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October 27th 2009 09:43
The movie centers around Carl Fredrickson , who as a child meets his future wife (Ellie) through their love of adventure, and hero like worship of famous adventurer Charles Muntz.
We see the two of them grow up together, and eventually marry. From the scenes we are given the impression that Ellie and Carl have been told that they have either had a miscarriage or that they are unable to conceive. However I think it is the latter.

Eventually we witness the passing of Ellie, who hands over their book which contains dreams of finding Paradise Falls, a lost land in South America.

Carl is now alone in the house, and all around him buildings are being erected, with his humble two story home right in the middle.

Angry with life and everything around him, Carl assaults a construction worker for nearly destroying his letterbox (which has his and Ellie’s names on it), and is forced into an aged care facility.

(Prior to this incident we are introduced to 8 year old Russell, who in attempting to earn his “Assisting the Elderly” badge, is sent by Carl on a “Wild Shrike Chase”.)

The morning after the court hearing, the van arrives to pick up Carl. Under the guise of wanting to say his last good bye to his home, he makes his house airborne by attaching thousands of helium balloons to it, and rigging a system or ropes for guidance.

However, Carl is not alone on his adventure. Unbeknownst to him, he has a stowaway on his porch in the form of chubby 8 year old Russell.

The two embark on a wild adventure involving a flying house, talking dogs and a giant female bird named Kevin.

This movie is for the young and young at heart. Although humorous, it is not a constant flow of laugh out loud moments. However, having said that, I have found that I now have a compulsion to yell “Squirrel” halfway through conversation.

This is definitely a movie I recommend to anyone. If you have an opportunity to see this movie in 3D then I highly recommend that you do, it is worth the extra money for the views of the landscape in the movie.

Slumdog Millionaire

July 8th 2009 11:25

The movie opens on a young man in the “Hot Seat” on the Indian game show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”. The camera swirls around the player and the Host in a frenzy of excitement and confetti.

Next we are taken to a sparsely furnished room where a man is hanging from the ceiling by his arms, whilst a malevolent looking fat man is circling him asking questions.

The man hanging from the rafters is the same one that was just moments ago in the “Hot Seat”. The young man I am referring to is known as Jamal, and his crime is that he has reached a level of the game show that no Doctor, Teacher or Professor previously has.

Jamal works in a call centre as the male version of a “Tea Lady”, and has been taken into custody by the Police under suspicion of cheating on the show.

Through harsh interrogation, Jamal is constantly asked how he knows the answers, when everyone else has failed thus far, to which he says nothing. The Police Chief tries his best to extract the information from him, however, after not much success resorts to running electricity through Jamal’s body. After several moments of this, the only answer he can provide is “I just know the answers”.

Jamal is then unceremoniously dumped into a chair opposite the Chief’s desk as an ancient television and video player are set up. Still not convinced that Jamal is telling the truth, he makes him sit through each question again, and asks him to explain how he knew the answers.

We quickly discover that this movie is not just about Jamal, but also his brother Salim and their friend Latika, and how each question has a significant relevance to major turning points in their lives.

From the brutal murder of their parents during anti-muslim violence in Mumbai, to their separation after tracking down and freeing Latika from Maman (who pretends to run an orphanage, but in fact trains the children to beg) who Salim shoots dead.

Throughout the movie we see the intense difference in character between the two brothers, and the steady ascent of Salim’s vengeful nature which coincides with his assimilation into a life of crime.

We also see gradual and unavoidable love develop between Jamal and Latika.

The movie has its high points, but is mainly an exploration into a culture and world that most westerners would never experience, and shows the complete disregard for life that is evident in most third world nations.

Having said that, it was worth all the accolades and praises that have been heaped on this movie.

After 10 minutes of watching this movie I was glad of the country I live in.


The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

The movie opens with a story set in 1918, just prior to World War 1. A blind French clockmaker, married to an African-American woman, is commissioned to build a clock for the New Orleans Train Station.

During this time the couple is blessed with the birth of their only son, who too soon, grows to a man, and is off to fight in the war. Predictably, they receive a letter from the government informing them that their son has died in the service of his country, which leads the father to withdraw from those closest to him, and looses himself in the job at hand, the building of the clock.

The time comes when the clock is to be revealed, and President Roosevelt is there to witness this personally. When the clock is unveiled and the crank is turned to initiate the movement of the hands, to everyone’s dismay, they are seen to be moving in reverse.

The clockmaker explains that it was built this way in the hope “to wind back time and bring home all the kids that were lost to the war.”

