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"Our thoughts are precious. They are our very own property and can't be taken from us." - P.K. Shaw

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Yes it's true I'm a 50's/60's/70s tragic - that longs for the romance of yesterday but regails in the thought of an exciting tomorrow. A firm believer that everyone in this world puts their trousers on 'one leg at a time' - we'd all be better off if there was a little more humour, understanding and respect for one another.


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70s Supergroups

November 25th 2014 00:56
The Eagles, ELO, Supergroups, 70s
The ‘Supergroups’ of the 70’s - just who were the best, what legacy’s did they leave their fans – and what did their music mean to you?

Try to encapsulate a formal Top 10 and you leave yourself wide open for comment, criticism and perhaps a little egg on your face.

Sure you can base your results on sales, hits or longevity – but hey – sometimes you’ve just got to go with your gut on this kind of thing and play favourites.

So in no real order let’s take a look at 10 of the best.

1. The Eagles
2. Boston
3. Queen
4. ELO
6. Pink Floyd
7. Led Zepplin
8. The Who
9. Abba
10. Fleetwood Mac

As for their best albums – well now you’re getting yourself into even deeper water – and yes – I’m expecting a little shouting from the rooftops on these as well.

1. Hotel California
2. Boston
3. Night at The Opera
4. Discovery
5. Alive
6. Dark Side of the Moon
7. Led Zepplin 3
8. Quadrophenia
9. Arrival
10. Rumours

OK – so I’ve left out your Steely Dans, Supertramps, Credence’s, AC/DC’s, Doobies, Status Quo’s and some of the more edgy stuff like the Ramones and Black Sabbath – but sometimes you’ve just got to draw a line in the sand.

Ladies and gentlemen - feel free to fire at will . . .


The High School Formal

November 10th 2014 23:52
It's that time of year again - when 'old school' becomes fashionable again (for one night at least) when long flowing gowns, heels, suits and ties replace daisy duke cut-off's, and well worn jeans.

The high school formal (or prom - as I've noticed is now starting to come into vogue) is a right of passage that we all either look back with on fondness or a degree of angst.

Back in the day of course - it meant wide lapels, powder blue, black or brown suits and ruffle fronted shirts for the beau's and 'chiffony' lemon, apricot or floral strappy numbers with heels and a clutch for the girls.

For most, it was the first time anything even resembling formal attire was pulled from the rack let alone the adult persona which went with such finery.

It was (and probably still is) about being all 'grown up' - about making sure you hold yourself well in the public eye and frankly (while draining) it just made you feel good.

Romantic notions of my first formal still occasionally flood back when I see kids posing for photographs in local parks or a posse of youngsters strutting their stuff on someone's lawn regailing in their special evening.

Yep - in the words of Meatloaf - it was long ago and far away - but the (no doubt tainted) memories of a 16 year old wearing a white suit with red pinstripes that he borrowed from a friend to escort his date for the night way back when still lingers long.

As the last of my children prepares themselves this week for just such an finale to their school years - I hope they take with them the joy of it all.

What Makes A Classic?

November 10th 2014 03:01
What exactly is a classic song (or for that matter) album?

Generationally speaking, you'll be bombarded by claims and counter-claims that certain era's have a birthright to the 'classic' - yet this is a little like espousing that religion should be taught in schools - meaning that the claimant usually means their religion - and not all religion.

In essence, I generalise by saying that a "classic" song or album needs to be not only remembered, enjoyed and recognized by the current or original generation of music fans who were around when the song/album was released, but the song/album needs to be remembered, enjoyed, and recognized by subsequent generations as well.

There have been plenty of big hit singles/albums who may have had an impact on the pop charts the year that they were released, but are virtually forgotten years later. On the other hand, there are other songs which may not have had as big of an impact the year that they were released, but have had a much bigger cultural impact in subsequent years and have much more longevity.

It is the long term recognition that makes the song/album a "classic".

If pressed, I guess you could argue that a classic really does have to meet three criteria

1) The quality of the material must have withstood or is almost certain to withstand the test of time, or, if not considered quality, the sound must represent and have influenced a big movement in the music industry.

(2) The album must have been critically acclaimed or must have gained critical acclaim over the years (same exception as above)

(3) Overall, the album must be representative of an important and distinctive period in the artist's musical history.

I've listened to alot of music and alot of albums over a long period of time and while naturally we all probably have a penchant for the music we grew up with - it's beauty rests in its diversity.

