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How to get lots of LE abilities - Vampire Wars

April 1st 2010 23:59
There are some players out there with hundreds of limited edition abilities. So how did they get them?

Here's the possible methods I can think of:

1. Credit card.

2. Credit card.

3. Credit card.

4. Winning them in clan competitions.

5. Trading them. Often you can trade a newer ability for a number of older less powerful abilities.

6. In some cases, by having no life. For instance, some people legitimately got huge numbers of Superior Strength of Kings around Christmas time.

7. To some extent, by having baby vamps, and getting the baby vamps to gift abilities. But, believe it or not, unless your baby vamp is a bot, this method won't actually net you that many LE abilities, because the care and feeding of baby vamps is very time-consuming in itself.

8. To some extent, by going up levels... But even if you're level 10,000, how many favor points could you have got from this?

I've never actually seen a vamp that's level 10,000. I'm told there are a few out there. Most of these, of course, are bots. One or two might be legitimate.

Adding up all the FP from completing tiers, getting trophies etc, maybe you'll have 10,500 FP. This would be equivalent to 300 limited edition abilities at 35 FP each, or 350 LE abilities if they're a bit older, or maybe 525 LE abilities at 20 FP each if you're buying them all at Thanksgiving.

9. By being a developer / knowing someone at Zynga.

10. By use of l33t hacking skills.

11. If you're a girl, or are pretending to be a girl, and your profile pic is mostly naked, you can often get LE abilities by simply asking for them.


Quick survey: How many levels do you go up each day, and how long would it take you to get to level 10,000?

I'm a Noble vamp, I've got about 700 energy points, I'm around level 200. I currently go up maybe two levels a day... So it would take me around 4900 days at this rate to reach level 10,000... Or 13.5 years...


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Comment by Reaniel

April 2nd 2010 02:59
By doing a bit of math, and allocating my points accordingly, I am able to gain 1 level with 2 bars of energy with 100% wisdom running. You need to have 4x your level in energy to do that. (You would need to have 5x your level in energy to be able to gain 1 level with 1.5 bar of energy, which is 1 50% refill)

Personally, I do about 10~15 levels a day. Of course, when I'm lucky, and sees a lot of Grace spins, I could do up to 20~25 a day. That's post mystery box nerf and with 100% wisdom.

Without a 100% wisdom, I tend to aim for around 5 levels, since I wouldn't use my energy boosts in those cases.

Comment by Reaniel

April 2nd 2010 03:04
As for cheaters/bots... I agree that a lot of post-10k players are probably so... At the very least, they would be using auto mouse clicking programs.

I mean seriously, at lvl 1800, my wrist and fingers would hurt after a 25 level day... If you consider proportional energy consumption, how many mouse clicks would that take? I highly doubt it's even humanly possible to click that many times without outside help.

Comment by Anonymous

April 5th 2010 06:22
To point 8...your knowledge is flawed. There are hundreds (if not thousands) of vamps at level 10K plus and many are not cheating. It's called evamping and it's not hard to pull off.

Point 9: Again, flawed knowledge. Developers have admin accounts and knowing someone will not get you anything.

How long to get to 10K? 5 months, tops if you know what you're doing.

Comment by Nonymous

April 5th 2010 10:38
Hey Anon, point 9 is a joke. Regarding point 8, I'm quite happy to be corrected, and thank you for doing so.

In fact, I'd like to invite you to share your knowledge if you're so inclined. I'd personally find it difficult to go up 10,000 levels in 5 months (around 67 levels a day). What are the main methods you used to do it, and what sort of time commitment was needed?

Comment by Reaniel

April 11th 2010 13:38

60 levels a day at pre-1k might be easy, but post-5k is almost humanly impossible.

And yes, I do call the use of auto-mouse-clicking programs as cheating, as it is how Zynga sees it as well.

From level 5k~5060, and with 100% Wisdom running, you would need to do 36879 mouse clicks. At 0.4 sec per click (which is about how fast my computer can process my clicks... and I have a Core 2 Quad 9450), that translates to 4 hours worth of pure clicks.

It only gets worse as your level goes up. From level 9940~10k, and with 100% wisdom running, you need 73106 clicks, that's 8 hours.

So again, tell me how you're able to do that without any outside help?

Comment by Countess Marianna

April 28th 2010 05:15
[SIZE=4] OMG this last statement made me laugh so hard i had to run quickly to the latrine lol but it is sooooo true hahaha!!! [/SIZE=4]

Comment by Anonymous

May 25th 2010 20:27
Here's a prime example of #9 (or, #10... Since Zynga has the habit of tagging cheater accounts as "Admins" so that people can't hitlist them)

"Test Vamp"

Comment by Anonymous

May 25th 2010 20:31
lol, they just blocked viewing of this guy's profile...

If you want to try to attack him, here's the Attack Link.

Be warned, though, that you will lose ALL your hp in one attack if you do attack him. You'd also get to see a lot of the yet to be released abilities

Comment by Anonymous

December 8th 2010 08:46
They are out there, I know, after reaching hells gate I have been chewed up by a few the latest being over level 11,000

Comment by Anonymous

December 8th 2010 08:46
They are out there, I know, after reaching hells gate I have been chewed up by a few the latest being over level 11,000

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