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Comment by Nicasio Martinez
on Good Monday Morning

March 5th 2012 19:40
Thanks for sharing and the words of encouragement. It is Tuesday here in the Philippines where I've retired to. For my height and build, ideally I'd like to lose 15 lbs. Three things will always give your body extra fat to store and that is soft drinks loaded in sugars and sweeteners that truly harm our health. And yes I need to cut down on the beers.

The extra food intake and for me it is my wife who encourages me to take a sandwich with her after eating a bowl of oatmeal each morning. Sometimes I resist but she gets me back into the routine soon enough.

And yes, I won't even take a 30 minute walk every other day, or three times a week.

Ok, it is Tuesday here, 3:35 AM. After my oatmeal I'm going to take a 30/min fast pace walk. No beer or soda today. Just cut the size portion she insists on serving me at noon and in the evening. I will give this a day by day goal and let you know how it is going. I know it will work and it has worked before.

I know the evils of soft drinks and any bottle drink and juices, they are diet killers not to mention what they do over the long haul to your body....... so thanks for posting this.....

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Maybe the numbers of movie goers has declined since the Internet. In spite of the cost, nothing can replace the movie screen and the smell of popcorn.

It may be like what email is doing to the postal service. I'd hate to see either one bite the dust. But $10.50 is a long way from $.10 we use to pay.

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My four month old puppy doesn't even want his paws in the water when we bathe him. Pouring water over him is ok. Maybe he is still just a pup afraid of new things....

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Comment by Nicasio Martinez
on 9/11 - It Wasn't the First Time

March 4th 2012 14:08
A news flashback of the first ordeal...

I was age seven and living in NYC at the time. Not knowing the pilots flight path if the tower instructions to land at La Guardia had been followed, he would have avoided the skyscrapers entirely.

The building I grew up in, in the Bronx, was situated in the middle of one of the landing pathways of planes heading to the airport. They were usually so low we thought they would rip our kites out of the sky.

Standing on the five story apartment building's rooftop, I remember when Pan-Am Lockheed Constellation, three tail fin, four engine intercontinental planes would be on the last approach, which guided them over the bay, no obstructions, just water until they touch down.

Thanks for posting this bit of history from my neck of the woods....

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Comment by Nicasio Martinez
on Moive Love Song Playlist

March 3rd 2012 21:05
Great listing. Many of my favorites are included... thanks for posting...

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Comment by Nicasio Martinez
on Youngstown: I love this song

March 3rd 2012 10:44
Great article. Excellent flashback to what was and what it became-- ghost cities in all to many cases.

Here is a youtube link for the Youngstown song performed in Youngstown....


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Another good posting...

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Well put!

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Comment by Nicasio Martinez
on love gives kids a head start

March 1st 2012 19:52
Thanks for the intro... great piece of info...

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Comment by Nicasio Martinez
on The World Is Hungry

February 28th 2012 18:45
The world is waiting; for what?

Simply this...

Acts 2:42-47
Philippians 2:1-4

Do you know of such activity in the church today?

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