After that, the clockmaker is never seen again, and years later the war ends.

We cut to joyous post-war celebrations on the crowded streets of New Orleans, and a lone man desperately trying to clear a way through the crowd on foot.

He bursts through the door of a two storey townhouse, and sprints up the steps to the second floor, where the sound of a woman giving birth becomes increasingly louder.

The cries of a newborn can be heard and the relief on the father’s face is visible, however, before rushing to the side of his wife, he is informed that she will not be able to survive the night.

He gives her a final good bye kiss, and moves to where the baby is. Lifting the blanket to see the Childs’ face, the father physically recoils and a look of disgust is apparent on his face.

The Doctor informs him that the child has the physical symptoms of an eighty year old man in the last stages of life. The father snatches up the baby, and rushes out of the house, and makes his way to the docks where he attempts to throw the baby in the river.

Stopped by a Police officer, the father ends up leaving the child on the doorstep of a retirement home, where a female worker, who is unable to have children, takes the baby in and raises it as her own.

The movie then takes us through the life of Benjamin, we see his condition gradually recede, and are introduced to the people who have a profound impact on his life.

This is another movie that tries to show a person struggling against the difficulties that life has dealt them, and succeeding. With the hope of making us appreciate what we have.

I am sorry if people agreed with the academy, and though this film was worthy of an Oscar, however, I felt no empathy towards the main character.

The only thing that this movie showed me was that we end the way we begin. Also, the character’s reversion back too infantile, was totally unbelievable. Sure, it’s a movie, and designed to entertain people, and this certainly was not a “true story”.

However, to me it would have had a deeper impact if the character remained adult sized, but facial and mental changes were evident.

Although, I have to say that the finale did leave an emotional indent, as it would be hard to see a loved one not remember or recognize you. Which is what family member’s of Alzheimer’s victims’ experience (sorry if I have upset anyone by this) day after day.

In summarizing, this movie was completely boring. It tried too hard to pull the heart strings, and any uplifting moments were light to the point of being insubstantial.

Even my partner found it quite annoying, and preferred watching her sister’s ferrets in a free-for-all with the dog. Which I also found more entertaining.

I will be honest, I am not one for romantic or ‘chick’ flicks, however, knowing what I know now, I would gladly have watched the movie about a sisterhood and their travelling pants.

Let me know of your opinion of this movie. I would love to hear if you enjoyed this movie, and what you found enjoying about it.

Thank you.

Terminator4 : Salvation

June 18th 2009 13:11
The year is 2003, and prisoner Marcus Wright is on death row, awaiting the needle that will end his life. Hours before being strapped down for execution, A Dr Serena Kogan (who shows visible traits of cancer) is trying to persuade Marcus to donate his soon to be lifeless body to a project aiming at helping humanity find cures for terminal conditions.

Marcus, so close to death with nothing to lose, agrees to sign the document, on the condition that the Dr gives him a kiss. She leans in and tenderly kisses Marcus on the lips, only to be reminded of her condition when he says "So that's what death tastes like

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Starship Troopers 3: Marauder

June 9th 2009 12:51
Johnny Rico is back, and his hair is better looking than ever.

Set approximately 8 years after the capture of the "Brain Bug" * (Starship Troopers), Casper Van Dien reprises the role that made him semi famous, and launched/re-launched more successful careers for the likes of Neil Patrick Harris, Jake Busey and Denise Richards

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Dragon Wars

June 9th 2009 12:06
That's right, Dragon Wars!!!!

As nerdy as this sounds, and it does, I am under no illusions about this. This is by far one of the better special effects generated B-grade movies I have ever seen since “Starship Troopers”. The movie starts off in early century China, where it reveals the story of a wise old man and his "apprentice" who are charged by God, to protect a woman bearing the birth mark of a dragon on her shoulder

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Taken :- Movie Review

June 9th 2009 11:24
The movie opens with loving family shots of a smiling daughter, blowing out candles on a birthday cake, happy in all the innocence that childhood allows. The mother manages to weasel her way in one of the shots, to provide the assumed "perfect family" image.


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Hi guys.

I trully hope that they do not remake what was essentially a great and terrifying movie. However, if you would like to see what it may end up looking like with CGI, just take a look at the mess they made of AVP.

Worst movie ever....

If they wish to continue the franchise, why not continue where AVP2 left off? At least it will show that there is still a modicrum of creativity left in Hollywood, considering all the remakes and film adaptions of comic books, I am afraid that we will not see an original idea from Hollywood again.

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