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NBA: Team Grades Thus Far

December 8th 2012 21:36
Atlanta Hawks (11-5) B
Seemingly overachieving at this point. Who would have thought this team would be playing this well without Joe Johnson? They are solid on defense and solid on offense. Pretty much seem like a solid playoff team as of now.
Boston Celtics (10-9) C-
Thought to have one of the deepest teams in the league, these Celtics arent playing up to par. With this team getting younger, it is amazing how old they look.
Brooklyn Nets (11-7) C
Off to a great start and are now in a small rut. Still, this team was thought to be among the elite in the east. As of now, there is no indication of that.
Charlotte Bobcats (7-11) C
Thought to be one of the leagues worst teams. Although they are limited in personnel, this team has been in nearly every game they have players (except a couple ugly blowouts). 7-11 is quite impressive for them.
Chicago Bulls (10-8) C
I understand they dont have D-Rose. But even without him, this team should be much better at this point. If they keep playing like this, the Bulls will be a lottery team by the time Rose gets back.
Cleveland Cavaliers (4-16) D
Not suppose to be great but C'mon. The Cavs have too much talent to be this bad. Although Kyrie is injured, this team was playing poorly well before his injury. And with Varejao having a career start there is no excuse for this pitiful record.
Dallas Mavericks (9-10) D
Much of their struggles are attributed to the absence of their best player, Dirk. However, they are getting clobbered by horrible teams and just cant seem to get this new group on track.
Denver Nuggets (10-10) D
No excuses here. They have a superior roster this year compared to last year and they still cant find their niche. As of now, McGee isnt earning all that money Denver threw at him in the offseason.
Detroit Pistons (6-15) D
Much of the disappointment here is that many experts (not me) had this team contending for a playoff spot. A mere 21 games in and this team already seems gone.
Golden State Warriors (12-7) B
Playing much better than expected. With this team playing this well, just imagine them when Bogut is back at 100%. However, it is early in the season. This team has plenty of time to flop.
Houston Rockets (9-9) B-
At .500 this team is largely superseding all expectations. Although Jeremy Lin has been a disappointment, James Harden has been fantastic. This team could seriously sneak a playoff spot.
Indiana Pacers (10-10) C-
Just awful. Roy Hibbert has been a massive disappointment and the Pacers are nowhere near where we expected them. It is a long season and Granger is still out, but im not really seeing this team in a top 4 spot (as predicted).
Los Angeles Clippers (12-6) B
Playing good, but we still expect more. With arguably the deepest team in the league, this team should be a few wins better. Furthermore, how can they beat the Spurs twice and then lose to the Hornets?
Los Angeles Lakers (9-11) D
So much for anyone who had this team besting the Bulls 72-10 record. Although Nash is still out, this team just is not meshing well. With their bench giving them nothing, an inconsistent offense, and Dwight Howard's free throw woes costing them games, the Lakers look to be in for a long season.
Memphis Grizzlies (14-3) A
Playing well and taking names. Who would have thought their bench would be better post-OJ Mayo? With Randolph and Gasol gobbling up every rebound, this team looks elite.....for now.
Miami Heat (12-5) B
A couple questionable losses. However, this team has been efficient for the most part. Ray Allen has ALREADY knocked down a couple clutch shots. Cant wait for playoff time.
Milwaukee Bucks (9-9) C
Should be a playoff team, so far playing like a lotto team. Ellis and Jennings have both been disappointing thus far. With their lack of consistency combined with Ersan Ilyasova taking a step back, there is really no bright side here.
Minnesota Timberwolves (9-9) C-
Roy has been a non-factor and Kirilenko has been only ok. With the rest of the west doing so poorly, this team still has a decent shot at a playoff spot. If they fall short, kiss Kevin Love goodbye.
New Orleans Hornets (5-13) D-
Falling way short of expectations. Davis has been so-so, Gordon has been OK, and Lopez has been better than expected. Dont expect this team to be a playoff threat though.
New York Knicks (14-4) A
Playing like contenders. Their defense has been solid and their bench production has been relentless. Beat the Heat twice already and all this without Amar'e. Things are looking up in NYC.
Oklahoma City Thunder (16-4) A
Playing extremely well considering they lost Harden. With Kevin Martin putting up big numbers from the bench, this team has not skipped a beat. Look for them to make the conference finals at least.
Orlando Magic (7-11) B-
Playing way better than the last place team they were thought to be. Davis is playing like an all-star while Afflalo is already having a career year. Dont look for these guys in the playoffs but dont look for them to be bottom feeders either.
Philadelphia 76ers (11-8) C
Actually playing up to par thus far. We still havent seen any of Bynum but Richardson has fit in quite well while Jrue Holiday is continuing to improve. Even without Bynum look for this team to make the playoffs
Phoenix Suns (7-13) C-
Playing surprisingly ok so far. Thought to be one of the worst of the worst, this team is surprisingly exceeding expectations despite their 7-13 record. Still very young, this team needs to focus on the future rather than the present.
Portland Trailblazers (8-11) D
As always, a huge disappointment. Even with Damien Lillard playing lights out, this team just isnt very good.
Sacramento Kings (5-12) C-
Not playing too poorly, but still second worst in the west as of now. Cousins is off to a great start while Tyreke Evans has been slumping. Dont expect this team to turn any heads this year.
San Antonio Spurs (16-4) A
Picking up right where they left off last season (before the 4 game losing streak to OKC). Parker is having another MVP season while Duncan is still playing like he is in his 20's. Gotta believe this team is a contender.
Toronto Raptors (4-16) D
Another playoff hopeful in the eyes of many (not me). Lowry is playing well but the rest of this team isnt. Maybe the addition of Mickael Pietrus will help Toronto's cause as the season goes on.
Utah Jazz (11-10) C-
Not too bad so far. However, with key players Al Jefferson and Mo Williams playing lights out thus far, they should be better off than they are.
Washington Wizards (2-14) D-
So much for anyone who had this team making the playoffs, Although Wall has been out, it is the Wizards improved supporting cast that everyone was excited about. Only 16 games in and its time to call their season.


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