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An Olympian with Dignity, Style & Grace

November 22nd 2010 01:19
Sadly for the world Anne has three brothers, because of the four children of Queen Elizabeth she is the one most suited to be the sovereign. She is the one sent to state funerals in place of the Queen (not Charles). She is involved with over 200 charities and last year attended 600 functions. She has been the President of Save the Children for as long as I can remember. However, my favorite tidbit is that in 1976 she was the first royal to ever be on an Olympic Team.

Here is a link to her Wikipedia page. The Princess Royal


Lucian Frued's painting of Sue Tilley that is titled "Benefits Supervisor Sleeping" sold to Roman Abramovich for 33.6 million dollars in May of 2008 at Christie's in New York. It is the highest amount ever paid for a painting by a living artist.

Lucian was born in Germany on December 8, 1922 and his family escaped the Nazi's and moved to England in 1933. He is the grandson of Sigmund Frued. He has painted for over 60 years and his subjects are his family and friends. He has been acclaimed as the most important artist of our time. I hope you will look at his paintings and find them as intriguing as I do.

Lucian Freud Retrospective at Centre Pompidou Paris from VernissageTV on Vimeo.


Cinematic Magician

November 7th 2010 15:35
I was in South Hampton, New York yesterday and who do I see walking down S. Main Street, but none other then Steven Spieberg. It got me thinking of all the wonderful movie and TV memories he has given us. He has been the movie mogul of my time, and I hope you enjoy this montage of his work.

He is definitely an old soul......enjoy.


King of Halloween

October 31st 2010 18:01
This one speaks for itself. Happy Halloween


Tony Curtis - I'm Spartacus!

October 3rd 2010 21:25
Born in the Bronx in 1925, Bernard Schwartz, grew to become an American heart throb. I am very upset by the news of his death today. Some Like It Hot is # 1 of all time favorite American comedies. After his acting career waned he took to writing and painting.

RIP Tony

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Symphony of Science

September 26th 2010 13:26
Today I will feature Stephen Hawking a famous scientist whose principal areas of study are theoretical cosmology and quantum gravity. He is also the only person ever to outlive the the lifespan of his diagnosed illness which is ALS. I say that because he has had ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) for 45 years and the prognosis is usually ten years plus or minus. Odd isn't it?

Here is Professor Hawking's official website for anyone who wishes to get in contact or to learn more. Official Stephen Hawking Website
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Life is Life - DJ Otzi

September 19th 2010 14:34
DJ Otzi is a man who has conquered so much in his very young life. He suffers from epilepsy, and has fought a battle with cancer. As a child he was raised in a foster home. These things may have hardened some lesser souls, but DJ comes at you with a kind of exuberance that is infectious and that just might be his gift to mankind.

It is almost impossible to listen to this video and not be moved to the point of wanting to dance in front of your computer by the time he gets to “I Will Survive

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Noble Prize Nominee - Bono

September 12th 2010 19:52
Bono has been nominated for the Noble Peace Prize, was granted an honorary knighthood by Queen Elizabeth II, and was a TIME magazine Person of the Year in 2005.

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The Fifth Beatle

September 5th 2010 02:26
September 2nd would have been Billy Preston's 64th birthday. He died unfortunately way before his time on June 6, 2006 at 59.

Billy was a child prodigy, and probably the best Hammond organ player of our time. He was the only person ever given equal billing as a Beatle. He was asked to officially be a Beatle, but Paul thought there was enough problems with just the four. He was listed as "The Beatles with Billy Preston," not as a session musician. Tony Sheriden claimed to be the fifth Beatle, but Billy Preston was The Fifth Beatle

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Leonard Cohen - Prophet?

August 29th 2010 16:14
Leonard Cohen will be my first of what hopefully will be a weekly blog spot highlighting an old soul. I'm hoping to spot light a new old soul each Sunday. Some, like Mr. Cohen however, may be repeatedly highlighted. I'd love to hear from some others, and who they think should be highlighted as an old soul. The person can be from any genre or walk of life.

I've always considered Leonard Cohen very prophetic. He is definitely an old soul. I linked to a version with the lyrics scrolling by so you can get a real feel for the message. Any fans of his on here

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