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Idiots Among Us - by Fingertip Titans Unite

Do you know of a child being abused? YOU could be todays winner!

September 22nd 2006 01:23
oh boy. Lemme chime in on this one.

I couldn't agree more that child abuse should be reported. And that the damage is life-long. I live it every day.

Here are some thoughts I have on the subject.

From the perspective of someone who was physically abused by a single parent. How was I supposed to "tell on" my abuser? who would take care of me? I loved my abuser, the worse the abuse got, the more I wanted her to love me.

Now that I'm grown, I still have doubts as to whether she loves me, or for that fact, how anyone could love me. I'm working on it, and becoming a better person for it, but I started this work at a very young age. I feel bad for people who don't realize they need help, and that they don't "suck", it's just a result of internalizing all those negative emotions, and rationalizing it. "I must be getting what I deserve" etc.

I had 3 sisters. While all of us were physically disciplined, my sisters and everyone close to my family has informed me that I got the worst of it, more often, and for fewer valid reasons. THAT was a hard pill to swallow. Until I learned that most abusers are only abusive to ONE of their children, I thought surely I was "bad" and didn't deserve to be treated any better.

Now I'm 35, and I have 2 kids of my own, and I'll be damned and burned to death before I'll allow someone to mistreat my kids. The problem is, How do I know I'm not mistreating them, by not disciplining them enough?
This is a discussion I've had at loud volumes with my husband several times.
My reasoning is that we only get one chance to teach them that they are good, and capable, and able, and smart, and loveable. They can learn to pick up their toys once we've laid a good foundation for lifeskills.

Maybe I shouldn't publish this one, I don't want a bunch of comments about how I'm feeling sorry for myself, that's not the case. I'm simply exploring the issue, coming to terms with it and educating myself about ways to combat the LIFE-LONG issues I'll deal with and that my Kids will NEVER experience as long as I have breath in my body.

P. S. If you know of someone being abused. Please call the authorities. The victim might even get mad at you. I probably would have if someone had turned my mom in, but she would have gotten help, and I would have gotten help.

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Comment by Anonymous

August 30th 2007 18:42
I first came to this page for a report, and it help me realize a lot of things, i was a bused by my step dad from the age of 11 till i was 14 and it was for dumb reasons like if i didnt hang up his clothes fast enough or because my brother his son would spill something and i didnt clean it up right away, i never said anything because i was scared he would take the abuse to a whole other level he also had it in my head that if i ever told my mom i would be hurting her because she was happy with him,i finally told her one day when i ran away from him trying to attack me and she almost took his life and i havent been happier since..but it still affects me today cause i have a wall that blocks people out from loving me because of my past. i wanted to right this because i feel that any one who is being abused should not be scared and should say something right away because it does effect the rest of your life and no one should have to go through it.

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