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.htaccess file is used to control the directory access in Apache web server, while httpd.conf is global settings for apache. .htaccess can be applied to each folder. 1) Example 1 of .htaccess, prevent directory list Options -Indexes You...
Here in New Zealand there's been an online competition running for most of the year in which the town or city that wins will receive ultra fast broadband. Here's what they say on the website about this aspect of the prize the winning Gigatown will...
I'm not sure how this is going to be published on Work Report, because it appears that Work Report no longer exists. But we'll give it a try.
CodeIgniter - PHP Model-View-Controller (MVC), can be downloaded from HERE. knockout.js - JavaScript (MVC) can be downloaded from HERE. To add knockout.js in CodeIgniter, Create assestsjs folder in CodeIgniter and copy...
What do you do when your Orble domain expires Anyone have any luck addressing that
Looks like ZedPower is out of luck NOTICE This domain name expired on 9182014 and is pending renewal or deletion.
Looks like there may have been a security breach at Gmail. Well, you were planning to change your password soon anyway. Weren't you