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Voyager = V

July 31st 2014 12:08

Without doubt one of the best live bands in the world is Australiaís own Voyager. Anyone who has witnessed one of the shows knows what Iím talking about. Their energy is something most bands would kill for.

So far though they have been unable to transform their live prowess into a memorable studio album. With their recent release V (a rather unimaginative title) they do come mighty close. It combines everything that make Voyager such a unique band.

And this is possibly why they are difficult to review. While there is enough heaviness, to the point that the music seems to have been influenced by Soilwork, there are undeniable pop elements to the songs, which could leave people divided.

I happen to like Voyager and while there are some flat spots in the middle V is their best album to date. The standout track is A Beautiful Mistake, which contains female backing vocals that adds a new dimension to the sound. The other song worth mentioning is The Morning Light. An instant classic that you will be singing along to from the first listen.

Voyager will probably forever be a band that will not be to everybodyís liking. That is the world of progressive metal and how fans will react is anyoneís guess. I however am impressed with V and if you have never heard anything by Voyager before this wouldnít be the worst place to start.

8 / 10

Kreator Live at 170 Russell

June 5th 2014 09:16

Thrash metal is too focused on the Big 4. Being a huge fan of the genre this is frustrating because so many other bands play this style as well if not better.

This was evident when recently the United Thrash Nation Tour came to Melbourne. This saw the technically brilliant but sadly overlooked Death Angel tour with German thrash legends Kreator. A dream bill for anyone that is a true fan of thrash.

Death Angel began proceedings beautifully. They may be an acquired taste to some, personally I find their style appealing and it is certainly unique. Their set primarily came from their last few releases, which suited me. Hearing songs like Relentless Revolution, Sonic Beatdown and Succubus was rewarding. Tipping me over the edge though was them playing Thrown to the Wolves to close their set. This is the song that got me into the band and has one of the most distinctive riffs I have ever heard.

Somehow I managed to conserve enough energy for Kreator. Having seen them a couple of times, I did go in thinking I might feel like Iím going through the motions. I must have had a brain fade because while they werenít as good as the first time I saw them, they are genuinely one of my favourite bands and from now on I will see them as much as possible.

As much as this is to do with how charismatic frontman Mille Petrozza is, Kreator have a legacy that most bands donít. It also helps that they are still an outstanding live band. It was wonderful to hear old classics like Endless Pain and Pleasure to Kill and it would have been nice to hear a couple more. Having said that what does put Kreator ahead of most bands is that songs from more recent albums are already considered classics too. This was apparent with tracks like Hordes of Chaos and Violent Revolution being as well received by the crowd. Kreator actually donít rely on too many standards, which for fans is unbelievably encouraging as it means youíll hear different songs from tour to tour.

Of course they do have a predictable ending to their shows but I wouldnít want it any other way. Words canít do it justice, Iíll just say that Milleís interactions with the crowd before Flag of Hate is something I could never tire of.

To see either of these bands would have satisfied me, to see both on the same night was exceptional. Hopefully this will lead to more bills like this coming our way. Most importantly though I recommend Death Angel and Kreator to all fans of thrash. You wonít be disappointed.

Death Angel Setlist

Left for Dead
Son of the Morning
Evil Priest
Claws in So Deep
Relentless Revolution
Seemingly Endless Time
The Dream Calls for Blood
Caster of Shame
Sonic Beatdown
Execution - Don't Save Me
Thrown to the Wolves

Kreator Setlist

Phantom Antichrist
From Flood into Fire
Endless Pain
Pleasure to Kill
Hordes of Chaos
Riot of Violence
Enemy of God
The Patriarch
Violent Revolution
United in Hate
Civilization Collapse
People of the Lie
Flag of Hate

Crimsonfire Ė Arise To Chaos

April 7th 2014 09:50

Many Australian metal bands hold a significant place in my heart. It is actually difficult to say who is my actual favourite because of the loyalty I have to them. Itís virtually impossible to write anything unbiased and this is certainly the case with Crimsonfireís latest release the EP Arise To Chaos.

Broadly I would say that of all the power metal bands in this country they remain the most underrated. In my world though they are probably the opposite because Crimsonfire are the ones that I rank higher than the rest. And while that statement doesnít come easy, it also kind of does because their style has always been something I appreciate.

While itís been ages since Crimsonfireís self titled debut I would still rate it as one of the finest albums to come out of this country. For years though they have teased crowds with several new songs but sadly no album. I was actually worried that I may never see them release any new music. Mercifully at last Arise To Chaos is here.

With this release Crimsonfire deliver 4 classic songs. The opening track Lies Within is one of the best songs they have ever done. This is the most commercially appealing song they have recorded, which probably hasnít been a strength of theirs in the past. For me though the standout is Oceans Collide. In parts it sounds like something you would expect from a symphonic metal band before transitioning into something you would expect from Deep Purple. While this seems like too many changes in the one song it works beautifully. Give it a few months and Iíll be saying itís my favourite Crimsonfire song.

Unfortunately Arise To Chaos is all over way too quickly. I truly hope it isnít too long until they release a full album because I know they have some killer material floating around. Still one of my mottos is focus on what is not what it isnít. So therefore every power metal fan should have it.

8 / 10

Metal Reflections 2013

February 6th 2014 09:57
I planned to do this earlier because 2013 will become a distant memory. I ended up taking my time to properly listen to all the CDs I considered to be the best of the year. This definitely stalled the process given that I felt 2013 was stacked with great albums making it difficult to choose the top 10, which is not usually the case. It was also a memorable year for gigs, with many being in that unique class where I will cherish them for the rest of my life. Sadly 2013 will forever be remembered as the year Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman passed away. This was an absolute tragedy. Hanneman is responsible for some of the best music I have ever heard and I still find it difficult to comprehend that I will never see him play live again.

Top 10 Albums

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Leaves' Eyes - Symphonies Of The Night

January 13th 2014 11:48

Vanishing Point Live At The Central Club

November 17th 2013 12:06

Soilwork Live At Billboards

October 17th 2013 11:29

Black Sabbath - 13

September 5th 2013 10:37

Megadeth - Super Collider

July 25th 2013 10:32

UDO - Steelhammer

June 27th 2013 10:20

Before reviewing the music on UDOís latest album letís take a moment to reflect on the title. Steelhammer. Arguably one of the best names for a metal album even if itís so obvious that it should have been used before. Saxon and Manowar will be filthy they didnít come up with it first

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