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Welcome to my random blog. This is where I can post whatever the hell I want without restraints on it being a film or food or whatever blog. It is also a place for me to store all the email forwards I receive that I think you would all like. Thanks heaps for stopping in and be sure to check out my other blogs: and Have a great day!

I learnt I could be a hypocrite and all my sites are now completely neutral of offending beliefs

October 2nd 2010 22:23
My friends will occasionally tell a gay joke in front of me and I will laugh it off and put it down to my friends being idiots or trying to get a reaction out of me but it does hurt a little bit. I myself will hear or even participate in laughing at a oversized person's ability to crack tiles under their weight. When I hear all these things I always say to myself that this is not me and I do not want to participate in perpetuating hurt on anyone as I know what it feels like.

equality, harmony, acceptance, beliefs, religion, sexuality

At school a lot of my friends were the minorities, the Asian people, the other gay people if I could find them as we are masters at blending into the background, but also my friends were the incredibly attractive people because I could not help my own vanity and need to be around people that sexually stimulated me. A lot of these people found it fun to bag out the minorities and a lot of the time I would ignore them as I did not want to become one of the minorities.

equality, harmony, acceptance, beliefs, religion, sexuality

I thought I had grown up and was living the lifestyle of someone who was good to everyone, ok, except the idiot driver or the woeful customer service person who deserve it. But yesterday I posted something I thought was funny without consideration for thousands or millions of people, including some good friends of mine. I have since deleted the post but it was a joke at the expense of Muslims. I found it ironic and humorous, as did a few others who left comments. But I really hurt a good friend in my article by making fun of their religion and culture. And I did this without even thinking about it. I received the email forward about a Mosque being built near ground zero and posted it without thought and mostly due to my ignorance.

equality, harmony, acceptance, beliefs, religion, sexuality

After speaking to a good friend, who is a Muslim, I realised I did something I have loathed my whole life. I laughed at someone different. This is NOT COOL. Without realising I completely made fun of their culture, their religion and the person they worship. I basically opened my mouth and changed feet. If this same person had created a post completely making fun of my mother or gay people I would have gone ballistic and gone on the attack. This friend of mine, instead explained how much it hurt them and asked how I would feel if it was done to me.

equality, harmony, acceptance, beliefs, religion, sexuality

I was in shock, I did not sleep properly and had to wake up early to make correct the wrong I had done. This was not me - how could I do something like this? I am not a religious person and I do not know much of other people's cultures. I am a ignorant person living in the sheltered bubble of relative comfort.

So it is time I make amends and ensure that no further articles on any of my three websites offend anyone or make fun of something I do not know about. This if course excludes making fun of idiots who deserve it and weirding out about bizarre foods from other cultures. I also intend on continuing ripping shreds out of films that are rubbish. But no one's beliefs or religions will be the butt of my jokes just because I know nothing about it and believe I will get a laugh out of other ignorant people.

To anyone I offended yesterday I am sorry.

equality, harmony, acceptance, beliefs, religion, sexuality
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Comment by Tracy

October 3rd 2010 00:23
I think we've all had those moments too, Jason. I'm sure your friend will forgive you.

Comment by K @ the Lair

October 3rd 2010 01:04
"You are to be admired for your new understanding" M.........."You have acknowledged feelings, ideals and beliefs of others - a step to begetting of much wisdom"...K As we had not seen the article - we can only read between your lines... Appreciate what you have written...M and K

Comment by Deni

October 3rd 2010 13:14
Jason, very admirable.

I've come to the same conclusion as you did a while ago and since then I've always been able to catch myself when I'm being a hypocrite. It's a never ending process but as long a you are aware of it and you are "humble" enough to admit your flaw then you're one "cool" dude.

Comment by Jason King

October 3rd 2010 21:02
Thanks ladies.

I sat down and discussed this with a friend yesterday as we watched a Jurassic Park marathon and bitched at how fat Newman from Seinfeld is from the first Jurassic Park.

Thanks heaps ma and pa

I don't think it is hard to avoid doing - I just need to think for a few seconds prior to opening my mouth or typing with my fingers

Have a great day.

Comment by Chris Champion

October 4th 2010 04:39
I think we've all had those moments too, Jason.
Yup. Well said Tracy. Well-written Jason.

Comment by Jason King

October 4th 2010 06:53

Comment by Samantha Elley

October 4th 2010 11:01
((hugs)) Jason. It takes a big man to humble himself. You inspire me.


Comment by Jul

October 4th 2010 13:12
'customer service person who deserve it' - actually most customer service people are actually taking the first job that was available to them, it is a really difficult job to do because people get angry and aggressive with you for doing something that you have to do.

i did it for 2 days and had to leave because i was made to feel so guilty and i got really upset, for people who stick at it i have to have respect.

if you were in the position where you needed a job, and you took this, either out of pure necessity or to get off of benefits, wouldn't you do it?

Obviously it is annoying to get calls from customer service people. They are calling during their working hours, reading from a script, doing a job that they are being paid for, and probably not enjoying it. In fact it is probably one of the most boring jobs possible as you have a number of people you should be calling (mine was one every 40 seconds), and you have to vaguely use your mind on every call, so its not at all interesting, you're having the same conversation once or twice a minute, but you cant day dream like in most other boring jobs.

Comment by Jason King

October 5th 2010 07:33
Thanks heaps Sam I needed to - I was a dick.

Jul - by customer service I meant more than just a telemarketer - I meant like people in a restaurant who provide bad customer service, or any business that treats you like crap while trying to sell a product or service. I never get telemarketers calling - no home phone

Comment by bloggingamerican

October 10th 2010 03:52
Good on ya for that! And don't fret, there is one thing worse than making a disparaging comment...not making amends for it. At least you have the clarity and cojones to apolgoize.


Comment by Jason King

October 15th 2010 23:10
Thanks so much B.I.A. Forgive my delay in response - net crashed for nearly a week. Horrible experience

Comment by Jon H.

December 14th 2010 01:29
Jason, this post speaks well of you - and while we all have our opinions and convictions it is the mark of a true gentleman never to intentionally give offense. By the actions detailed in this post you have proven yourself to be a gentleman. Below is an excerpt from a speech given by John Henry Newman at a Dublin university in 1852 regarding the attributes of a gentlemen; I think you may find these remarks in agreement with your own statements.

It is almost a definition of a gentleman to say he is one who never inflicts pain.
The true gentleman in like manner carefully avoids whatever may cause ajar or a jolt in the minds of those with whom he is cast; all clashing of opinion, or collision of feeling, all restraint, or suspicion, or gloom, or resentment; his great concern being to make every one at their case and at home.
He has his eyes on all his company; he is tender towards the bashful, gentle towards the distant, and merciful towards the absurd; he can recollect to whom he is speaking; he guards against unseasonable allusions, or topics which may irritate.
He is never mean or little in his disputes, never takes unfair advantage, never mistakes personalities or sharp sayings for arguments, or insinuates evil which he dare not say out. From a long-sighted prudence, he observes the maxim of the ancient sage, that we should ever conduct ourselves towards our enemy as if he were one day to be our friend.

Comment by Jason King

December 14th 2010 07:55
Thanks so much Jon - what a great comment to read and you have pumped me up a bit.

The world needs many more gentleman and for you to put me in their ranks makes my year

I love the speech from JHN - it's inspiring and I hope everyone that visits this page reads it and aspires towards it.

Good day to you kind sir.

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