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My Reflection of the Film: “Sa Kambas ng Lipunan”

March 11th 2010 16:07
The movie entails about the life of the young ones who suffer from national crises. It all starts with the narration of the Painter about life of the children, as the character of his master piece of the Last Supper painting. The children in the painting have different stories in life. They are being abused and used for survival, who suffers from irresponsible parents, and putting their life into risk in order to feed their self. At the same time the painter tries to convey to the viewers on how to be sensitive to the children who are not worth of the life they have today. He tries to express that we are not blind of not seeing the environment of poverty.
At present I know that poverty everywhere really existing, and who suffer from it are the young ones. I’ve experience the situation where in I’m kind of stupid to be hesitated to express my pity for those who are asking for money, to sustain their needs. I’m kind of inconsiderate of what they are begging. It’s just that I am thinking of myself but not about the situation they have now, being less fortunate of the society.
I have also experience a situation where in I’m kind of judgmental person. I judge them to be bad and do bad things if they will approach you. I feel afraid of them; I think that they will take my cell phone, bag, my money in my pocket, or any thing when I am walking on the street.
At the same time I’ve experience were I am taking my lunch break, I saw children who are facing in front of me begging for the food I ‘m eating. And what a damn thing I do to them, I surely eat my food until the chicken is flesh-less and leave the plate with a bone of the chicken, without thinking that there is a young individual that will get it and eat it just to feed there hungriness.
Even at home, I am so choosy in the food at the table. I will not eat if I do not like the viand that is being served on the table. But don’t mind that I’m lucky enough that there is a blessing, a food that nourished me to survive in this world. Maybe I’m just thinking about my hungriness, but not for them who are hungrier.
I realize after watching the movie, a flash back of what I did to the hungry individual, that I am really bad person, self-centered and damn. I think that I am a person without morality, feel enriching, and annoying; and pretending to be blind about the things that need my help. I am not worth to live in this place if what I think is just the world and me. I am so sorry for that. What I did is really a big sin to the society, to the world and to God.
I should do even just a little thing, or the things that I really can for the welfare of those in need. I should struggle a lot rather than them because they are not obliged to do so. It is not there responsibility to travel from one place to another just to seek for money.
I am educated enough, my range of thinking is good enough, and I already know how to start things move but don’t know how to move for those who do not experience what I do. I am aware about many things about poverty, I feel lose for them but just stop there, no action is being implemented.
We are not here in this world just to understand for the things that must be understood, but to act what we really can.
I suggest that we as a human who live with better nourishment should give even just a little time for them, by earning money, and maybe someday we can build a better living for them. We should share wholeheartedly, not just in terms of costly things but also in terms of caring and loving, as how God loves us and all of us.

“Awareness is useless without action.”
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Comment by Anonymous

March 11th 2010 16:48
yah ur too i do same to them....i thnk i am so vad...tnx for this...i realize and learn something...

Comment by Anonymous

November 23rd 2011 02:57
dis is really a nice blog.... i see how should human act as a real human...tnx for this... dis serves as inspiration not just to

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