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How to add a playlist to your gaiaonline profile (EDITED)

April 7th 2008 08:36
OK Hun this is your guide to adding a good playlist to your Gaia profile... My Gaiaonline profile has been removed.. due to problems with people....
First thing is first however, we need to make you a play-list.

If you follow this list you should have a working playlist on your site in less then two hours ^_^

OK our first stop is my favorite place Project playlist, so off we go, upon arriving in the top right corner see the sign up? Hit that little baby and fill her out, once finished press Create new account.
And follow the steps to activate your new account... ^_^ yippy now you are a member of Project Playlist... next we need to fill your first playlist...

This is my profile on this site ^_^ Really Long Link ... ok now we need to first create a new playlist (Even though you have a playlist it’s always fun to have two just in case..) so go ahead and press *My Playlist* and then *Create New Playlist*
Enter a title and a description.... lol you can add whatever you like ^_^ then press Submit.

Now you are ready to get started! YAY..... lol.... now let’s look for your first song! in the upper right corner... ... enter a song title or artist name and hit search.... for this I’m going to search for lil red riding hood ^_^ my life song! OK! now as you can see by entering my song you will get some results ^_^ well now first thing to do now is to make sure the song works… so now lets press the play arrow and listen to it….. if it is working good then go ahead and press the plus symbol to add it to a playlist… choose the one to add it to and there you go! Lol ^_^

Now.. after you have added all your tunes to this playlist and you are ready to add it to Gaia…
First we head to Gaia and to your profile, on this screen press Edit my profile. Then press “CONTENT”
A little list will pop onto the screen… and on this list you will see one called media press the add button on this one! And close this little thing and you will see your new media window in the top left corner.. now we are going to head back to playlist.. and press your playlist and then the one you wanted to add to Gaia… now underneath the playlist you will see a button called Generate code.. press this now.. ok go to “C” and press Get the code for Gaia Online >> lol… on the next window press the playlist you wish to add. Chose your settings and color, then hit get code!! ^_^ yay….
Now in this new window copy all… ALL of the code and head back over to your waiting Gaia page.. on the media window you will see a button stating Edit press this and enter a description and paste the code and hit update ^_^ congrates! you have just made your first playlist and added it onto your Gaia profile. Now I would say this you should place the playlist on the right side as it tends to stretch outside its box for some reason….
OK there are some people who do not know how to edit your playlis so here is where i will touch on that... first you need to go to said playlist in project playlist.
you ontop of your playlist you will see four tabs. press the tab marked manage songs, on this page you can delete and move songs to your hearts content ^_^
Well now there you have it.... not so hard now is it... ok message or comment me if you need help and before you ask i dont know how to add vids im still looking into it... never wanted to but a lot of you like them so... off i go!


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Comment by Anonymous

April 25th 2008 21:44
hey thx sooooo much this helped alot!

Comment by Michael 4

April 26th 2008 11:37

Awww you are welcome ^_^ im just happy that my little page helped someone ^_^ if you ever come back i will try to add more how too lol....

Comment by Anonymous

May 29th 2008 06:25
thanks a milion.
IT really helped me out

Comment by Reporter With a Sword

June 1st 2008 15:48
....For the past three freaking years I've been trying to figure that one out. XD Man. *facepalms* Thanks a bunch, I'll defintely be checking this out to see if anything else pops up.

Comment by Anonymous

June 10th 2008 02:54
Do you know how to upload your own songs onto Cuz the music I'm searchin' for, and I'm positive, aren't on there x_x

Comment by michael-4

June 18th 2008 01:59
Hey everyone I'm sorry for replying so dam late but no i dont know how to add trakes to but when i get the internet back i will look into it for you!.. and to the rest your welcome.. i'm just happy i could help i will be looking into other things to help on gaia soonish!

Comment by Anonymous

July 19th 2008 00:13
hey for the playlist thing when i go to edit playlist there is no edit button

Comment by Michael 4

August 27th 2008 06:53
ah on the website in your account there is a edit playlist button under playlists

Comment by gurlyrockr96

August 28th 2008 16:57
thank you so much!

Comment by Michael 4

August 29th 2008 08:30
Your very welcome i'm working on adding more but my research is moving slow ^_^

Comment by xAndreSxGorgeouSx

September 15th 2008 21:58
I cant even edit the content My Playlist! IT DOESNT GIVE AN EDIT BUTTON! Please help me out, cause im about to go insane!

Comment by Anonymous

September 21st 2008 18:30
thxs but now im trying to put videos and pictures on and im goimg insane because i cant figur out how.

Comment by Anonymous

September 21st 2008 18:30
thxs but now im trying to put videos and pictures on and im goimg insane because i cant figur out how.

Comment by Anonymous

September 21st 2008 18:30
thxs but now im trying to put videos and pictures on and im goimg insane because i cant figur out how.

Comment by alexis018

November 13th 2008 13:58
this/your website gave my mind lots of info.
but here is the bad news.
i still dont get it.
u go to my gaia, account settings, then what next??

Comment by alexis018

November 13th 2008 14:03
oh, i get it now XD thanks a lot! if u want to add me in my gaia account it is alexis018 , well if u dont LOL then u dont. XD bye. thanks lots. totally. GB!

Comment by Anonymous

June 18th 2009 15:51
To post your Playlist on click 'Post My Playlist' in the upper right portion of your screen.

On the get code page choose Option C: GaiaOnline - Get the code for Gaia Online >>.

Select which of your playlists you want to post, set your Playlist preferences, and then click 'Get Code' button.

If you need to change the height and/or width of your playlist, you can change it right in the code - just change the numbers after &mywidth= and &myheight=

Copy the code from the box and then go to the editing section of your profile.

Click the edit button in your 'Multimedia' box and paste the code into the 'Link:' box and then 'Save All Changes'.

Note: If you do not have a multimedia section on your profile page you can add it by going to Really Long Link

Comment by Anonymous

September 10th 2009 02:51
thank you SYour text goes hereO much for this,
it was very thorough.

Comment by Anonymous

March 31st 2011 18:42
My playlist doesn't have generate code under it...

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