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Last Nights - Elvis

February 19th 2012 07:04
Elvis had turned rebel in the 1970s in order to play his roles. He went on drugs, did movies, did shows, did media meetings, and then he did more travel. He took drugs, and then he took more to wake and sleep. He was busy.

More then that he was psychotic. He gained interest in quirky things which included guns. He moved to activate his activities during night, and he even rented out movie theatres and amusement parks. He then covered his hotel room in foil in order to keep the light out of the room.

By 1974 Elvis was sick. It seemed that the people around him did nothing but stand by. It was a very bad time, and he hated the people who he used to once like. As a result he became fat. He had trouble breathing, standing, and sometimes he couldn't even move. People who knew him couldn't see him, he was just a big blown up fat ball without features.

In 1975 Elvis celebrated his big 4 0 ! Two days later he was placed in hospital. He had an enlarged colon. He also had a detoxification. This eventually took three weeks to treat. He needed to have a liver biopsy. Elvis said a long needle went into his body and extracted something. However it proved his liver was damaged and that he was having serious issues.

From December 1975 Elvis worked on shows. He needed money, he had low accounts, so he sang. He sang to crowds of 80,000 at least, and he performed terrible shows. However it gave him money. During the show his pants splity, and his breath panted. The show was bad. He complained after. However the next day he got his money 400,000! He was rich again! He then got more money when his 1972 music was sold to RCA for $6 million dollars!

From February 1976 Elvis was losing it. He was losing all control. He hadn't recorded in nine months. He didn't want to despite interest. It took 200 thousand dollars from RCA to get Elvis moving. They put a studio inside of his mansion so he could record. However it was hard to get Elvis downstairs. He had a conspiracy going and he planned to kill mobsters and drug dealers. He had all the guns and rockets he needed to make war. He even had a plan. They would leave the mansion, kill, and then return and sing. It was perfect. However everyone reminded him he was a singer, and despite the plan they decided to help him to sing. In the end he sang. In seven days Elvis sang twelve songs, and ten of them ended up on the album 'From Elvis Presley Boulevard'.

From March 1977 Elvis had jets. He began to perform. He was like an old man, and he made his entrance mumbling and fumbling. Sometimes he even cancelled shows because he was ill and exhausted. He was unwell because he ate bad food, did drugs, and never exercised. His girlfriend at the time often found him unconscious and unable to breathe. His favourite painkiller was Dilaudid (for cancer patients). After five days he went home and continued to take around nine pills before and after sleep.

The week before he died he was making new edding arrangements, taking pills, playing raquet ball, and eating cheeseburgers. He was 250 pound overweight. Then on August 15 he had breakfast, spent time with his family (even when divorced), then he called a dentist, and asked if Ginger could see him. He took her to the dentist, had two fillings, then he went back home, called security men, stayed up. He couldn't sleep after twelve, he changed into a workout suit, played racquetball, spent some time on a cycle, and then he read a book. He read four hours. He then moved to the bathroom because Ginger wanted to sleep. He died of heart attack then, and that was THE END.


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