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Will China Stop Stealing?

August 26th 2014 11:37
12/13/14 Rainbow Ring

It's not that hard to find people from mainland China who would not only admit that they did not pay full price for the Microsoft software they used back in China but who will go on to say that they feel fully justified because of the cost of Microsoft software.

Well now China is planning to release its own operating system software. I wonder if it will be stolen?


Kill Your Lawn to Save It

August 24th 2014 21:27

12-13-14 Rainbow Throw Pillow

Given the dry heat and lack of rain, nobody in the southwest should have a lawn anyway. And now some government will pay you to:

ate=20140824&id=17879299&g" target="_blank">Kill Your Lawn. Kill It!!!

Happiness Is A Dead Lawn



Fractal Fantasies

August 24th 2014 17:49


Crickets Taste Like Bacon

August 20th 2014 12:28

They Won't Take The Money

August 20th 2014 11:30

The other day, a large company sent me a payroll check. I have never worked for that company. I called the phone number on the check. I got sent into a phone tree. When I finally got to a human being he acted like a human phone tree. He asked me a whole lot of completely irrelevant questions before asking me what I wanted. When I finally got the chance to tell him what I wanted he told me two things

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ISIS Is Coming For You Next

August 20th 2014 00:53

Fight the Light

August 18th 2014 14:48
city at night

It's good to be safe at night and Lord knows a well lit city looks kind of pretty at night. But light at night is not good for astronomy and so there have been attempts to fight the light by redesigning light fixtures and such

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69% of All Statistics are Made Up

August 15th 2014 15:12

Dallas Cowboys: 3 and 13 Season?

August 12th 2014 12:05

Now that the only person playing defense on the Dallas Cowboys has been suspended for taking performance enhancing drugs and their star quarterback is one hit away from the end of his career, maybe it's time that the Cowboys join the Texas Rangers in the Lost Season column: Mail it in Boys

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Comment by Michael 2
on Damned Sky

August 24th 2014 21:04
I don't know that have a purpose. I just think they look interesting.

If I said they measure the phase inference in the loop back circuit, would it help?

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Comment by Michael 2
on free download ??????

August 24th 2014 15:55
There bait and switch and then there is the dope dealer that gives free samples...

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Comment by Michael 2
on Making a fortune?

August 21st 2014 16:09
Unless we are being lied to, the economic model which pays for user generated content appears to be increasingly non-viable.

Helium is going out of business. Squidoo is selling out to Hubpages. Firehow which used to give me a fair piece of change and decent traffic now does neither.

It would appear that the only user generated content people want to see is on places like Reddit and that site is filled with basement dwelling weirdos who are so immature that they consider cursing online to be a brave new world of the naughty. That and except for that mysterious gold giving thing, users are not getting paid on Reddit.

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Almost anything that results in the empowerment of women is a good thing especially in the middle east, but also, so it would appear, in this case as well.

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Comment by Michael 2
on Creative ways to Making Ends Meet

August 19th 2014 12:54
I haven't been in the situation in some time, can you sell your plasma where you live? I used to to do that.

Do you have a permanent address or a friend who will let you use their address? If so, get all the free food samples that you can. There are number of internet sites that give out free food samples.

I went to a phd dissertation for a friend. They gave me food, no questions asked..Basically anyone willing to sit through polysyllabic assertions about biological conundrums was fed.

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