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"Our thoughts are precious. They are our very own property and can't be taken from us." - P.K. Shaw

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Yes it's true I'm a 50's/60's/70s tragic - that longs for the romance of yesterday but regails in the thought of an exciting tomorrow. A firm believer that everyone in this world puts their trousers on 'one leg at a time' - we'd all be better off if there was a little more humour, understanding and respect for one another.


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The Beatles Animated Series

April 8th 2014 06:20
the Beatles. Fab four, pop culture
As a kid, I had alot of early television memories. Fury, Ruff n Ready, The Many Loves of Dobie Gillies and My Three Sons among them.

Perhaps it was the cheap babysitting ideal the timber veneer His Masters Voice set represented - who knows - but as a three year old plainly televsion resonated.

Besides colour (which televsion WASN'T back in 60s Australia) - music would be a good reason to attract and keep the attention of a three year old - and The Beatles animated series featuring the fanciful and musical misadventures of the popular English band filled that niche.

Each episode had a name of a Beatles song, featured an animated story based on that song's lyrics and also played at some time during its screening.

The series was a historical milestone as well, being the first weekly television series to feature animated versions of real, living people. In addition, there were also sing along sequences.

For the trivia buffs, John, Paul, George and Ringo had nothing to do with the series' production beyond the use of their music with actors Paul Frees and Lance Percival doing the voice over work of the Fab Four.

Kicking off with the very first episode entitled A Hard Day's Night and I Want to Hold Your Hand where The Beatles are in Transylvania rehearsing in a haunted house with "monstrous" visitors through to the final episode 'Wait I'm Only Sleeping' where a mythical The Prince of Krapotkin's girlfriend is in grave danger and The Beatles help to save her by playing Penny Lane and Elanor Rigby to put a mythical dragon to sleep . . . the story lines just got better as the series unfolded- but for four years the series did just that - and had a legion of fans.

Did it matter to a young MNG in shorts and a smile? Not in the least.

That it outlasted many other sitcoms also speaks volumes about the offering back in the day.

The series was syndicated worldwide on television after the original series ended in 1969.

Pretty In Pink

April 4th 2014 04:48
Pretty In pink, Ringwald, Movies, Famous, Hits, 80s, popculture
It’s been the 80s all over again at my place the past couple of weeks, with a never ending series of re-runs featuring ‘classic’ big hair, shoulder pads and dance moves.

The latest instalment was a screening last night of the quintessential high school saga – Pretty in Pink.

Starring the quirky but dorkably delectable Molly Ringwald as working class girl Andie Walsh and ‘15 minute of famer’ Andrew McCarthy as the ‘preppy’ Blane McDonough, it still rates with audiences and those of us who resonated with the times.

In short, Andie (Ringwald) lives on "the wrong side of the tracks" with her underemployed father, Jack.

Her best friend, Phil "Duckie" Dale (John Cryer from Two and Half Men) is in love with her, but plays it off as a joke in front of her. In school, he and Andie are harassed by new love interest Blane McDonough’s (McCarthy) friends, the arrogant rich kids, Benny (Kate Vernon) and Steff (James Spader).

It’s rich kid – poor kid – boy meets girl – together we overcome adversity – love conquers all. It’s formula movie making but the chemistry of the characters simply makes it work.

With John Hughes behind the screenplay, the film was actually turned into a novel just prior to its release (spoiler alert) however, the book was written before the last scene was changed, so it has the original ending, in which Andie picks Duckie over Blane.

The movie grossed over $40m in the US and banked over $6m on its opening weekend.

The soundtrack in spite of its aging new wave and punk heritage has aged well with multiple singles released on the back of its success by the likes of the Psychedelic Furs, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, Suzanne Vega, Joe Jackson and INXS.

The official album was even listed in the impressively titled yet dubiously concocted – “Top 20 Movie Soundtracks Compilations That'll Change Your Life".

It’s pop culture on a stick in anyone’s language.

It’s easy viewing, it’s fun without being too much of a stretch and for those of us with history and long ugly memories of what the 80s did to fashion then it’s a great walk (or electric slide) down memory lane.


Confession time – I remember only two things from my senior year formal – arriving and leaving.


OK – well I do have a vague recollection of one of the girls wearing a very stylish blue and black Victorian styled outfit, a brief reminiscence of a photo ‘cattle call’ and a photo or two my folks took of my date – but other than that I couldn’t tell you a single thing that went on that night.

Perhaps I was having an out of body experience – perhaps that initial glass of champagne was debilitating - perhaps I wasn’t there at all. I’m sure there’s some journal of record, even a photograph or two , but I can’t recall seeing too many of those either.

Personal testimony from friends will attest to me being there in both body and mind – they can relate stories about what we did – who did what and ‘who did who’ - but – just whose body and whose mind ‘Gestetnered’ me will forever be lost I suspect.

Funny thing is – I can recall almost unfailingly the music, people and events of my junior formal just two years earlier – and have the photo’s to justify the tales.

From what we ate through to what we danced to, from who was ‘going’ with whom – even the teaching staff in attendance and the weather on the night.

While it doesn’t quite rank up there with the Bermuda Triangle, birth of the universe or why Boy George ever found popularity – it remains one of the great mysteries of my life.

Why it should have been erased so quickly is any one’s notion – perhaps Freud has some kind of reasoning?

Yep – from the moment I rocked up in the impressive Chrysler Regal through to the time I dropped my partner home that night – I might just as well been somewhere else.

Now, don't get me wrong, the date I had on the evening was lovely. I remember picking her up, meeting her mum and even the conversation we had on the way to the venue - but the rest - well . . .

