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I Wish This Was 42 - by Dianna G

Almost There

November 26th 2009 12:24
You know, the final pep talk from Chris Baty arriving in my inbox always makes me kind of sad. I mean, I'm already depressed about whatever else is wrong with my life and the anniversary of my dad's death, but the end of Nanowrimo brings me just as much sadness as the beginning brings me joy.

People all around me are hitting 50, 000 words, or getting suddenly inspired to reach for the stars and reach for fifty thousand words even if they only have five or ten thousand words. People are hitting their goals and I'm nowhere near mine, but I know that I can make it because I write a lot faster than a lot of people.

And while I'm cheering them on, there is part of me that is getting more and more sad. It's almost over. Soon, the forums will slink into slowness. Soon, the Toronto Nanowrimo chat will be empty. Soon all of this will be over, our crazy writing endeavor, and even though I will continue to take part in Nanowriye, even though I will participate in Nanofimo, even though I will still take part in different writing challenges throughout the year, it will not be the same.

All of these communities exist, and I love each and every last one of them because they exist and they bring writers together during every month of the year. But these places are not the same as Nanowrimo, the one who spawned them all.

These places don't have 100, 000 participants.

These places don't have forums where when you post there's always a reply within an hour.

These websites don't have local write-ins.

Why? Because Nanowrimo is the challenge for everyone. It is the challenge that everyone partakes in, those who don't think they can write a novel beside those who know they can. It is the challenge where people who have never tried to write more than a short story for school come together with people like me who love to write more than anything else in the world.

But all of these people love to write. And they develop a love for writing. So why don't they jump into year round communities?

Maybe because a lot of them have two or three kids and full time jobs. Maybe because they're in university or high school-and school is a full time job. Maybe because they just don't have time outside of November to write books-or they don't think they do.

Whatever the reason, a lot of them don't. It is only those who have perhaps too much time on their hands, who love to write all year round more than they love their hands/wrists, who go to the other communities and who jump into these things. These communities are great, but for that reason, they will never be the same as Nanowrimo-that and of course the fact that Nanowrimo is the original.

Come the official end of this month I will be posting a variety of links to a variety of challenges that are similar to Nanowrimo, most of which have been spawned from Nanowrimo, and I will invite you to join me in those I participate in and to participate in the others without me.

I hope that even if you don't take part in any challenges you'll keep reading this blog after Nanowrimo ends, and I hope to hear from you on the Nanowrimo-based communities. If you join them, let me know. I'm Litharukia on the forums. I would love to hear from you.

Good luck finishing your novels, everyone.

So I watched Harry Potter yesterday. In the theatre. The comfortable theatre chair was probably the best thing about the whole experience.

I'm torn about this movie. For the most part, the story is the same. But there are some differences-of course-and some of them bother me. The biggest difference is the TONE of the movie versus the tone of the book.

In the book there is a long build up to the dark end. You see the effects of the Death Eaters everywhere; the students are worried for their parents and other relatives, the teachers are all tired and wearing out. Curfew is enforced much more in this book. You can feel the tension of the students. They know they are safe at Hogwarts-but they are afraid of what lies outside of it.

In the movie there is too much humour. It ruins that tone. The students don't really act like, you know, there's a WAR going on outside their grounds-though that's pretty much what's happening-you don't see enough of certain characters who have very important scenes (and who are also incredibly important in book seven), and the end doesn't impact as hard. You don't have the buildup, so when the movie ends, you don't have the same reaction.

The movie is a good movie, yes. But it needs to be, for the most part, a fair bit darker. The castle and the set were darker in this one; which I notice in each movie, the camera lights get darker and the setting gets darker. But the students were far too cheerful; you didn't see them acting worried, really.

And at the very end, when Harry calls Snape a coward, and Snape yells 'Don't you call me a coward'... well, SNAPE DOES NOT RESPOND. WHAT? ONE line, ONE line got cut, and it was one hell of an important line too. What the hell is that about? Bad writers. Alan Rickman could have OWNED that line.