Afterall whose to say that "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" or "Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Sweet Home Alabama" is any more a classic than Black Sabbath's "Paranoid".

Yes, the classic is (at best) a vague notion in the minds and hearts of music fans.


One Hit Wonders of the 70s

September 15th 2014 23:14
70s Pop
She performed under the name of Judie Tzuke, was born in London to an English mother and a father of Polish extract - but more importantly is one of the more obscure ‘One Hit Wonders’ to have breezed through the charts in the late 70s.

Judie Myers was educated in the visual and performing arts, and was a regular on the folk club circuit from the age of 15

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Things I've Learnt From The Muppets

September 15th 2014 05:29
The Muppets have long claimed a special place in the hearts of not only kids – but kids at heart.

While they may have started out as bit players looking to impart basic ABC’s and 1, 2, 3’s to youngsters – somewhere along the way they proved they were more than just entertainers – but pretty damned good life teachers as well

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The 70s

September 12th 2014 03:19
Google, 70s, Gen X, Toys
I had reason to squirm the other day, when I found myself in that place between uncomfortable reality and nostalgic recall.

If I'd ever had reason to doubt Stephen Hawking and his theories on time and space warping - it was dispelled in the blink of an eye

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Lay Back and Think of England . . .

August 31st 2014 23:23
Soft Rock, 70s, America, Pop Culture
One, was the younger brother of soft rock duo Seals and and Crofts – the other intentionally misspelled his name for ease of pronounciation.

England Dan and John Ford Coley will hardly go down as household names in the world of soft rock – yet surprisingly still managed four No.1’s on the US charts over the space of just two years

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10 Reasons To Love ELO

August 3rd 2014 10:22
ELO, Band, Music, Free Downloads
When Jeff Lynne joined the band the Move in 1970, it was with the condition that the group blend their basic rock moves with classical music.

To the 'great contemporary unwashed' of the time, the concept was as novel as it was outrageous yet after recording just two more albums with the group, both Lynne and Move front man Ron Wood took the leap of faith and formed The Electric Light Orchestra

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Great 'shags' of our time

June 3rd 2014 04:37
We both loved and loathed.

They inspired stylists and wig makers alike – but just who should lay claim to having the most famous TV trusses of all time

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The Beatles Animated Series

April 8th 2014 06:20
the Beatles. Fab four, pop culture
As a kid, I had alot of early television memories. Fury, Ruff n Ready, The Many Loves of Dobie Gillies and My Three Sons among them.

Perhaps it was the cheap babysitting ideal the timber veneer His Masters Voice set represented - who knows - but as a three year old plainly televsion resonated

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Comment by Mr Nice Guy
on Bathing in Beer

September 15th 2014 05:44
Conjecture really . . . probably depends on whether you're bathing in low-carb or full strength

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Comment by Mr Nice Guy
on The teen brain revisited

September 15th 2014 05:40
No amount of science will ever decipher the teen brain - it's hard wired to be unpredictable. Oh how I long for my youth some days . . .

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Comment by Mr Nice Guy
on Who should play the next James Bond?

September 15th 2014 05:35
OK - my list of replacements from the top;

Ewan McGregor
Joshua Jackson
Jon Hann

and at a pinch

Clive Owen

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Comment by Mr Nice Guy
on Perry Mason Movie Collection Vol. 3

September 15th 2014 00:37
Was fortunate or unfortunate enough to meet Raymond Burr whilst on a family holiday many years ago. Even as a kid was a massive fan of both Ironside and Perry Mason - and was horribly disillusioned by his naysayer attitude toward a young admirer. Still - both series resonate with me in spite of it.

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Comment by Mr Nice Guy
on Images of the 70s

December 15th 2013 23:10
Nice one James!

Good taste never goes out of fashion - we all know that.

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Comment by Mr Nice Guy
on Peabody and Sherman

August 9th 2013 03:44
Just like the Hanker tribe of indigineous Americans right? What? Surely you've heard of the Hankers? Their leader is known throughout the civilised world . . . and put his name to the cloth he so famously carried with him at all times . . .

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Comment by Mr Nice Guy
on HELLO WORLD...UFO anyone?

July 18th 2013 06:44
Beware the drone Foggy . . . it walks among us disguised as someone or something that cares about the network - do do do do . . .

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Yep - waiting for that elusive next cheque to find it's way into my account too - not holding my breath. One extra click coming your way though to help get you there.

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“Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore.”

Do, or do not. There is no "try".

Stay close my friend!

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