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Looks like there may have been a security breach at Gmail. Well, you were planning to change your password soon anyway. Weren't you
I've had this blog and another,, on Orble, since late 2006. However, has suddenly vanished off the Net, and has been replaced by a site called GoDaddy which claims that the domain name expired on 21082014...
There are advertisements constatnly appearing around here, from Google, offering a free download, and thinking your fellow blogger could do with some spare cash, and believing what you see you suddenly find you are then asked for...
Media Wiki is a Wiki software based on PhP and MySSQL, download link is HERE You will get MediaWiki 1.23.2.tar.gz. Using 7-zip to unzip to get tart file, unzip again to produce mediawiki-1.23.2mediawiki-1. 23.2 directory, rename it to...
The secret recipe for a successful convenience store is to maintain security and control. Convenience stores deal with many scenarios of external and internal theft.
They caught some perv because Google saw dirty pictures of minors in his mail. Hooray for catching the perv! BUT, this means that they may be reading your email and looking at your photos too... Once again let me suggest that everyone...
For restaurants and bars, management and strict inventory control is vital. With the competitive prices of purchasing supplies and competitive prices of selling your product, there is no room for excess waste and avoidable mistakes.
Taste the Rainbow, I mean E Juice There is a strong following for vape products and flavors, but there is even a bigger market size of people that are on the rise to join in. Since vaping in general is a product from this decade, customers are...
Spice up your Dessert Bar to get business going! How to Present your Dessert Bar for Ultimate Success Dessert bars are all about having the appropriate atmosphere. Whether it is a contemporary and sleek feel or a cute and...
(About the website) When you signup, you are presented 10 websites for a period of 30 seconds each. Some might say "is too long..." Wrong ! We want to send you real interested traffic, traffic that converts to sales, so, what you do is what you...