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Aptana studio is open-source web development IDE, can be downloaded from HERE When you create a Pydev project, you may find python interpreter not found. 1) To install python interpreter, download python from HERE 2)Then start Aptana, go to...
We ( ) provide eBay stores design and eBay template designs and setup services created to sell product on eBay which will make your storefront stand out from the competition.
It looks like Facebook wants to connect the world via their own private internet. Apparently this net wold be beamed by laser beams from drones... Drones, Lasers and Satellites Beam Me Down Scotty!
Now you don't have to erase your browsing history anymore because it can be used in a playful way. The Guardian has created a free online game to make internet history much more interesting and interactive. The users now can play snakes and...
There is simply no denying the prevalence of social media. Did you watch the Oscars this past Sunday Ellen and her famous gang literally broke twitter with their star-studded selfie.
JSON JavaScript Object Notation. JSON is smaller than XML and easy to parse. JSON format a name followed by colon, followed by a value, such as "fruit""apple" i.e fruit "apple" JSON object using curly bracket var temp"fruit""apple",...