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Sometimes the best part of fishing is when you don’t catch anything but get a chance to see a sailboat silhouetted against a blue sky, listen to a bird’s song, or watch the beauty of a dragonfly as it skims across the water's surface.


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oar fish
It's not every day you find an Oar Fish. In fact, only five of the sea creatures have washed up in the area where this one was found during the past 150 years with the last one being cited in 1998.

Granted, it looks like someone simply painted a board and made the news but, the crew at the New Zealand Marine Studies Centre are pretty hard to fool.

You can check out the story here ad get some good pictures to boot.

Remember to take the hooks outta yer pocket before ya sit down!

Overrun by goldfish!

April 10th 2015 19:37

A lake in Colorado is nearly bursting its banks after an explosion of goldfish that well meaning pet owners have dumped there!

From the video, it looks like the goldfish are a little bigger than the usual "feeder" fish you can pick up at Wal-Mart. On the other hand, they're not as big as some of the koi you find in lawn pools. Still, they're big enough to present problems. Aside from gorging themselves on food needed by other fish species, they may spread diseases often found in aquarium fish.

Although I'm not a biologist or DNR employee, I'd say the price of bait goldfish should drop in that area.

You can read a little more here and enjoy a short video.

Remember to take the hooks outta yer pocket before ya sit down!


A sign of the times

April 9th 2015 14:37
Marianne Huskey

It's finally happened. A female angler has been named Angler of the Year by a major tournament organization--in this case Anglers Insight Marketing or AIM.

Since there are so many professional female anglers out there, you can hardly say they are knocking at the door. Fishing in general is still a male dominated sport so maybe you can say women are in the foyer?

At any rate, you can check it out here.

Remember to take the hooks outta yer pocket before ya sit down!


Fish you shouldn't eat

April 5th 2015 16:23
Although fish are know for the nutritive properties, there are a few fish out there you shouldn't eat.

Here is a list of 11 fish you shouldn't be eating or, at least cut down their consumption.

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Link to the Mitchell Museum

March 28th 2015 01:48
Mitchell 300
Did you know the first Mitchells were unpainted? That's one thing you can learn from this link.

People who have been reading this blog very long know what a sucker I am for old Mitchell reels.

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Fishing for musky

March 24th 2015 05:01
Many anglers think muskies (muskellunge or Esox masquinongy) are a cold weather fish and and only go after them in the late fall, winter, and early spring. All I know is that I used to fish a hole where I caught them in the middle of summer. At any rate, since it's early spring around here, it may be time to head out for some BIG fish.

When it comes to fishing for musky, I like to use a wire leader, since muskies have teeth, and make sure it's at least around a foot long. Some people like to use something like 100lb. mono but, mono-filament that heavy is a little hard to find. I team up my leader with a decent line. I've heard that 20 lb. is a minimum but I use a 65lb. braid. After that, use a decent baitcasting reel on a fairly heavy rod. You have to use a rod for your type of fishing. I'd say you'd probably want to go with either a med. heavy or even heavy rod because it's not uncommon to find musky over 40 inches. I've seen people let their surf fishing gear double for musky and that seems to work pretty well.

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New line from Power Pro

March 21st 2015 23:44
Many anglers swear by Power Pro line. Usually, I'm part of the group that figures all the line from major manufacturers will fill the bill but, I've been a Power Pro fan since back in the day when they were still including a cutter on the box that saved a lot of scurrying around looking for a knife or scissors.
The days of "cutters on the box" may be over but they still make a decent line that more than adequately fills a reel if a good braid is needed.

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Catfish Line Review

March 17th 2015 21:19
Catfish Line
Anglers are often a frugal lot. Whether it comes down to using old spark plugs for sinkers or using home made lures, if there's a way to cut the budget, guys have tried it.

When it comes down to your line, it's hard to save if you change line yearly as recommended. If cat-fishing is your game, you can save a few bucks with South Bend's offering called, simply enough Catfish Line.

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Shark kill stirs outcry

March 11th 2015 14:26
Some Florida anglers have found themselves in hot water after landing a 600 pound mako shark.

A mako growing to 600 pounds is fairly large by any standards and many are outraged that the group killed the shark rather than practicing catch and release.

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Some baits for trout

February 27th 2015 05:32
After catfish, it seems to me that trout are probably the most prolific fish in the world. I'll have to do a little research on that idea.

Anyway, as you can tell from the narrator in these videos, he's definitely not American or Australian. (I'm lousy with accents so, I'll just say "European" and change the subject!) Here's his take on the best baits for trout.

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Comment by James Rickard
on Rare Oar Fish washes up in New Zealand

April 19th 2015 03:47
Ever notice that if a rare fish "washes up" it's cool but if a ball player is "washed up" it's a bad thing?

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Comment by James Rickard
on A sign of the times

April 15th 2015 14:27
Better luck next year! *LOL*

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Comment by James Rickard
on Overrun by goldfish!

April 13th 2015 03:57
Strange you're saying that. I was just talking to my mom today and her cat will NOT eat fish. Go figure-and I had them all ready to go!!!

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Comment by James Rickard
on Fish you shouldn't eat

April 8th 2015 17:37
Instead of worrying about cloning dinosaurs they ought to worry about some of the fish?????

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Comment by James Rickard
on Westminster Abbey, London

April 6th 2015 02:48
I'm always such a sucker for this type of composition (converging lines.) I've used it for churches, (inside and out), tall buildings, malls, sports fields, flower beds--if there's a way--I've probably done it. Not always proud but it works! *LOL*

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I don't know what the story is here--the same thing happened to me --I THINK it was the very last post I made in 2014. It was a video from YouTube and after I embedded it, I wasn't able to add any text. I started to throw in the towel but after a few weeks, I figured since it confirmed something I'd already said, I let it go. Since then, I haven't had any problems but it sounds like the problem is still out there.

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Comment by James Rickard
on Food Label Truths

April 4th 2015 13:58
Good advice! A trick I hate is when you see something "low fat" that tastes really good. It's often loaded with sugar and/or salt! After reading labels, I've gone back to a lot of regular foods.

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Comment by Jame Rickard
on Link to the Mitchell Museum

March 29th 2015 05:15
Fish is good brain food. I learned that from watching the 3 Stooges!

BUT, it reference to the question--I don't THINK so. I may be wrong. I've never run across anything pertaining to the museum.

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Comment by James Rickard
on Catfish Line Review

March 19th 2015 03:46

Comment by James Rickard
on The greatest sportsman on earth

March 2nd 2015 19:58
Good call. I live in the US and I've still heard of de Villiers. Ya gotta remember--this is NOT a cricket country!

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