I'm disappointed. It wasn't too too bad-Tom Felton (Draco), Helena Bonham Carter (Bella), whoever that girl is that play Ginny-those three definitely did a great job. Luna Lovegood? Priceless. The acting in this movie is, for the most part, amazing. I've never really liked Rupert Grint or Daniel Radcliffe as actors; they're OK but not that great. Emma Watson is spectacular, as are most of the actors and actresses in this movie.

I really must say though, my favourite performance in this movie is NOT Alan Rickman-which is a first-who they really needed to focus more on. I would've liked to have seen at least ONE of the Defense Against The Dark Arts lessons with Snape. Seriously. Anyway, my favourite actor/actress for movie six? Helena Bonham Carter. Wow. The perfect Bella-seriously, she's PERFECT. She's just how I imagined her.

The movie also doesn't really, ahem, do all that well at the beginning... we're supposed to see a snippet of Tom Riddle's past and THEN the scene where Snape makes the Unbreakable Vow and THEN Harry. Jeez.

All in all... it's an OK movie. But it pissed me off. Just a little. Disappointment reigns...

2 Years!

June 18th 2009 13:10
Happy belated birthday to this blog! Though it's fallen by the wayside for the most part, it was here that I started. As of May 13th I have officially been blogging with Orble for 2 years. I missed the date but I knew it was sometime around the beginning of summer. So I just checked and there it was.

I've come and I've gone for one reason or another; but every time I come back after one of my disappearances I get the same warm welcome. I see old friends here-Kleo, Katyzzz who have made me feel welcome as long as I've been here-and make new ones. Though it's not as close as some communities I'm a part of-like Nanowrimo-the warmth of this community always draws me back.

There are many blogs I've started and abandoned but this site I have always come back to. It's a warm environment. Though we are bloggers, here the bloggers are closer than on most other sites. We go out of our way to find other bloggers and welcome them to the community. This is a blogging community, not just a site that hosts blogs, and that is why I like this site.

This place is something else, not like the other places. The other sites. It always has been-and I have kept coming back. Even when I couldn't get online for months, when I finally got consistent internet again I've always come back. And I fully intend to keep coming back. Hopefully I won't need to disappear again, but if I do, I will come back.

It feels great to say I've been committed to blogging for this long. My blogs here are my single greatest body of work that is available to the public. I am incredibly proud of what I have done here and how far I have come in the last two weeks.

Thank you to everyone who's ever left a comment and all my silent readers too. And thank you especially to Kleo and Katyzzz, my two favourite bloggers.


September 16th 2008 23:14
You guys if you've been paying attention all know that I skipped eight months last year. I'm having a hard time getting back into the routine of going to all my classes; I've been skipping a fair bit, though I have been to all my classes more than once. *Dances*

Well, I actually had a very good reason not to go back to school after lunch; I've been freaked out since lunch

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Why I'm A Vegetarian

August 22nd 2008 00:18
I don't eat meat except for twice a year on Daddy's birthday and the anniversary of his death (although I did a couple of days ago because I can barely eat anything. Yay for sore gums turning me anorexic *nod*). I eat fish and dairy. But I won't touch eggs. Here are some of the reasons why I'm veg. I'm going to skip the Meet Your Meat video. Let's just say that apparently animal cruelty laws don't count for food. Especially not hens that lay eggs. *Shudder* *Sick to her stomache*

Here are some links

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None of which are ruined by one little abortion.

And I commented because I was offended and because I enjoy the debate every now and again. Gets the adrenaline going

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Hey Dianna, you are one screwed up puppy little girl. Go play in your sandbox. Your condescending attitude, and over all desire to be a big girl has clouded any one ever taking you seriously

-You can be taken so seriously, yourself. Because you're at least three times as condescending. Yes, I know I have a mental illness, but it has nothing to do with sex or abortion

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SL, I'm done.

July 26th 2008 19:56
I'm done arguing pathetic points with a person who will never even accept that some people do believe it. Yes, AIDs is a result of promiscuity. But most women are FORCED into prostitution, and most feminists see that as wrong. Most women are PRESSURED into sex, and again, feminists see that as wrong. One out of every three women is sexually abused at some point in their lifetime.

What sane person would deny these women, raped women, victims of incest, the right to abortion

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Yeah, I'm responding to this post:

Really Long Link
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July 18th 2008 06:48
I Wish This Was 42 has been here for over a year.

And so have I

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