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Japan focus on hu jintao maintenance sea right speech

November 12th 2012 01:33
<p>efense vice minister visits the United States today </p>
<p>"To improve the Marine resources development ability <a Really Long Link sale</strong></a>, resolutely safeguard China maritime rights and interests, the construction of Marine power." -- Chinese President hu jintao
<p>Chinese President hu jintao yesterday in the eighteen big report said to "safeguard the state maritime rights and interests", Japan immediately respond to say, I hope China peaceful use of "Marine power".
<p>According to xinhua news agency, President hu jintao yesterday in the report pointed out that, to improve the Marine resources development ability, resolutely safeguard China maritime rights and interests, the construction of Marine power. To this, Japan's foreign ministry deputy spokesman zhai wood is still the son said, China's ocean activities based on international law shall be carried out in a peaceful way.
<p>Chief cabinet secretary, avoid evaluation
<p>President hu jintao yesterday in the eighteenth big report mentioned many times Marine rights and interests, in talking to optimize national spatial development pattern, he points out that in order to improve the Marine resources development ability, resolutely safeguard China maritime rights and interests, the construction of Marine power.
<p>In talking to national defense and military modernization, hu jintao and pointed out that we should attach attention to the ocean, space, network space security.
<p>In when it comes to foreign policy, hu said <a Really Long Link Jackets</strong></a>, "we resolutely safeguard China's sovereignty, security and development interests, will never give in to any external pressure. "China stand for a peaceful settlement of international disputes and hotspot problem, against frequently resort to the use or threat of force. "We will continue our good, and neighbors, consolidate the good-neighborly and friendly.
<p>Zhai wood is still the son in Tokyo yesterday said: "hear (China) leaders talk about engaged in Marine activities is not an accident, but these activities must be based on the international law to carry out in a peaceful way." She said, two state-owned obligation to maintain regional stability and prosperity, "I argue that China must be responsible members of the international community."
<p>Japan's chief cabinet secretary fujimara digging holes on this practice is not direct evaluation. He also said: "China in recent years in their own countries surrounding waters of the ocean activities has become increasingly active. We should strengthen the overall situation viewpoint in the field of ocean communication, and strive to make the east China sea become peace, friendship, cooperation of the sea is very important."
<p>In addition, Japan's defense phase this sensitive yesterday in the house security council meeting on militia and the American military in Japan are in areas around Japan of the implementation of the joint exercise said, not to the media public exercise content and site is considered the eighteen big the opening. "If released details, will result in neighboring countries unnecessary alert heart." Opinion is that the Japanese government consider if widely reported exercise <a Really Long Link USA</strong></a>, because of the diaoyu island question and deterioration japan-china relations fear will further cooling. Defense ministry said, the United States government has taken not to the media public policy. The Japanese government message personage points out, "don't open is the meaning of the United States."
<p>Mr Putin delay see YeTian
<p>Meanwhile, Mr Obama has just win re-election, Japan and the United States is to contact.
<p>Japan's defense vice minister zhao long long island from 9 to the Washington for three day visit, during the visit will work with the department of defense vice minister carter held talks.
<p>A Japanese media report says, is expected to long island will give up from 5 to start the day of the Japanese self-defense forces and U.S. joint military exercise using Okinawa took no island to island drill show the whole story. Talks will also change again the day beauty defense cooperation pointer "are discussed <a Really Long Link outlet usa</strong></a>, in the attempt to expand the militia to U.S. military support to contain at the same time strengthening arms Chinese.
<p>However, the Japanese government appears to be in Russia's cold shoulder. A Japanese media report says, because Japan instability, Russia to Mr Putin "no time", "poor health" and so on the reason for delay day Russian summit, YeTian was forced to cancel the December visit to Russia. The Japanese government internal opinion think, Russia was that the prime minister talks extension, the likelihood is that wild tian jia "in the near future will be the house of representatives will be dissolved, want to further observe the trend of the Japanese politics.
<p>First, wade F - 35 aircraft manufacturing
<p>In addition, Japan also trying to strengthen the arms.
<p>According to Japanese media reports, the Japanese government is scheduled for 9 officially announced that allow domestic enterprises for the first time with the United States, Britain and other countries common manufacturing F - 35 type fighter, as Japan airlines militia the next generation of main aircraft <a Really Long Link Outlet</strong></a>.
<p>The yomiuri 8 days of reports, day enterprises to participate in the production F - 35 type aircraft parts help to keep and improve the Japanese defense technology level; In view of the aviation industry in many enterprise, participate in common manufacturing will be able to generate considerable economic benefits.
<p>The major Japanese newspapers say, day enterprises will participate in making 40% of aircraft parts, in 2017 began to this can effectively avoid radar detection of stealth aircraft supply parts.
<p>Japan plans to buy 42 frame F - 35 fighter, replace air self-defense forces main existing models, the purchase amount is expected to more than 7 billion dollars. Because the domestic order quantity is limited, the Japanese military industrial scale restricted, arms product purchase cost corresponding higher.
<p>The yomiuri said that, Japan's prime minister tian jia "wild later this month to Cambodia to east Asia summit, which wanted to the President barack Obama who report this decision.
<p>By the end of last year YeTian government greatly relaxed Japan insist on more than 40 years of "arms exports three principles", allow Japan to participate in international cooperation and common development and production of weapons and equipment, and conform to the humanitarian and peace principle international assistance <a Really Long Link cheap jackets</strong></a>, marks a major change Japanese defense policy.


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