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Lets make a game site

March 14th 2011 06:55
I don't know if you have ever been bored enough to make a website just with games on it, or even just made a basic website about yourself. If not, I am going to talk a little bit about this. If you look online, you can find tons of places to start a free website. You will not get your own .com domain for free, but you can use the websites domain to create a website of your own for free. I am going to use This is a great website building company, that I found for free just searching online.

Once you find a free website creator online, well start a free website. I did something for fun, I created a website just for free games. I wanted people on my facebook to check out my site, and use my site to play the games, and not be so bored on facebook all the time. This is my website

You can see the end of it has This is due to weebly is hosting my website, and this is the free domain they gave me. In order to get a domain, you have to pay for one, and then pay someone to host that domain. So if you have some spare time, or have a website of your own, then you can post free games on your website. The best part is, if you can generate traffic, you can be paid by posting ads on your website, and get paid each time someone clicks on them. This is called google adsense, but be warned, you will only get a small amount of money, unless you generate a couple thousand new visitors a day.

My goal is to build a body building website, since I know the subject very well, and I have achieved progress from what I know. This website will be for average people looking to get into shape. This website will probably take me awhile, since I am learning to build from scratch, using HTML/CSS. This is the language of websites, if your bored and want to know what your website looks like in this language, or how the internet reads it, go to "VIEW" and click "Page Source". This is how the website actually looks when it is built, not actually how we see it everyday.

So back to building the website, find a place that lets you start a website for free, and then make a website. Think of a catchy, short name to call your website. Then post some content using the website builder tools on the website creator of the company you choose. They are very helpful and extremely easy to understand.

Second, go to a search engine site, and look up free games for my website. You will find a few websites out there, first you play the game, and decide if you want it on your website. I choose all classic games, that I use to play when I was a kid. Such as Frogger, Pacman, and even Battleship. Once you play these games, there will be a link for embedding this to my website. Simply click that, then copy the entire text, and then paste it on your website anywhere, and you will have a free game on your website.

Now when your bored you will have something to do, or you can just use the free games website, if you don't want to create your own. You are basically borrowing these games, and they are being paid, by getting more advertisement their way. The one I created only took me an hour or so, and then all i had to do, was go to my website to play my games. Sadly I am not bored all that much, since I am pretty busy. But please check out my website, it is not spam, and will not give you any viruses. The website was created through and this is a very legitimate company that I most certainly don't work for. So please click really long link and enjoy.

Really Long Link


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Comment by noor hedrew

March 14th 2011 07:59

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