moore Strut As Best Funk Drummer a Second-Line Time?
Stanton Moore has two qualities that make him successful where other New Orleans drummers may not. In addition to his music education, he also has a business degree. Let's face it: Stanton can strut with the best. He won “Best Funk Drummer” last year and is featured on the April 2012 cover of DRUM! Look for it on newsstands beginning next week.

About Enter Music Publishing

Founded in San Jose, CA in 1992, Enter Music Publishing, Inc. is a leading publisher of informative and entertaining drum and music-related media, with distribution in 40 countries. DRUM! Magazine is the company’s flagship publication and continues to set the industry standard for editorial quality and innovation. Enter Music Publishing, Inc. also publishes, a leading drum-related Web site. The company’s mission is to be the best source of drumming news and information in the world.


This post is special for the fact that it discusses the 20th Anniversary of DRUM! Magazine and an interesting deja vu....

Read on to learn more...

San Jose, Calif., -- Anniversaries can often bring reflection. And, Enter Music Publishing, publishers of hip, drum/percussion magazines, worldwide and online, is no exception as it celebrates 20 years of publishing DRUM!. Two issues ago, the magazine had Chad Smith on the cover, discussing new Peppers percussion. Indeed, appropriate since Smith has been on the cover of DRUM! more than any other drummer.

So, it’s quite apropos, that its October issue features Anthrax drummer, Charlie Benante, since it was 20 years ago last month that he appeared on the first cover of DRUM!. At that time, the magazine was a free tabloid with a circulation mainly in Northern California. Benante, on the other hand, had already made a name for himself with his eight years of blast beats that had propelled Anthrax to the forefront of the rock/metal music scene during the late eighties and early nineties.

Indeed, Benante was and remains very well respected for his drumming, guitar playing, and song-writing abilities. And, as noted in the “Epilogue” (20 Year Thrashback Charlie Benante and DRUM!) to the story on page 104 of the current issue, Benante reveals that his fame, then and now, had not made him a snobby rock star since he shared the first cover with Joe Franco. In fact, “He (Benante) seemed thrilled to be in the same room with Franco, one of his idols,” back in 1999.

DRUM! And Drummer Roll On
As further discussed in “Thrashback,” the success of DRUM! and that of Benante, have intriguing similarities. Benante continues to evolve and influence drummers all over the world with those original blast beats and double bass and DRUM! is now a color newsstand magazine with a worldwide readership. Thus, having Benante featured on the cover of DRUM! simply makes sense because Anthrax has shattered an eight-year hiatus with the release of its 10th album, Worship Music. And Benante is in rare form in term of all his artistic output and also discusses some of the challenges related to the group.

So the syncopated story goes…

Benante, during his candid interview with DRUM! assistant editor, Andrew Lentz, gives the reader a complete insight regarding what Benanate and crew had been up to since the 2004 release, We’ve Come For You All?. Over that period, the group experienced a series of ups and downs, based on each player’s interests. Benanate had let his passion for the fret board loose, which resulted in new material that he explored with guitarists Scott Ian and Rob Bello as well as bassist Frank Bello. However, after a brief, successful reunion in 2006, Joey Belladonna, vocalist and a solid drummer as well, announced that he would not take part on the album of material led by Benanate.

During this time, the vocal seat was a revolving door with vocalist John Bush coming and going twice. As Benante explains, “At first, there was a honeymoon period and then it ‘the honeymoon’ was gone.”

Benante: Breath-taking Blasts With Ease
Interestingly enough, Belladonna’s return to work with Benanate on a solo project resulted in a new, fresh perspective for Anthrax in 2010. Rather than pursue the solo project, Benante explains, the material was a better fit for Anthrax even though Belladonna had been absent from the vocal position for almost 18 years.

As Lentz explains, the material that became Worship Music really demonstrated past success with new ideas, especially in the drum parts. Benante, well known for his speed and agility, embraced more straight-ahead rock. He had learned new strategies for playing fast without knocking himself out A good example is the tune, “Judas Priest,” described as a real “ankle breaker.” Describing his approach, Benante said:

“Let’s say on some shows I don’t feel like playing it as fast as I would alternating feet so on my right kick, I’ll do two hits and then on the left kick, I’ll do one … It sounds like you’re doing singles. And then sometimes, I’ll do two on the right and two on the left.”

DRUM!, Magazine, first, cover, Charlie Benante, Anthrax

In the August issue of DRUM! Magazine, Chad Smith is the cover story and he talks about new Peppers percussion and much more. It's quite a compelling read.

Here's the deal

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Let's face it. Music education in our highschools has been on the demise for some time now, which to me is a tragedy. That's why this post is so cool because Enter Music Publishing has made a strong commitment to assisting San Jose highschools, like Lincoln throughn its upcoming DRUM! Night.Read on to learn more about this very cool event.

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If you're really looking for a cool instructional drumming series, Spencer Strand's Volume 10 is amazing. Read on to learn more.

Nashville, -- There’s no doubt that Spencer Strand knows the groove. A well-respected drummer, publisher of instructional materials and product specialist, Strand really has an understanding of how to teach and live deep pocket playing. So, it’s no surprise that his current release, The Test Of Time Volume 10 of Turn It Up & Lay It Down, demonstrates his further commitment to providing drummers with a great learning experience, which is fun and challenging

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If you're a fan of Travis Barker, then this post may be of interest to you.

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Well, it's that time of year that many drummers get curious about what will happen in Enter Music Publishing's Annual Drummies. The 16th Annual Drummies recently open for voting.

Here's the Deal

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William Burroughs-Influenced Artist

January 9th 2011 19:53

As you know I cover everything beat in regard to drums. I'm making a bit of an exception in regard to beat art, such as the writing and artistry of the beat generation

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Well, DRUM! Magazine's Drummies continue to make headlines. The following post discusses this year's winners and how they will be inducted into the Drummies Hall Of Fame....

The following news was culled from a release that I wrote and published by, the CNN of Hard Rock. A great site indeed

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