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A New Look at Salads for Weight Loss When most of us think of dieting, we think of salads. And often, we think of nothing but lettuce on a plate, three times a day. While it's true that salads are a classic dieter's food for good reason -...
This is what GO looks like when she's actually asleep. She will turn her head upside down with her mouth partially open and snore softly. Sometimes her paws will twitch (kitty dream, perhaps)
This blogging journey of mine has introduced me to friends, taken me places, and made me step outside of my comfort zone in experimenting with foods -and beverages- way more than I would have done on my own. A couple of months ago, I was...
Sexting on mobile phones has lately become a popular topic of discussion amongst both parents and teens. A lot of people need to consider how far out on a limb they are when they send something in writing to any other person on the phone.
Weve talked about beards before, right How theyre all over cool men right now. How hipster they are. How textbook handsome men are using them as a way of expressing individuality but the trend has become so pervasive theyre not unique at all...
5 Easiest Foods to Grow in Your Garden Try out your green thumb with these easy-to-grow foods. You dont have to head to the grocery store or farmers market for delicious, fresh produce this summer. Just make a trip...
Lower your LDL by spreading this on your bagel in the morning a plant-sterol-enhanced spread. When people in a study added 2 grams of plant sterol spread to their daily diets, the effect was exactly that. Their bad...
Antioxidant Vitamins Do they have the same benefits as plants Evidently there is evidence that antioxidant pills are not as beneficial as plants, and the reason for this is plants actually try to kill us. "Truth is stranger that fiction" ...
At another place another cat is also having a late afternoon rest. If only life could be that easy for the rest of us...
Hey vegans, From one vegan to another, please do not fall for all the BS circulating that it's safe to feed a cat a vegan diet. Like it or not, cats are carnivores, and to feed them only plants is cruel and abusive. There are millions of meat...
My beautiful wife having an afternoon snooze, something all cats are experts at.

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