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A man proof apartment?

November 15th 2006 04:33
A man proof apartment?

Any female worth her weight in Oprah re-runs knows that a pre-coital routine of tweezing, waxing, shaving, slathering, smoothing, covering and of course prayer (that it wont turn out like it did last time … is essential before those initial encounters with a potential special someone.

Some of us however, choose to take this ritual a little further. After all… a female’s bedroom is a window into her psyche.

I would prefer my date to remain blissfully unaware of my eraser collection (all different shapes and colours… I recently acquired one in a seahorse formation).

As a rule, approximately 10 minutes before the man in question is due to arrive I scurry around my bedroom examining all possible items that may cause offence or all too accurately portray my personality.

Gone are the women’s magazines. Goodbye New Idea, Cleo, Cosmo and yes… I’m ashamed to admit it… the odd Dolly Magazine (but only when Lindsey Lohan is on the cover).

Stashed away are mementos and nick-nacks from boyfriends past.

How to find the love you want and Dr Phil’s seven keys to weight loss are unceremoniously shoved underneath my bed. These are replaced by dusty pseudo-intellectual books with Latin titles.

Ladies… why the need to hide ourselves?

Will a date spy your Disney DVD collection and sprint from the door like Christopher Skase on the run from the law?

Is this a ritual that men participate in too?

I’m sure there are some guys out there who don’t feel the need to expose the women in their life to publications like jugs weekly and when school girls go bad.

At the end of the day, should we be going to all this trouble to conceal the less endearing sides of our personalities or are we better off to be completely upfront at the beginning despite the feared outcome?



Sex in the parental bedroom

I know some people who find this kinky. I also know a lot of people who are desperate enough to have intimate relations with their lunch-time friend, the sandwich

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The Nice Guy

September 27th 2006 10:58
This is male prototype number 5 and the last instalment in this series.

Mr Under the Radar

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Mr So-good-but-so-bad

September 22nd 2006 09:14
This is the second part to yesterdays blog.

Type 4: Mr So-good-but-so-bad

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Now before I get a barrage of hate mail from men insisting they are SO much more complicated than five archetypes, I must say that this is only a GENERAL outline. You may be a combination of many types. If there is any man-genre I have missed leave me a comment 

Type 1: The Home Grown Variety
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Men dating down- celebrity examples

September 20th 2006 06:47
Re: Mondays post, this is the solution to the dating down dilemma.

Its a prime example of how nature takes care of itself.

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Exhibit A: Jay-Z and Beyonce


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Recent Comments

good call mystery person!

Its funny you should say that, the bed i currently sleep in was a hand-me-down from my parents (who had it for the last 30 years).

Its really very comfortable, but when you do the math, turns out I was most likely conceived on the bed I now zzzZZzzzz on.

Its the stuff of nightmares!

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Comment by Madam Minx
on Excuse me, you can’t have sex in this establishment

September 29th 2006 03:09
the worst that can happen is you dont like it?

ahem...... didnt you read the part about zombies!

Seriously though, if 'living' means having sex behind a tombstone I think I'll just stay in my safe comfortable little box!

Very good point about about biological drives. Its a bit like a VB advertisment.....

'You can get it bowling.... you can get it golfing... matter of fact I've got it now'

I suppose if you get the urge and you happen to be in or near a cemetary... although I still wouldnt recommend it.

Thanks for the comments everyone. Loved reading them.

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Comment by Madam Minx
on The Nice Guy

September 28th 2006 04:48
woman with the bosoms,

you are an absolute goldmine!

I think thats gold, I might just switch majors. If anyone needs me, I'm a borders!

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Comment by Madam Minx
on Mr So-good-but-so-bad

September 26th 2006 05:22
thats ............. disgusting.

I think I'll have to do a post on why incest is bad

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can i have ur dads number?

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Comment by Madam Minx
on Fights….. how to win them

September 26th 2006 05:19
im sure it would work wonders for the hoff too

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Comment by Madam Minx
on Ugly guys with HOT babes

September 26th 2006 05:18
lozbox! do not bring him into this!

'it must have been love...but its over now...something something... but we lost it somehow'

How do u think I became such an expert on dating down?

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Comment by Madam Minx
on Men dating down- celebrity examples

September 20th 2006 09:19
You know something... I dont think he is that bad.

But then again, I have a bit of a thing for older men so im biased

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Comment by Madam Minx
on Is there any NORMAL men out there?

September 20th 2006 06:59
Hmm alot of these problems are borne from women not realising how good they really are.

If the women knows her worth, refuses to take ANY crap (or prisoners!), then many of these hurtful situations can be avoided. (not all though, sometimes its just plain bad luck).

But if you come across as a confident, self-loving kinda gal, then most men can sense this and wont even try that immature behaviour on you.

I think that people get treated the way they let people treat them.

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Comment by Madam Minx
on Ugly guys with hot chicks- celebrity examples

September 20th 2006 06:21
yeah, good call there Rajin Cajun!

Isla Fisher and Ali G, I do not know whats going on there!
I must say though, sometimes the allure of a funny guy can be more of a turn on than the all the chiseled abs in Man Power. Either that or she feels sorry for him!

About the electra rodman offspring- chances are they wouldnt look anything like their mother. She looks nothing like what she was genetically meant to *cough..plastic surgery...cough*

Thanks for the comment, hope to see you back on the site soon!

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