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Thanksgiving Turkey Ingredients 1 turkey 12cup butter 2(12 fluid ounce) canscola-flavored carbonated beverage 1 apple(quartered) 1 onion(chopped) 1tablespoon garlic powder 1tablespoon salt, 1tablespoon ground black pepper 4cloves...
Look at you, you beautiful boy. What You don't want to smile Fine then, just stare at me with your catty yellow Burmese eyes. I love you too. Now I must go before you make me late for work.
When it comes to fertility and the female body, estrogen and progesterone play a key role. Learn how these hormone levels can change with age and how it may affect you. The main hormones that affect women, estrogen and...
Could your exercise routine use an energy boost This delicious smoothie is packed with protein and antioxidants -- a great pick-me-up combo for maximizing your workout. Energizing Antioxidant Smoothie Recipe By Daniel...
The Alexander Technique The Benefits Time and again, the health benefits of exercise are emphasized. The National Heart and Blood Association and the American Psychology Association have conducted studies about exercise, and the results have been...
Metabolic Syndrome Could You Have It Millions of Americans have a health condition that could increase their risk of developing 10 other serious medical problems, and they dont even know it. The condition is called metabolic...
My dad is very ill, so I don't have a proper post just now. I'll be back as soon as the situation permits.
Last year gave birth to the cronut and saw the steady decline of the cupcake. In many ways baking baking is emblematic of the trends we are seeing in the larger food industry as a whole.
So, I was trying to do some writing today, the television was on and I saw a commercial for a new doll. Her name is Lammily and I think she is awesome! A young man decided that a realistic doll was needed. He went to the CDC site and found the...
My husband and I have recently began a quest to de-clutter our home. In the process of removing unnecessary items from our household, I came across some Kellogg's Family Rewards codes and my coke rewards codes.
Somehow, over the past month, our neat little veggie patch, has morphed into an entire backyard full of plantings. Think market garden, think commercial growers, think Doomsday Preppers end of the world we will be self-sufficient! But don't...
Scorpio sign is governed by Commander in chief of planetary kingdom Mars. Saturn will enter in Scorpio sing on 2nd November2014 and will stay here till 26th January2017.
While cutting back on carbohydrates can help you stay trim, there may be one big drawback you haven't thought of -- a folic acid deficiency. Many breads, cereals and pastas are fortified with this essential B vitamin, and you...
I think I am getting crazier by the second. Like many pet parents, I have gotten into the habit of talking to Grey One, not that she understands. I tend to ask her if she would like to have a team meeting. This reference goes back to the...
You know that cat thats in the vet I couldnt believe that was a real cat, said one of my colleagues. Ive never seen a cat with such a fixed expression. It didnt move and its face was so neutral. I had to go inside and ask them if it was...
Really Long Link I was actually trying to post about long hair here, but I accidentally put it on madness and the music.

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