Is it was just a boy thing? Should I blame the hors d'oeuvres? Am I digging a big enough hole at this point?

Today of course, iphones, YouTube and social media will ensure the sins of the father are well documented.

On the one hand it would be great to know if I was a sinner – on the other I’d prefer to think I was a saint.

My pennance?

Ten Hail Mary's? An examination of conscience?

Maybe I should go straight to the confessional - where the directive not to pass Go - and not collect $200 would never be so warranted.

Nah - perhaps I should simply move onto more pressing problems like alien abductions . . . . Atlantis . . . out of body experiences.

* With apologies to those below who are about to be incriminated by association

Evidence that there was a Year 10 formal . . .

Further evidence of the 'said' Year 10 formal . . .

Ouch! Proof that style never goes out of fashion - MNG's get up for his Year 10 formal along with his date on the night.

In fact . . . evidence that I actually attended an after 'party' back in the day - but alas the senior formal itself is a mystery.


The 70s Compilation Album

March 25th 2014 19:56
Ripper, Hits, 70s, compilation
Most of us who grew up in Australia in the 70's would remember the K-Tel compilation albums that came out every couple of months or so.

Naturally they contained a smattering of hits to entice you to part with your $6.99 and just as many B-sides from artists who probably had better things to do on the day

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Dead or Alive?

March 24th 2014 18:44
TV, sitcoms, Dead, Alive, Famous, Stars, Hollywood, TV
Tina Louise from Gilligans Island
Remember those TV sitcom stars that will be forever young on celluloid?

Ever wonder who is still around to share the memories

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Those Were The Days My Friend . . .

March 23rd 2014 23:12
Disco, Hits, Worst, Best Of, Pop Music, Rock, Rolling Stones
It was the era of Donna Summer, ELO, Racey and KISS.

When names such as Patrick Hernandez, Cheap Trick, Blondie and Ami Stewart ruled, and The Cars, Leif Garrett, Earth, Wind and Fire, the Village People, the Bee Gees and 10CC were commonalities

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16 Again . . .

March 20th 2014 20:32
Couples, teens, love, romance, SMS
When you’re young, the whole ‘girlfriend’/’boyfriend’ thing is a little like prescription medicines, they come with an expiry date.

With kids of my own now - and all older than when I had my first pseudo serious girlfriend at school – I realise just how innocent we must have looked in spite of how mature and caught up in the moment we actually felt

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The 10 Worst Songs of the 70s

March 19th 2014 20:04
Disco, Hits, Worst, Best Of, Pop Music, Rock, Rolling Stones
Best and Worst Of lists are of course sufficiently good reason to start conversation around the barbecue or office tea room - so when Rolling Stone readers recently selected the Ten Worst Songs of the ’70s I couldn't help but cringe . . . just a little.

Admittedly, some are just culturally horrendous, but if you grew up on AM radio as a kid, you will probably find some of your childhood favourites made the list

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Number Two's?

March 18th 2014 22:03
Hits, Songs, Pop Culture, Music, Favorites
Number two’s . . .

No - not that that kind of number two! I’m talking those songs which came so perilously close to cracking 70’s charts both in Australia and overseas but never quite reached that glorious and rarefied summit

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Ouch - reality bit me - gently . . .

February 24th 2014 06:43
How much of a shock to the system was it over the weekend when I received a phone call which seriously made me realise just how old I really was.

Yes, it would seem that in spite of my earnest belief that I was still 17 at heart, not even the most ardent of cardiologists would be able to testify this had even the slightly ounce (or is that gram?) of substance to it

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Comment by Mr Nice Guy
on True Love Never Gets Old...

December 16th 2013 06:04
. . . .and sometimes (just sometimes) all things good deserve a stronger even brighter bloom - relationships which stand the test of time fall well and truly into that category.

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Comment by Mr Nice Guy
on Images of the 70s

December 15th 2013 23:10
Nice one James!

Good taste never goes out of fashion - we all know that.

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Comment by Mr Nice Guy
on Peabody and Sherman

August 9th 2013 03:44
Just like the Hanker tribe of indigineous Americans right? What? Surely you've heard of the Hankers? Their leader is known throughout the civilised world . . . and put his name to the cloth he so famously carried with him at all times . . .

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Comment by Mr Nice Guy
on HELLO WORLD...UFO anyone?

July 18th 2013 06:44
Beware the drone Foggy . . . it walks among us disguised as someone or something that cares about the network - do do do do . . .

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Yep - waiting for that elusive next cheque to find it's way into my account too - not holding my breath. One extra click coming your way though to help get you there.

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“Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore.”

Do, or do not. There is no "try".

Stay close my friend!

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Comment by Mr Nice Guy
on Will Orble fold before I get my next $150?

April 16th 2013 09:25
Hey Katyzzz

Yep - the days of doing a post a day are well and truly gone - and like everyone else - stand to lose out (not alot mind you - up somewhere around $40-odd at the moment) but still I'm sure Google will put all our nickles and dimes to good use.

Sad as it may be - it just doesn't make much cents (err sense) any more really.

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Comment by Mr Nice Guy
on It's settled--fish are oblivious to pain!

January 25th 2013 10:36
I'll contemplate that as I tuck into some Whiting tonight . . .

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Comment by Mr Nice Guy

October 30th 2012 04:37
A sad day indeed when one of the few remaining band of merry originals shuffles off the Orble coil. In spite of the darkness which surrounds Horrorphile, the cloak hides a genuinely good guy who not only knows his 'stuff'' but has talent to boot. I recall having a 'shandy or two' with the aforementioned John Doe and learnt first hand the admiration you have for each other's talents. Still, time to move to another crypt for even more tales . . .

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