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level up, rpg, nathanielbart, nathaniel bart, etsy, organize, self-help
Level Up - The Game of Life; Real Life RPG
After working on this project for the past three years, the glorious finished product is finally seen.

"Level Up: The Game of Life" is available to the public.

Level Up is an RPG (Roll Playing Game) designed to help organize, improve, and add great joy to the amazing game of life. Turn your old habits into new intentions! Keep score as you grow as a person.

From working out, to saving money, to forgiving your past, this game helps bring value to the small steps we take to achieve our big goals.

Level Up is a real life Role Playing Game (RPG). It is a game designed to allow you to keep track of the positive things you do to help yourself grow as a person.

Now, with Level Up, you can turn your life into an exciting game of growth and challenge. You become the hero as you complete quests in your everyday life. Want to get in shape, but find the normal workout routine tedious and impossible? Would you like to grow as a person, make and save more money, feel gratification, and find the joy in the path to self mastery? I honestly believe this game will help you.

Do ten push ups? Mark it down, keep track of your points, and see how far you can push yourself. Each day, or each week, you can tally up your points for each category, and find out your high scores. Trying to beat your high score can motivate you to have the most productive, fun, challenging day you've ever had!

I designed this game, because I was tired of procrastinating the things in life I really wanted to do, but learning new hobbies and skills is not the easiest thing in the world. With this game, large goals are broken down into smaller, more manageable goals.

This game will being so much joy into life's little steps. Do you enjoy cold water, but are too lazy to refill your ice trays? Well if you receive ten points towards leveling up your Food Skills, your ice trays will be overflowing, and your awareness of your moment by moment actions and intentions will become much more monitored and controlled. This leads to a happier, more intentional life.

The Game is composed of 6 Quest Lines. Each designed with over 25 quests, and they can help you grow in all areas of life
level up, rpg, nathanielbart, nathaniel bart, etsy, organize, self-help
Each Level Up Quest Line is prefaced with information about the adventure ahead

The Food Quest Line-

Improve your health, and your awareness of what you take into your body. The Food Quest Line can help you expand your eating experience. Trying new things, making healthier choices, and keeping your kitchen clean will give your more energy, relaxation, and help you become a master of the world of Food.

The Body Quest Line

Master the Human Body, improve your stamina, get in shape, and regain your health with the Body Quest Line. This Quest Line will give you the strength and determination to unlock the secrets to the body.
level up, rpg, nathanielbart, nathaniel bart, etsy, organize, self-help, body, workout, diet, abs
The Level Up Quest Lines contain a huge amount of quest. The RPG game for life will keep you growing

The Money Quest Line

The Money Quest Line will challenge you in the most intense way possible: your gold stash. As you Level Up this Quest Line, you will save money, acquire wealth, destroy evil bills, and help you break free of the shackles of debt. Master the world of Money

The Creative Quest Line

Not expressing yourself in a gnarly way? As you Level Up the Creative Quest Line, you will start to unlock your imagination again. The Quest Line will grow your ability to creatively influence your world. You will dream bigger, create faster, and become a god of Manifestation!

The Love Quest Line

All of life's pain comes from not loving the character you, yourself, chose. This Quest Line unlock your ability to love yourself, share more of your truth with the world, be a better partner, and grow at a very fast pace. Mastery of the Love Quest Line make one an artisan lover.

The Life Quest Line

Life is the name of the game, and this Quest Line will help you prepare to take it to war! Follow the Life Quest Line as you expand the world around yourself on a daily basis. New experiences, clean, organized living, and well rounded expansion of reality. Mastering the Life Quest line, will make you a Grand Wizard of your reality.

Level Up is available for purchase on my Channeled Art of Nathaniel Bart Etsy Shop

It may be purchased as the whole game, or you may purchase individual quest lines.

The game was designed to be played by yourself, or with as many people as you'd like. Want to have a really fit wedding party? The Body Quest Line of Level Up can help everyone stay motivated, and have some friendly competition. You might not be able to save money on your own, but strangely, I've found that when you are turning life into a game, you start playing it to the best of your ability.

This game has sincerely improved my life by huge strides, and I hope that you can experience the joy, excitement, and accomplishment of enjoying this system for growth

Nathaniel Bart
etsy, level up, rpg, nathaniel bart, nathanielbart, game of life, real life, self help, organize your life, get in shape, game
Purchase your copy of Level Up at my Etsy store- The Channeled Art of Nathaniel Bart Esty Shop- Artwork and Mystery Await

Body Skills- Level 1- J-E-L-L-O

June 6th 2011 22:09
Do thirty sit-ups
abs, sexy, model, sex, bartling, level up, sweaty

J-E-L-L-O is a quest to blow the dust off your old abs, and bring them out of storage. Starting with this quest, you must do thirty sit-ups at once. This may be performed as many times per day as possible. The result will yield strong, defined abs, as well as strong core muscles to help support your spine and back. If you're someone with bad posture, or back problems, abs can help your life in a tremendous way. They also level up your sexiness. What more could you ask for?

Body Skills- Level 1- The Cadet

June 5th 2011 07:41
The Cadet
Do ten push-ups
level up, self improvement, workout, get in shape, level up, bartling, nathaniel bart, body quests

The Cadet is a great first quest for the Body Skills. It involves doing ten push-ups. This will give you great upper body strength, and a great foundation for pushing yourself in the quests to come. This quest can be completed as many times as possible daily.

Food Skills- Level 1- Iron Chef

June 5th 2011 07:33
Iron Chef
Write down one of your own recipes

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Food Skills- Level 1- RAW

June 1st 2011 20:05
RAW - Have a raw veggie snack

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Food Skills- Level 1- Zen

May 31st 2011 04:07
Zen- Make tea

mario, bowser, nintendo, level up, bartling, pardee, project cafe, tea, green tea, black tea, tea leaves
Good for the body, good for the wallet.

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Lucid Dreams- Don't eat after 7 P.M.

lucid dreams, pardee, nintendo, level up, bartling, chapelle, mario
Lucid dream- controling a dream, as a dream, from a dream.

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Food Skills- Level 1- Darkness

May 31st 2011 03:43
Darkness- Refill the Ice Trays

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LEVEL UP- The Rules

May 31st 2011 03:38
Level Up is a reasonably simple game that anyone can play. The goal of the game is to grow in personal responsibility, and achieve your large goals, one small step at a time. It also can be used to monitor how you spend your time throughout your days, and how much productivity you put towards leveling up your favorite character, You.
mario, bowser, nintendo, level up, bartling, pardee, project cafe
Rules are made to be broken- Bowser

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Level Up: The Blog

May 30th 2011 04:49
You've reached the blog for the life improvement game, Level Up!

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