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Metal Reflections 2014

March 16th 2015 12:56
Finally itís that time of year where I reflect on what happened in the world of metal. It was not the most spectacular year by any stretch, still there was enough to satisfy fans. As always letís get to it with what I consider the best 10 albums of 2014.

Top 10 Albums

Epica The Quantum Enigma
Ace Frehley Space Invader
Sabaton Heroes
Gamma Ray Empire Of The Undead
Accept Blind Rage
Grand Magus Triumph and Power
Overkill White Devil Armory
Vanishing Point Distant Is The Sun
Voyager V
Corrosion Of Conformity IX

Definitely too much power/melodic metal in the top 10 this year. Nothing I could do to stop that. Epica released their best album in my opinion this year. Without question a true representation of what symphonic metal is. Ace Frehley showed up KISS and most other hard rock bands from that era by delivering another classic rock album. I think this is the first time I have had Australian releases. No favouritism here either Vanishing Point and Voyager both deserve their place. While the album didnít make the list I have to mention Body Countís Institutionalized 2014. Iíd say itís the song of the year, providing youíre not easily offended.

Best Live Performances

Vanishing Point
Death Angel

There will be more to come about Accept, letís just say it was their year. I saw them twice and couldnít be more impressed. To be able to play so many songs from their recent albums was a testament to them. Nothing was out of place and they have truly made the best comeback in metal possibly ever. They are not a nostalgia band, far from it. I was thrilled with Kreator again. Doesnít come any better. Same goes for Death Angel, who remain a favourite.

Best Nights

Accept x 2
Kreator/Death Angel
Crimsonfire/British Steel

As I said Accept conquered this year. The memories from both their shows will last a lifetime. Restless and Wild being the highlight on both nights. The first night being memorable because I thought my mate was missing it. The atmosphere was incredible both times and reminded me why itís so important to see bands live. To top it off Accept bassist Peter Baltes at the end of night 2 grabbed my arms and shook me saying ďrelax, we will be back before we dieĒ. They better be.

Now bring on 2015.

AC/DC - Rock Or Bust

January 15th 2015 13:55

Most bands would kill to have a portion of the success AC/DC has. I still consider them highly given the amount of quality albums they have released.

Late last year they brought out Rock Or Bust. This was never going to come close to their finest work but itís still a decent effort. Clearly the best album they have done since Ballbreaker.

Where Rock Or Bust falls down is that it lacks that stand out heavy song like Thunderstruck, Back In Black, Let There Be Rock etc. Still there is much to enjoy, particularly if youíre a fan.

The first single Play Ball is classic AC/DC. Other tracks of note are Miss Adventure, Dogs Of War and my personal favorite Baptism By Fire.

When it comes to AC/DC you know what you are going to get. And I and their countless fans would not want it any other way.

Most likely this will be AC/DCís last album, which leaves me with mixed feelings. Rock Or Bust doesnít necessarily improve their legacy but it doesnít detract from it either. And this is the best result for the band and for all those who have worshiped the band for so long.

8 / 10

Dream Theater Live At The Palais

November 20th 2014 15:42

I am a sucker for punishment. I have been a long time fan of Dream Theater and they truly are a favourite yet they are a cause of pure frustration. This is mostly due to the fact that I have never seen them play Metropolis a song, which has a special place in my heart. I thought this time I would have the best chance as I thought their 3 hour set would be a greatest hits show.

Dream Theater began with The Enemy Inside from there recent self titled album which was great. Following up with The Shattered Fortress I was pretty pleased. From there though it was a mixed affair The Looking Glass being the standout of the early going

After a brief interval that saw a video package that included comical advertisements for action figures of the bands (which had me wishing they existed) they returned and played 5 songs from Awake. This was incredible and much more to my liking. Lie being the best of them. Certainly made me want to revisit the album.

What really got me though was the encore, which was 4 songs from Scenes From A Memory, getting the combination of Overture 1928 and Strange Dťjŗ Vu was something I will never forget.

Sadly though it all came to an end without Metropolis, not even As I Am. Again like every other time Iíve seen them I left flat not exhilarated the way I leave most gigs

The torture of being a Dream Theater a fan continues. Iíll see them again with trepidation. It would be nice to be excited to go, maybe one day.

Set list

The Enemy Inside
The Shattered Fortress
On the Backs of Angels
The Looking Glass
Enigma Machine
Trial of Tears
Along for the Ride
Breaking All Illusions

Act 2

The Mirror
Lifting Shadows Off a Dream
Space-Dye Vest
Illumination Theory


Overture 1928
Strange Dťjŗ Vu
The Dance of Eternity
Finally Free

Vanishing Point Live At Evelyn Hotel

September 25th 2014 09:25
I have many fond and strange memories from the countless times Iíve seen Vanishing Point. A favourite being when they supported Iron Maiden and I nearly had a panic attack on arrival because I thought I would miss them. To this day I remember the feeling of relief when I got to my spot to find Lauren Harris finishing her set. Yes they are very special to me.

It was like deja vu when I recently saw Vanishing Point launch their new album Distant Is The Sun. Only this time there was no relief just complete frustrated as I missed Damnations Day because the taxi didnít turn up on time

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Voyager = V

July 31st 2014 12:08

Kreator Live at 170 Russell

June 5th 2014 09:16

Crimsonfire Ė Arise To Chaos

April 7th 2014 09:50

Metal Reflections 2013

February 6th 2014 09:57
I planned to do this earlier because 2013 will become a distant memory. I ended up taking my time to properly listen to all the CDs I considered to be the best of the year. This definitely stalled the process given that I felt 2013 was stacked with great albums making it difficult to choose the top 10, which is not usually the case. It was also a memorable year for gigs, with many being in that unique class where I will cherish them for the rest of my life. Sadly 2013 will forever be remembered as the year Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman passed away. This was an absolute tragedy. Hanneman is responsible for some of the best music I have ever heard and I still find it difficult to comprehend that I will never see him play live again.

Top 10 Albums

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Leaves' Eyes - Symphonies Of The Night

January 13th 2014 11:48

Vanishing Point Live At The Central Club

November 17th 2013 12:06


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